7 beauty tricks that will make you 10 years younger – in 5 minutes

Erase 10 years or more? Nothing is easier!

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on beauty tricks

Properly selected and applied makeup can really make wonders: an ordinary face will turn into an unforgettable, tired – in a fresh and even “younger” from five to ten years. Try these tricks – and make sure that being young and beautiful is not so difficult.

Wide bushy eyebrows

Thin eyebrows – a fashion trend from the middle of the last century – are the surest way to “give” to yourself a dozen years.

Therefore, if for some reason you want to look older, it’s time to make thin, graphic brows. But if you have an opposite goal, it is worth to “draw” wide and thick eyebrows!

A blush of gentle tones

Peach, pink or delicate coral shades – this is ou

beauty tricks that will make you younger

r choice! No shades of red – it makes you look older. To make the image fresh and youthful, you should apply blush on your chin bones and shade it as much as possible.

Lack of eyeliner and white shadows

makeup tips for all ages

A little white shadows in the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow, and most importantly – no eyeliner and arrows.

If you want to emphasize the eyes, it is better to make dark shadows along the eyelash line – this will emphasis your eyes and at the same time leave an impression of freshness and youth.


Lip gloss

beauty tricks for all ages

Yes, matte lipstick is in trend – but this is the case when you have to choose, not what is trendy now, but what is suitable.

Matte lipstick visually makes the lips thinner; in addition, during the day, lipstick tends to roll and remain in the wrinkles of the lips.

Shine with a gloss effect visually makes the lips fuller and puffier – and this is one of the important signs of youth.

Brown shadow and pencil

make up for anti-aging

If you still want to highlight your eyes, you should give preference to a pencil and the shades of a brown color rather than a darker tone: black creates the illusion of a tired look, while brown makes your eyes look wider and more youthful.

Reflective concealer

make up for anti-aging

It should be applied to the skin under the eyes with a thin layer, thoroughly blending with a wide brush.

Reflective particles not only help to cover the dark circles under the eyes, but also make small wrinkles less noticeable.

Most importantly, the concealer should not be too bright to hide wrinkles, but not attract attention to them.

Pink Undertone Foundation

 beauty tricks for all ages

Finding it is a little harder than beige or sand, but it’s worth it: it is the base with a pinkish tint that will help create the freshest look.

Even a barely noticeable pink tint in the pigment makes a face more youthful and fresh.

The main thing is to carefully choose a shade that is closest to the natural skin tone (by the way, it is better to choose a neck rather than a wrist for the test)

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