Сan You Use HE Detergent In a Regular Washer Machine

What is the difference between HE laundry detergent and regular? 

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on he detergent in regular washers

Do you wash regularly for the family? How often and what kind of washing machine do you use? The reality of our lives is closely connected with regular home works around the apartment or a cottage.

Thanks to the special machines these processes became much easier and automated. 

All we need now is to separate the colors, clothes, and choose the types of the washing process. The models of new and more developed or high-quality laundry equipment appear every year to compete for the place under the sun. 

Thus HE washing machines entered the houses and special best HE detergents for them. At the same moment, some people still have regular washers. So many questions arise.  Among them are how and when to use different laundry detergents? Where to put liquid detergent in washing? And others. Let’s start from the beginning:

What is the difference between HE laundry detergent and regular? 

The main point here is that High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergents were created to fit the corresponding HE equipment. The last was developed to suit modern demand for less water usage and resource-saving. The matter is regular laundry equipment uses much more water for the processes during working cycle. 

How to choose HE detergent vs regular?

Consequently he detergent vs regular is created to work effectively and wash the linen up to good results in the smaller amount of water.  HE laundry detergent works with the help of fewer suds to fight the mud and spots. This way you can save the water resources and prevent the soil’s contamination. 

What do you use in a Regular Washer Machine?
HE Laundry detergent
Neither one nor the other

That is why you can see in every store an endless range of laundry detergents of many kinds:

High-efficiency laundry detergents
  • liquid, 
  • powder,
  • pod 

All of them can be regular or HE type. What you need is to read the notes and instructions on the bottles, packs, etc.  High-efficiency laundry detergents are specially marked by “HE” sign.   

How often do you use a washing machine?
Often, but not daily

So you can do the house works with help of tide he detergent and specialized washers. But what if the house washer is a member of previous models line for example?

High-efficiency laundry detergents

Can we use HE detergent in the regular washers? 

HE detergent in the regular washers

Don’t worry and use it without doubts.

He detergent in normal washer will work as well effectively as in HE type. The difference will be just fewer suds used during the processes. You will forget about the dirt and spots on the favorite blouse, dress, t-shirt, etc. 

The main rule here is not to use vice-versa – standard detergent in HE washer. In the high-efficiency top or front-load washers, any regular laundry agents will harm the equipment. They don’t do safely or effectively. More suds will affect the surfaces and stay on the walls. Less volume of water can’t finish the rinse properly.

Moreover, we said excessive suds will appear and continue inside where they can reach the electronics. You will spoil the equipment with each washing until losing all the capabilities of a high-efficiency washer.  

Don’t allow the mindless number of agent void the warranty and spoil your washer as the result

Where to put liquid detergent in washing?

he detergent in regular wash

All the types of laundry devices have special slots where you are meant to put detergents. Don’t forget to learn the manual before the first usage and find out how much of it you need for the procedures. 

What to do if the is no manual? Surely this can happen but ok you may use a measuring cup for this purpose.   The washers have an automatic dispenser which you can fill with water to find out the amount of necessary agents to use. The liquid detergents can be effective as inside the machine as inside the dispenser. The best he laundry agent effect is inside the washer when you put it straight to the drum.

After the full cycle of the machine work, you are recommended to check:

  • fragrance,
  • spots left,
  • whiteness, etc.

After inspecting the state of linen you can adjust number of spoons, amount of agents.

Add more to rise the results or fewer if you see the remains. 

he detergent

Here can be different additional factors affecting the results like amount of clothes, their state of soiling. One of the most affecting is solid or soft water.

Start from the beginning

Start from the general recommendations like two tablespoons for the washing and develop it to the best suiting one. If the clothes are too dirty the pre-washing cycle is also an effective step.

High-efficiency laundry detergents

In case you ignore the measuring and add mindless the detergent directly into the washer – there is no proper washing, no effective money investments. You just waste time, money and get not clean things after all.
Specialists don’t recommend using he detergent in regular or he washer over the norm. The laundry agents can not cope with the soil and leave clothes looking dingy. 

Quick conclusion

To summarise for resultative washing with a high-efficiency laundry agent, more effective way to use two tablespoons directly in the drum before loading clothes. This way the powdered detergent gets maximum exposure to the water and comes to full dissolving. Exam the factors affecting your laundry results and adjust the amount of he turbo detergent.

Use an automatic dispenser for regular detergents in the previews models of washing devices. These machines allow you freely use he detergent in regular wash as well. 

tide he detergent
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Read the manuals for the laundry devices as well for all kinds of laundry agents you plan to use.

The better amount of laundry agent can be calculated after you will inspect the results of the washing. An effective washed clothes state is the absence of spots, dirt, good smell and color due to the original state. 

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