10 Expert Vetted Hacks For Getting The Perfect Eyebrows

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The shape and style of your eyebrows can completely change the look of your face. An attractive face gets ruined with a weak eyebrow shape.

However, you can define your face with the hacks that could correct the flaws of your face.

The perfect brows frame your face and make your eyes attractive. You don’t need makeup to get the perfect eyebrow for radiant eyes.

You only need the correct shape and style to reflect the beauty of your face.

You will need an eyebrow brush, tweezers, brow gel, brow powder or pomade, concealer, eyebrow pencil, and any other thing you think is good for you.

Some people use a highlighter instead of a concealer.

The choice is yours, but here are expert hacks for the perfect eyebrows:

Expert-vetted hacks for perfection

There are different experts on eyebrows and facial beauty, including makeup celebrities, entertainment celebrities, Instagram influencers, TikTok celebrities, and YouTube vloggers.

Each of these professionals has a thing or another to say about the perfect eyebrows.

The hacks below are a reflection of their tips, suggestions, and advice.

Consider microblading

Also known as eye tattooing, it helps to create a natural-looking fill if you have thin or sparse eyebrows.

You can also consider it if you need to enhance the color of your eyebrows.

Microblading can help you achieve the perfect shape and extend the size of your brows.

It could be life-changing if you have alopecia. To know more about it, you can read several guides to microblading from the Experts.

Avoid overplucking

Leaving your eyebrows the way they are is the best way to grow them, making them easy to shape.

When you tweeze too close to your eyebrows, what you’re doing isn’t shaping. You’re cutting your hair off and digging into the strands that could help you get better brows.

You should pluck your hair that is away from your eyebrows because some brows never grow back.

It means that consistent tweezing may cause permanent damage to the follicle.

The skin around the eyebrow is delicate and can be traumatized easily.

Avoid overplucking
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Try eyebrow threading

This ultra-precise style requires the use of twisted thread to enhance and define your brows’ natural shape.

Your hairs are pulled from the follicle gently, even if they’re too short to be waxed.

Threading puts pressure on your skin to remove the hair.

It allows you to control it and avoid post-waxing breakouts.

Try eyebrow threading
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Use eyebrow stencil to shape

It’s easy to go freehand, but you can ruin your style. It could even lead to coloring your brows outside its lines.

Stencils help to shape your eyebrows as they can fill them in thoroughly.

Since eyebrow shaping can brighten your face and improve the sparkle of your eyes, using a stencil is better.

Your eyes will look bolder and illuminated in the right places.

Don’t overgrow your brow tail

Your brow tail is also as important as other parts to get that perfect shape. When you overextend it, it could create a droopy effect.

It will make you look as if you’re sad.

To avoid a drawdown on the face, let your eyebrows stop at a good angle.

To know where it needs to end, place your brow pencil diagonally on your nostril and align it with the side of your eye.

Give a cut where the pencil reaches the brow bone.

Don't overgrow your brow tail
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Create beautiful arches

High-arched brows go perfectly with a round-shaped face, and if you have an oval-shaped face, softly angled brows will suit you.

Also, a square-shaped face needs a soft, rounded brow arch; and a diamond-shaped face looks attractive with curved brows.

An awkward pointing eyebrow could change the way your eyes and face look.

You can correct this by fitting your eyebrows to sync with your facial shape. You can use your brush to create the natural arch.

Consider using concealers

You can outline your brows with a highlighter, but the arches’ spotlight may be unnecessary.

That’s why you need to brighten up your brow with a lighter shade with the concealer. It also helps you cover unwanted spots and dark circles under the eyes and makes the brows seem brighter.

Concealers can also shield regrowing hair as they will neatly shape them.

When it’s challenging to remove your hair with tweezers, using concealer over them is an alternative.

Take care of your sparse spots

In the second point, avoiding overplucking was emphasized to keep your hair growing.

But what if you have over-plucked your brows already?

You can fill the spots with brow powder. Massaging the area of the eyebrows can also help in stimulating hair growth.

Aside from this, you can get a weekly brow mask, exfoliate the eyebrows, and add vitamins to your diet.

Take care of your sparse spots
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Intensify the color of your eyebrows

You can start with light colors before intensifying with other colors. Adding shades to your eyebrows is a way to beautify them and blend them into your skin color.

Some celebrities are using ROYGBIV for their eyebrows.

If you have dark skin and want a stylish yet natural eyebrow color, you may also try it.

Mixing similar colors could be the best way to find the perfect shade for your brow.

Intensify the color of your eyebrows
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Apply eyebrow products from the center

By this, you get to amp your arches from the middle. It means you’re starting from the bridge of your nose as you’ll spend less time reaching all the parts of your brows.

You can also apply the product from the tail of your brows to achieve an exact brow shape.

Aside from this, it saves time and still presents a natural-looking face.


Final word

With these beauty tips, you can achieve the perfect eyebrow structure to brighten your eyes.

The eye is an essential part of facial beauty. If you have a beautiful face with the wrong alignment of your eyebrows, it will ruin the beauty.

A well-shaped face with carefully structured eyebrows will make you more attractive.

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