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Neck aging (well, just like the aging of a face in fact) becomes visible sooner than the aging of any other part of your body. The reason is simple yet not quite comforting: human’s neck is the most vulnerable part of our body that is highly predisposed to aging processes! And of course, the lack of proper care will also affect it not in a best way.

This is why all the women around the world fight those tiny wrinkles on their necks so fiercely! And today we will share eleven easy and effective tips with you that will help to get rid of neck and face wrinkles and sometimes even prevent their development.

How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Face And Neck?

In most cases, getting rid of the early wrinkles on your face and neck does not imply any serious treatment or procedures. Mere exercises and basic skin care, as well as the use of special creams and essences, will in most cases be enough for reviving your skin and bringing it back to life.

However, finding even the smallest wrinkles on their faces or necks makes women panic. And the majority of you ladies will most likely think of seeking medical help. Of course, professional treatment and procedures, as well as more serious actions like surgery, will help you to make your face and neck skin smooth and young again.

TOP 11 Skin care procedures for the neck and face

On the other hand, if these are only the earliest wrinkles you have, you should try to treat them with less aggressive methods. What does need to be taken into consideration here is that neck wrinkles and wrinkles on your face will need a somewhat distinct way of treatment.

In general, the neck and face skincare procedures include the following ones:

  1. Massage
  2. Neck and face exercises
  3. Creams and serums with retinol and vitamin C
  4. Exfoliation
  5. Dermal fillers
  6. Botox
  7. Surgery
  8. Proper eating
  9. Essential oils
  10. Using silk or copper-oxide pillowcases
  11. Natural face and neck masks

Now let us see in detail which of them are better for your face and which of them will be more effective on your neck skin.

How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Face And Neck
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How to Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles With Massage?

When fighting neck wrinkles, do not forget about such an effective method as a massage! When using handheld massage devices, you will not only reduce the current wrinkles but you will also prevent the development of new ones.

Massage reduces stress and increases the amount of proteins that make our skin smooth and well-toned. Besides, you can even make this procedure with your fingers! When being done daily, for just three to five minutes, such a manual massage will have the same effect as the procedure done with the special massage devices.

How to Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles With Massage
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How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Neck With Exercises?

Neck and face wrinkles can be removed with the help of exercises, for instance, neck and face yoga. Like this, you will tighten and tone your neck muscles and increase the blood flow to the area. In addition, such a method will boost the production of collagen.

So if you were wondering how to get rid of neck wrinkles naturally, stick to facial and neck muscle exercises that are all indispensable means of anti-aging skincare.

How to Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles With Vitamin C?

Neck creams and serums that contain retinol and vitamin C are also effective when fighting aging and wrinkles. They work as antioxidants and shield your neck skin against the UV damage. As for the retinol, it is also perfect for cell regeneration since this element boosts the process of cell turnover.

How to Get Rid Of Face Wrinkles Easily Using Exfoliation?

Exfoliation will not only make your skin look less dull. Thanks to removing the dead skin cells, this procedure makes it easier for the skin care products to penetrate it thus allowing them to work better and show better effect.

Only keep in mind that you should use exfoliating products that are designed specifically for your skin type! Also, avoid too harsh products since they can make your skin overdried.

How to Get Rid Of Face Wrinkles Easily Using Exfoliation
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How to Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles Fast. Dermal Fillers?

Injected fillers can become your beacon of salvation if you need to make your skin look better quickly. These substances plump up the skin and smooth it, however, the effect is temporary.

How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Neck With Botox?

This method is good for eliminating wrinkles with the injection of botulinum toxin into the skin. However, since multiple side effects are often reported, we recommend you consult with your doctor prior to undergoing this procedure!


If you need to fight really deep skin wrinkles on your neck, you might want to do small surgery as well, especially if all the other remedies failed. However, do note that surgery implies certain recovery time which may vary depending on how serious the intrusion was.

How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Neck With Just a Diet?

Proper eating also matters a lot if you want to keep your neck skin smooth and toned longer. Include nutrient-rich foods into your daily diet to keep up your skin’s overall health and make it smoother.

To reduce the appearance of aging wrinkles, make sure your daily food includes olive oil, artichokes, avocado, chia seeds, egg whites, cinnamon, ginger, miso, oatmeal, salmon, sardines, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and also walnuts.

An Aging Face: Can Anything Be Done?An Aging Face: Can Anything Be Done?

Use Essential Oils

Ever wondered how to get rid of wrinkles on the neck with the least expenses? Then try applying essential oils. When mixed with the carrier oil, the small amounts of them will reduce wrinkles significantly.

Essential oils for neck wrinkles

If you do decide to make use of this remedy, better choose one of the following essential oils:

  • argan
  • geranium
  • clary sage
  • jojoba
  • grape seed
  • lavender
  • neroli
  • rose
  • pomegranate
  • rosemary
  • sandalwood
  • ylang-ylang

Only make sure you dilute them with the carrier oil to avoid skin irritation!

Silk Or Copper-Oxide Pillowcases

Sleeping on a proper pillowcase may also contribute quite significantly to your skin health and appearance! Silk is easy on the skin and it is also hypoallergenic. And a copper-oxide pillowcase will help to reduce the fine lines.

Natural Face And Neck Masks

Using medical procedures or products is fine to fight wrinkles. However, if you have only a few of them, try to start with using homemade anti-wrinkle remedies. For instance, a banana face and neck mask or topical vitamin C application will help to revive your skin quite easily.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to relatively easily keep your skin nourished and thus prevent the development of the new wrinkles. Also, do remember to stay well hydrated all the time since the lack of water affects your skin badly making wrinkles to appear easier.

Natural Face And Neck Masks
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Causes Of Neck Sagging

So why does our skin tend to get covered with wrinkles at all, you may ask? Well, in general, there are several possible reasons. First of all, your skin may just be rather thin initially. If this is the case, there is nothing you can do with it since this is your inborn feature.

Do you have a sagging neck

You can only make sure your skin is properly hydrated and nourished, as well as cared for, to make it stay smooth and toned longer.

Another reason why skin may wrinkle is the lack of sunscreen application. See, our neck is quite a sensitive place that tends to wrinkle faster. And if it is exposed to sun frequently and in large amounts, our skin will react with wrinkles.

There is one more factor to blame that most of us don’t even think about. Our cell phones! Yes, these useful devices can be the reason why our necks get wrinkled faster than they should be! Since most of us tend to look down onto the cell phone screen quite a lot during the day, such a position speeds up the formation of the neck and some facial wrinkles.

Causes Of Neck Sagging
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How You Can Prevent Wrinkles On Your Face And Neck?

Aging will affect all of us anyway, however, it doesn’t mean we must allow wrinkles to appear too early. This is why following the basic anti-wrinkle tips may help you to delay them to appear.

  1. Stay well hydrated since water draws the toxins out of the skin.
  2. Use sunscreen protection with at least 30 SPF rate.
  3. Keep your skin moisturized.
  4. Eat healthy.

With just these recommendations, you will be able to easily maintain your skin and keep it looking and feel young, smooth, and toned much longer without spending a fortune on expensive procedures or surgery.

So since now you know more about what makes your skin wrinkle on the neck area, and you learned how you can avoid those wrinkles easily, make sure you use the suggested recommendations to stay good-looking and keep your skin fresh and well-cared.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ At what age do neck wrinkles appear?

From around the age of 25-30.

⭐ Does stress make wrinkles appear more quickly?

Yes, stress makes our skin more predisposed to wrinkage.

⭐ Why do people have neck rolls if they are skinny?

Perhaps, they are not hydrated enough or their diet is not balanced and lacks fresh fruit and veggies. Genetics may also be the reason.

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