5 Hair Care Mistakes That Damage Your Curls

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Having a crown of curly hair can have its set of quirks and perks.

For instance, rocking your natural curls will make you stand out from the crowd instead of having them relaxed. When it comes to styling your hair, your curly locks will allow you to enjoy hair volume without the need for mousse or hairspray.

However, while your curly hair is beautiful, it can be quite challenging to manage sometimes. Curly hair is said to be more delicate compared to straight hair. Regardless if you have loose or wild ringlets, you need to have the right hair care routine and use the appropriate products to decrease the likelihood of frizz and damage.

Apart from this, you must also avoid potential hair care gaffes to keep your mane healthy and bouncy. To help you, take note of the following common practices believed to damage curly hair.

Overdoing Your Hair Care Routine

In the quest for taking care of one’s locks, some people are said to apply and try out different hair care products. But overdoing your hair care routine might result in more tangles and worse, hair breakage instead.

Read and skim through products for curly hair guide from Davines and look for items that feature certain healthy ingredients that can support your hair’s volume and even boost its growth. By arming yourself with adequate knowledge, you can create your own hair goals and add in a few quality products that help your coils stay smooth and full of life.

Moreover, if you’re already working with a professional hairstylist, you can ask for their expert advice on how to curate a hair care routine that fits your hairstyle and way of living. They can offer you insights and suggestions to keep your locks lively amidst your busy schedule.

Overdoing Your Hair Care Routine
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Overwashing Your Hair

If you’re living in a heavily polluted area or using hair styling products frequently, you might tend to wash your hair to remove dirt buildup and keep it clean. While your intentions are great, your textured hair will need its natural oils to keep it smooth and healthy. If you overclean your hair with shampoo, you might strip it off of its natural oils leaving it dull and dry. Consequently, this can lead to damage.

It’d be best to wash your hair only two to three times a week. However, if you need to deep cleanse or wash it more often than not, choose hydrating and moisturizing formulas that’ll support your ringlets. These ingredients include but aren’t limited to shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, and more.
Refrain from using any shampoo brands and other hair care products that harbor harsh cleansing agents. These chemicals will only promote dryness and may harm your hair in the long haul.

Also, if you can, take a break from styling products so you can stop overwashing your hair. You can simply wash your locks with water as an alternative. For best results, you can apply a detoxifying shampoo once a week to eliminate product, grime, and dirt buildup that weigh down your mane.

Skipping Conditioner

It’s advised for you to not skip out on applying conditioner. Most women make the mistake of not conditioning their locks regularly, which lead to lackluster hair.

Because of its delicate and dry nature, your curly hair needs a hydrating punch. By using a deep moisturizing conditioner, you can manage your locks and keep them soft and bouncy without the use of too many styling products. This also comes in handy especially if you’re living in a tropical country or when the summer months start rolling in.

Choose a hydrating conditioner that nourishes and strengthens your strands. As mentioned, look into hair care ingredients that lock in hydration in your hair. Opting for moisturizing ingredients helps you replenish your strands deep down from your roots.

While some women only have to condition their hair once a week, others might need to double their efforts to achieve desirable results. To identify your most appropriate schedule, pay attention to your locks, factor in your region’s climate, and the like. If it seems drier than usual, you can definitely condition your hair twice or even thrice a week. Conditioning your curly hair the right way can help maintain its volume and softness.

Apart from artificial conditioning treatments, you can also explore and incorporate natural, homemade remedies to restore your hair’s moisture and keep it well-hydrated throughout the day.

Skipping Conditioner
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Using Too Much Heat

Another common hair care mistake is using heat styling tools too frequently. While you might want to style your hair, you can resort to non-damaging means to style it. Applying too much heat can cause split ends, brittleness, dryness, and damage.

On the other hand, if you need to dry your hair quickly, you can use a quality hairdryer and diffuser. While at it, put the diffuser in low heat to potentially prevent damage. Don’t rush the drying process or else you’ll end up dealing with hair frustrations.

Roughly Detangling It

Brushing one’s hair the wrong way can lead to sticky situations and this is entirely true for people with curly hair. Most people would try to detangle their knots by running a brush or using their fingers without any care at all.

Yet when you run a brush, you may tend to roughly pull your strands. This may hurt your scalp and making it susceptible to hair fall and breakage. In a similar vein, combing your hair when it’s dry can also cause more knots and damage. You’re also likely transferring the dirt from your hands to your hair. Both these attempts would only cause brittleness and breakage.

If you have curly hair, you might wonder whether or not it’d be best to brush it. If you can, it would be best not to touch your hair.
However, if you need to detangle your strands, do it in the shower. With running water, grab a wide-toothed comb and comb your hair gently. Begin from your ends and work your way up to your hair roots until your locks are knot-free. This hair technique can help prevent split ends as your coils are in their most delicate state when they’re wet.
Alternatively, you can comb your hair while it’s soaked in a hydrating conditioner. Then, upon rinsing and drying off your locks, use a soft and quick-drying towel to prevent after-wash frizz.

Roughly Detangling It
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While it can get easy to be discouraged with your naturally curly hair, there are ways to showcase its best. By avoiding the above mentioned hair care mistakes and replacing them with good hair care habits, you’ll surely enjoy tangle-free coils while keeping your curly crown of hair bouncy and healthy.

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