Where to Put Liquid Detergent In Washing Machine

Learn once and for all what section is for what product

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on How to Use Laundry Liquid Correctly. General Rules

Today laundering is not a problem. Every family has a washing machine and dealing with a pile of dirty clothing doesn’t take more than two hours. However, people still often make mistakes when it comes to adding a washing product to the load. 

You might not know, but improper use of laundry detergent (and constant putting it to the wrong section of your machine in particular) is the most frequent reason why these aggregates break and we have to buy new once.

So to avoid unreasonable waste of time and money on fixing your laundry machine or buying a new one, let’s see how and where to add a washing product to keep it working for years.

How to Use Laundry Liquid Correctly. General Rules

First of all, let’s start by defying what kind of liquid detergent we will be talking about. Today we can find lots of various sorts of them, from liquids sold in bottles to already pre-measured dosed capsules.

If you are using those capsules, then this article is not for you. Pre-measured liquid detergents are packed in separate soft packets which you add to the load putting them into the barrel directly. These capsules will be safely dissolved while washing, so there is no need to worry.

One capsule per load – and no problems!

But what if you prefer simple liquids sold in bottles? Then keep on reading carefully.

  1. Add liquid detergent after you load the barrel
  2. Use measuring ball to not add too much or too little of the product. Excess amount of it can lead to over foaming which can damage the machine, whereas too little of the product won’t wash your garments properly
  3. Place the ball on top of the clothing in the barrel
  4. If needed, pre-treat extremely stubborn stains with the laundry liquid prior to tossing them to the load
  5. Make sure you set the correct cycle and heat
where to put liquid detergent in washing machine
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Avoid overloading the barrel since there must be enough empty space for the garments to roll during the wash. And mind the apparel’s care tags!

Don’t launder together the items with the different washing requirements!

Liquid Detergent In Washing Machine
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Which Section to Pour Liquid Product To? 

This is a common question from people. 

If you have no measuring ball, pour the laundry liquid into the special section in a drawer used for detergents. This compartment can be found on the front panel of your washing aggregate. 

Open it and look inside. Most likely, you will see three sections. One is used for main launder detergent (powdered or liquid), bleach, and stain-removers; another is for softeners and/or conditioners, and one more is meant for the pre-washing product.

Which Section to Pour Liquid Product To
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How do you know which one to use?

Simply read the instruction, and if you don’t have it, then go for an easy trick. 

Those sections are marked inside with numbers from one to three, the section for softener/conditioner has often a symbol of a flower.

So the one you need is the first one from the left (with number 1). That’s all!

where to put liquid detergent in washing machine
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Use your laundry aggregate carefully, and it will serve you very long!

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