How to Wash Down Jacket Without Destroying It

Want to know how to wash a down jacket and keep it alive afterward? Then keep on reading!

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on how to wash down jacket

To spend a lot of time outdoors and avoid getting frozen to the bone, the vitally important thing to have is a fluffy down jacket of good quality. However, sooner or later, it gets so dirty that we must face the truth and accept the fact that a good bath is needed for it. Want to know how to wash a down jacket and keep it alive afterward? Then keep on reading!

How to wash a Down Jacket?

  1. Choose 30 degrees C at your washing machine
  2. Gently put it out of the washing machine
  3. Prefer dry flat drying mode at your clothing rack or choose any other flat space  
  4. If you have a tumble drier put on the low heat mode
  5. Throw some Drying balls or folded socks in it to make your down jacket more fluffy.
  6. Do not forget to fluff it up once more after all drying procedures

Why Washing Your Down Jacket Is a Challenge?

If you ever had a feather-filled jacket, you know what a great indispensable thing it is. The reason why they are like that is that they differ from other outdoor outfits a bit. The secret is hidden in what they contain inside. 

Unlike many ordinary modern outerwear items that are filled with synthetic filling, the down jacket is filled with geese or ducks’ under feathers. Such filler makes this item so humid and wind-resistant and able to keep the warm inside. 

washing a down jacket
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However, it is the filler that makes simple cleaning of a down jacket nearly impossible whenever you decide to make your lovely feather-filled outfit look nice. When being washed unproperly with the appliance of the wrong liquid washing products, you put your outdoor wear at a huge risk because the feather filler is easily ruined by incorrect wash. And unlike other outdoor clothes, feather-filled jackets can not immediately restore their original shape after being washed. 

But don’t worry, here is how you can be saved from a disaster!

Step-by-Step How to Wash Down Jacket Safely

So, the time has come and your feather-filled jacket needs to be washed badly. To begin with, let’s prepare everything for a wash. 

Unlike a widespread belief, it’s acceptable to use machine wash for a down jacket. Here comes a precise guide for the owners of jackets on what to do to clean it like a pro!

cleaning down jacket
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  1. First of all, prepare your outfit. Look into the pockets and extract all little things to prevent them from getting stuck in the barrel. In case there is some dry dirt, brush it out as well in order to avoid ruining your machine. All the zip lockers must be locked and the buttons fastened.
  2. If you find some old spots, apply any liquid washing products on them before putting clothes to the barrel. 
  3. When being finished with these preparations, wash your down coat in cold water only. Use gentle or normal programs.
  4. Softener or bleach is strictly prohibited! Also, after the outfit was washed once, wash it one more time only now without any products. Like that you will make sure everything is washed meticulously.
  5. Use down detergent to avoid ruining the coat’s filler.
  6. When it’s finished, dry your outerwear. Nevertheless, never iron this type of clothes! The optimal option is to resort to the help of the clothes dryer and put in several balls for tennis. Set your dryer to the least aggressive regime and start it. 

This little life hack will help to extract the moisture out of the jacket, on the other hand, you will probably have to repeat the procedure several times.

washing down jacket

It’s done now! Now your feather-filled jacket is renovated and ready for new adventures!

Useful Tips for Taking Care of a Feather-Filled Jacket

To make down jacket washing even more efficiently, use several handy hints. The first thing we can advise is that a washing machine which you can load from the front would be the best choice. The reason is simple. In top-down washing machines, their agitator will most likely ruin your jacket once and for all.

For drying, use only sparing mode on your clothes dryer. Why so? The influence of high temperature and the hot air can ruin or even melt the seams on its outside fabric.

How to wash your down jacketHow to wash your down jacket

If you want your feather-filled outfit to remain in a good shape longer, use a hanger for storing it with enough space around as this kind of clothes needs space, otherwise, it will lose its shape pretty fast. 

Also, people often start to panic when, after washing their feather-filled jacket, they take a look at it and see that it turned into something crumpled and lost its shape. Don’t worry! It’s a normal thing for this type of clothes.

What Will I Need for Washing My Down Jacket?

machine wash down jacket
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Even though this sort of jacket may seem to be tricky to take care of, there is a piece of good news for you, too. Unlike many delicate clothes and fabrics, for this one, you don’t need any specific supplies or equipment to keep it clean. 

As for cleaning your clothes up, the main thing you will surely need is a down jacket detergent because the liquid for laundry needs to be mild and gentle to the fabric.

What to choose for the machine wash a down jacket?

  • Granger’s Down Wash,
  • Gear Aid Revivex Down Cleaner 
  • Nikwax Down Wash.

They say these three are very safe for the feathers so your outfit will not lose its fluffiness.

Another thing you will need is ordinary yellow balls for tennis, or you can use special balls for a clothes dryer (like those used for wool), decide yourself.

Put these tennis balls in the dryer along with the down jacket, and trust us, the outdoor clothes will be spared of moisture more than ever efficiently.

Depending on how big your feather-filled jacket is, take from four to six balls at a time.

How To Wash a Down Jacket - without damaging it!How To Wash a Down Jacket – without damaging it!

Is It OK to Use Dry-Clean for These Jackets?

Many owners of down jackets don’t know for sure whether this kind of clothes can be dry-cleaned. The correct answer is no unless your goal is to dispose of your current jacket in any possible way.

The reason why you shall not apply dry clean to your down jacket is obviously simple. This sort of washing uses a special solvent that ruins the feathers. After the dry-clean, they lose their flexibility and become hard being easily broken. 

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How to Wash a Down Jacket | 5 Simple Steps |How to Wash a Down Jacket | 5 Simple Steps |