11 Things in The Home That Can Make You Depressed

Wanna know what to throw out from your home without any regret?

Written by Camilla Moln. Updated on bad home habits

Psychologists say that some of the details of the interior can cause accumulating depression every day.

Irritation and depression, can lead to psychosomatic illnesses. Wanna know what to throw out from your home without any regret?

Here is a basic list :

Childs pictures

old gifts depressed

According to surveys, most parents estimate that they can throw out up to 50% of their child’s toys and clothes at any time, and they will not notice this. But we do not doing it, and this becomes a cause of visual irritation.

Gifts and souvenirs

old things in the home

Yes, your mother-in-law only wished you luck when presented this Gzhel candlestick. And although you have never lit candles in it, it stands and takes a place. Is that familiar?

Your feeling should be more valuable to you than a minute of offense and relatives. Throw it out immediately.

Books that you don’t read anymore

things make feel depressed

We will talk about such a book as a part of self-identification. The things that you liked at a time, represent a certain period of your life.

And that is why it is so difficult to trow it out because it is a symbolic gesture of “I’m ready for changes.” No, you are not throwing out a piece of yourself, you just have the courage to admit that you have changed.

These are just books that you liked before, but now they make you feel awkward for that period or because you are no longer the same person anymore.

Your baby toys

old kids toys

A last hobby 

old gifs and things

Yes, you should get rid of all this without regret. You will never return to your previous hobbies, don’t be fooled. Spare your psychological sourced, throw it away.

Heavy porters

bad decorating ideas

Yes, yes, this is a classic. But this classic has the property of creating a depressive atmosphere.

They protected the room from drafts and holey windows. Now they have no practical meaning. Replace them with light and bright curtains and see how much easier you will breathe.

Wrong colors

colors make feel depressed

It doesn’t matter if it’s too dull or too bright. If you feel depressed in this room, repaint it.

Broken tableware

bad home habits

Every day you see this imperfection and it unconsciously annoys your brain. Yes, throw it away!

Newspapers you do not read

too much newspapers

Just don’t laugh, but it’s a common place for many people to put off the press for later and save it. Reduce the number of publications you subscribe to and throw away all the junk without reading.

Stupid cups

bad home habits

The souvenir with company logos or with wishes. No, not all tablewares are equally useful. Throw out yours and leave only those that truly delight you.

Things you are going to give to somebody

old things can bring bad mood

To the church or poor people, relatives, etc. If you haven’t done this in the last three days, you will never do it. Take these things to the garbage chute.

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