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If you often think about how long does dry cleaning take and you are not sure sould you use it or not. But you want your that your favorite cloth to last longer and keep the presentable appearance as long as possible, then you need to know how to properly care for clothing, suits, shoes, home textiles, etc.

Proper care: is the observance of all technological standards for regular cleaning of products (depending on the type of material).

Dry cleaning is one of the gentle methods of taking care of your cloth. It was designed to keep clothes and things out of contact with water.

Main benefits of dry cleaning:

  • First benefit of dry cleaning is that the clothes do not get deformed.
  • Secondly, the stains do not interact with water, and it prevents them from becoming larger or changing color and structure.
  • Thirdly, some textiles and materials are not recommended to be soaked.

History of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning was invented back in 1855 in France. One day the owner of dyeing house Jean Baptiste Jolly accidentally knocked over a kerosene lamp, and its contents spilled over a tablecloth. To his huge surprise, he found no spots, and the fabric was not damaged.

Kerosene is a product of oil distillation and is known to be a good solvent.

Thus, it was the first case of dry cleaning in the world. Even though the service was opened in France, this idea was quickly picked up in other countries.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning presupposes using solvents instead of water.

Do you use dry cleaning services?
Yes, often
Yes, rarely
No, never

That is, a particular solvent is applied to the stain, after that the product is thoroughly dried. Naturally, for dry cleaning, only special gentle solvents are used that do not destroy the structure of the fabric. Moreover, depending on the nature and origin of the stain, an appropriate solvent is selected that is most effective specifically for this type of stain.

History of Dry Cleaning

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?

The average dry cleaning process requires 3-4 hours. Of course, the cleaning time depends on the level of garment dirtiness, material type, and other things. To determine the approximate time required for cleaning a particular thing, consult a dry cleaner specialist providing as much information as possible about your garment.

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take
What clothes do you usually dry clean?
Fake and genuine leather
Pure wool

How does dry cleaning work?

The process of dry-cleaning in specialized institutions can be divided into several stages. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Step 1. Clothes examination

The garments must be inspected before deciding on the type of cleaning required. The label may indicate “dry clean”. Specialists are sure to determine the level of wear and damage, and only then decide what cleaning method will be the best.

Step 2. Pre-treatment

If stains are found on the garment, then it is necessary to use special cleansers to remove them. Only high-quality and safe substances are used for the work by professional dry cleaners. They do not damage the structure of things, do not cause shrinkage or allergic reactions in humans.

Step 3. Dry cleaning

After manual treatment of the stains, the product is sent to special drums. The cleaning is done by steam treatment. Besides, some suitable solvents are added.

Step 4. Drying things

After chemical treatment, the clothes are dried. Drying temperature can be different, from +25 to 50 ° C, it is adjusted based on the material of the garments. This cycle of dry cleaning guarantees a high level of safety, and it is environmentally friendly.

Step 5. Finishing

The final stage of the procedure is the processing, pressing, steaming and ironing of the products. Additionally, repairs may be required to repair clothing.

The presented scheme is the perfect solution for how to dry clean your clothes and other materials to give things a first-class appearance.

How does dry cleaning work

What Clothes Should Be Dry Cleaned?

If you need to clean a clothes of one of the following materials, it is better to give it to dry cleaner:

  • fake and genuine leather;
  • silk;
  • velvet;
  • pure wool;
  • things with ornaments (beads, rhinestones, sequins, etc.).
  • cashmere;

Washing such things usually distorts their shape, they react with severe stretching or shrinkage. And dry cleaning protects clothes from fading, retains their shape and appearance.

Things made of natural silk do not lose their brightness. Wool products retain the same size. Delicate things in angora, cashmere, and mohair do not lose their structure.

How to Clean a Suit Jacket?

Some people try to clean suits at home. However, they may face the following issues: 

  • after washing the jacket shrinks and loses its shape, the lining starts to come out;
  • complex stains get deeper when trying to get them out without washing;
  • some spools are formed that are difficult to remove.

So it is better to dry clean suit to retain its good appearance. The experts know how to treat jackets and trousers and what areas demand special care. Suit dry cleaning significantly extends its life, providing a presentable look for a long time. 

How to Clean a Suit Jacket

How Often to Dry Clean Suit?

Most suits are made of high-quality natural fabrics and they should be cleaned only in a professional dry cleaning service. The frequency of cleaning depends on many factors. A person who wears a suit regularly at work needs to use the services of professionals every month. On the other hand, those who wear a particular suit once or twice a year should clean them annually to prevent odors and dust particles from harming the material.

How Often to Dry Clean Suit

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean a Dress?

Usually, a typical turnaround for a dry cleaning session takes between twenty-four and forty-eight hours. This time is enough for cleaning any item. However, if the item that needs to be cleaned is made of a specific material – in most cases, leather or suede – the dry cleaning procedure might take more time.

As for dresses, you can expect to get yours being cleaned after twenty-four hours already.

But of course, if the garment was very dirty or needed deeper cleaning for any reason, the waiting time can be extended up to forty-eight hours.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean a Jersey?

If you need to dry clean your clothes that are made of jersey, you will want to know more or less exactly how much time the cleaning process might take. Well, there is no strict time frame, that’s what we would like to draw your attention to first of all!

See, the amount of time that you will have to spend waiting for your jersey garment to be dry cleaned depends on what exactly is being cleaned. If it is a t-shirt or a sweater, you will most likely be able to have it back cleaned within twenty-four hours already.

However, if you need to dry clean a full suit, the waiting time might be extended up to two or even three days!

A pair of dress pants or a dress shirt will be clean sooner, of course. And of course, you need to take into consideration how much cleaning your item requires.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean a Uniform?

Uniforms often require special care and attention, and dry cleaning is not an exception. If you need to dry clean your uniform, you need to consider the fabric it is made of, as well as whether it has any specific items on it, for example, any embroidered things (e.g. your firm logo, etc.).

That’s because if there is anything like that on your uniform, it might require more delicate treatment which will require more time for cleaning it.

However, to dry clean a uniform, you should consider waiting for two or three days in general. And again, if the apparel needs deep cleaning or any special treatment, the waiting time can be extended.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean Your Pants?

Usually, to dry clean your pants, you will have to consider spending a day or two. Of course, you should take a few additional factors into consideration, such as the type of material they are made of, how deep the cleaning should be, and how loaded your dry cleaner’s is with the orders.

But a couple of days is the usual amount of time needed to clean a pair of pants.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean a Jacket?

Dry cleaning jackets can take somewhat more time in comparison to lighter clothes, such as t-shirts or pants. Usually, to have your jacket dry cleaned, you need to wait for three or four days. But we would also suggest you consider the fabric it is made of. If it is made of leather, then you will have to spend much more time on dry cleaning it!

Leather items require a week or two to be properly dry cleaned!

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean a Skirt?

Skirts belong to items that need quite a little time to be dry cleaned. Usually, you will need to wait for a day or two, but if the item needs a deep cleaning or it is made of an especially delicate fabric, the waiting time will most likely extend. Also, white-colored skirts need more time to be dry cleaned as well.

Typically, you will have to wait for two or three days to have your white piece of clothes cleaned.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean Jeans?

Jeans can be dry cleaned pretty often, every two or three weeks, depending on how fast they get dirty. However, even if yours doesn’t need to be dry cleaned that often, the waiting time will still be the same: around two days in general.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean a Tie?

Even though ties can be dry cleaned, it should be your very last option in case you can’t wash them for any reason. And of course, you need to take into account that the amount of time needed for dry cleaning a tie will depend on the fabric it is made of. Silk ties usually need more time, for example, since this material is very delicate and can be easily damaged.

In general, it may take a couple of days but you should anyway ask at your local dry cleaner’s how long you should wait for sure.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Clean Tuxedo?

Well, first of all, you should know that tuxedos should be dry cleaned as little as possible – all because of the chemicals used during the dry cleaning process that tend to dry out the natural moisture of the fabric. As a result, your tux will serve you less time than it was supposed to at the very beginning.
As for the cleaning time, in general, a tuxedo suit needs around three or four days to be dry cleaned.

But in order to get exact time frame, we would recommend you ask that question at your local dry cleaner’s.

Dry Cleaning at Home

You can try to dry clean clothes at home as well. There are special substances for cleaning delicate fabrics, velvet and wool. However, you should remember that this procedure will not replace the laundry or professional dry cleaning. It is only a means of refreshing the thing rather than cleaning it. Though to save money, you can prepare a magic home dry cleaner. 

Dry Cleaning at Home

How to dry clean at home?

You will need the following ingredients and materials:

  • A small bowl
  • ¾ glass of water
  • A glass of vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of borax
  • 1 teaspoon of oxygen bleach
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil (optional)
  • clean cloth
  • a zipper pillowcase

Mix water, borax, and dry oxygen bleach in a small bowl. Add your favorite essential oil and mix well again. Borax and bleach will help gently clean clothes, while vinegar will kill the bad smell.

How long does it take to dry clean?

The clean cloth is soaked in a cleaning solution, and the excess liquid is pressed out. Put dirty clothes in a pillowcase with a damp cloth and fasten the zip. Process it in the dryer for 30 minutes in a delicate mode. Your garment is cleaned and dry cleaning time is fast. Put it on the hanger and iron if needed.

How long does it take to dry clean

Dry cleaning is not as difficult as it might seem.

Read the tips, carefully study the label of the garment, and your things will last you a very long time and will look like new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dry-cleaning is quite a rare method of making apparel tidy and neat as it is mostly used for delicate fabrics. Still, many people don’t know whether dry cleaning is of the same effect as an ordinary wash, and what kinds of blots it can manage.

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Water Stains From Silk?

It depends on the quality of your silk item. Before you take any action, take a look at the hangtag of the apparel. If it says “Dry clean only”, then take the item to the dry-cleaner’s because normal wash can ruin it once and for all.

If it’s been a long time since you already cut off the hangtag, make a test to check whether your silky apparel will survive the “bath”.

Squeeze the garment firmly in your hand and then let it go at once. If it straightens up immediately and is smooth again, then it’s made of high-quality silk that can get through the washing. If the squeezed piece remains wrinkled, don’t risk and take it to the dry-cleaner.

DRY CLEAN ONLY - Cleaning silk at homeDRY CLEAN ONLY – Cleaning silk at home

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Chocolate Stains?

Use a mixture of any dry-cleaning solvent with mineral oil.

  • Mop the solvent into the chocolate blot thoroughly so that it soaks the mark through. You can either pour it directly to the blot or use a sponge or a piece of cloth
  • Prepare a mixture of one part mineral oil together with eight parts of dry cleaning solvent, and apply it to the marked area using a sponge
  • Press the sponge firmly to the chocolate mark to make it absorb the liquid fully
  • Keep on doing this until most of the chocolate trace is deleted. Remember to rinse your sponge regularly to wash away the rest of the chocolate instead of rubbing it back into the apparel! If you are using cloth, replace it to the new and clean one for every new treatment session
  • Take away the extra mineral oil from the apparel by using the solvent, and then bring the garments to the professional dry cleaning at once!
Can Dry Cleaning Remove Chocolate Stains

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Chewing Gum?

It depends on the type of fabric. Check the hangtag and if it says “dry clean only”, take the item to the professionals immediately.

On the other hand, if the gum is stuck to a delicate item that can be washed, you can use ordinary dry cleaning solvent. If the gum is soft, freeze the item to harden it and then scrape off. Apply the solvent afterward and wash. The same goes for cushioned furniture and carpets.

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Chewing Gum

Will Dry Cleaning Kill Moths?

The good news is that yes, it can cope with those wardrobe invaders! Anyway, you will have to start with the total cleaning of your wardrobe: hoover and wipe it thoroughly to destroy the larvae. and only after this procedure, you can take your apparel to the dry cleaning.

Will Dry Cleaning Kill Moths

Will Dry Cleaning Remove Mold? 

Mold may appear on the clothing that is being kept in a moist and warm place for a long time. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk or wool tend to get moldy more often than synthetic ones. Also, dry-clean-only items can’t be treated with mold-killing products. That’s why, if you found some mold traces on your favorite item, simply take it to the dry cleaning – the heat will destroy those marks.  

There Are 8 Easy Ways To Get Mold Out of ClothesThere Are 8 Easy Ways To Get Mold Out of Clothes

Are Dry Cleaners Eco-Friendly?

Most of the dry cleaners use chemicals to cope with difficult stains on clothes. The most common one is perc (or perchloroethylene) which is a toxin that is dangerous even for those who live near the dry cleaning. However, even the “eco” analog G5 is still harmful to our health. 

So, if you can’t avoid using dry cleaning, at least air your apparels outdoor before putting them on. 

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Candle Wax?

If the wax got to a washable item, it’s possible to delete it with improvised means. However, if the wax blot is on the delicate fabric meant for dry clean only, remove the hardened wax from the surface carefully. If the wax is fresh, place an ice cube on it to make it hard faster, and then take off with any dull object. Take your item to the dry cleaning at once.

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Candle Wax

In case you are using home-made dry cleaning means, use the fitting dry clean product for this particular fabric. 

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