6 Ways To Fight Wrinkles And Slow Down Aging

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Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on 6 Ways To Fight Wrinkles And Slow Down Aging

One of the inevitable things in this world is aging.
Whether you like it or not, it’s going to happen, and you’re bound to go through this natural process. The moment you reach your 20s or 30s, you may start seeing a few signs of aging either on your hair, body and most commonly, your skin.

With time, wrinkles and other lines will be more visible in your face as it starts to lose its elasticity, and thus, youthfulness. You may also notice your skin will look drier and thinner.

But before you freak out about the fact that aging is unstoppable, there are actually ways you can take to help you slow it down and fight off wrinkles as well as other visible lines in your face.
The truth is, it’s not only your age that affects your body’s way of aging.
Most of them have to do with your lifestyle and how you take care of your body and skin during your younger years.

If you constantly follow healthy lifestyle choices paired with a consistent skincare routine, you can be sure that your aging process will come off a little later than the others. To simply put, aging may be unstoppable, but you can definitely minimize its progress, and it’s still not too late.

To start, here are six simple and manageable ways you can do to fight off wrinkles and slow down your aging process:

Step Up Your Skincare Routine

Perhaps you’re already following a skincare routine, but try to check if you’re using the right products. Your choice can affect your skin’s aging process. For instance, using items that burn or sting your skin may cause irritation. Eventually, skin irritation will make your skin look older and more prone to premature skin aging.

Aside from using the right skincare products, make sure you also treat your skin gently since harsh skin scrubbing can also lead to skin irritation. Gentle washing helps eliminate dirt and get rid of makeup along with other skin pollutants without damaging your skin.

Moreover, a facial moisturizer and a gentle under eye cream can go a long way towards reducing face wrinkles and slowing down the aging process. A facial moisturizer will help retain water and moisture in your skin to keep it looking youthful. Meanwhile, an under-eye cream will keep your face firm while reducing the visibility of your wrinkles and under eye dark circles.

Step Up Your Skincare Routine
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Treat Sunscreen as Your Best Friend

Whether the sun’s up or the rain’s down, always wear sunscreen every single day. In fact, you must treat your sunscreen as part of your routine, the same way brushing your teeth has become a crucial part of your habits.

Directly exposing your skin to the sun without any protection will only accelerate your skin’s aging and also contribute to the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s recommended to always apply sunscreen in your body, especially on parts that aren’t covered by any clothing. Don’t miss applying sunscreen in your arms, hands, neck, legs, and especially your face.

As much as possible, be liberal in applying sunscreen, and don’t forget to reapply every two hours, especially if you’re planning to be under the sun for several hours.

Aside from your sunscreen, you can also protect yourself by wearing sun-protective apparel, such as a wide-brimmed hat, pants, long-sleeved yet lightweight shirts, and most especially, sunglasses. Besides protecting your eyes, sunglasses will also cover the sensitive part of your skin surrounding them.

Plus, squinting your eyes due to extreme heat and lack of moiturizing can cause more facial wrinkles. So, if you wish to prevent your eyes from uncontrollable squinting, then don’t forget to pack your sunglasses with you everywhere you go.

Treat Sunscreen as Your Best Friend
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Quit Smoking as Soon as You Can

You already know how smoking is damaging for your overall health, and that includes your body’s aging process.

Smoking can make you age quicker, your wrinkles will prematurely appear around your face, and your skin will look dry with a dull complexion.

Simply put, smoking is bad news for people who wish to delay their body’s aging process.

Regardless of how you vigorously follow your skincare routine or protect yourself from the sun, you’re still speeding up your aging process from within if you choose to continue this vice.

Through smoking, your blood vessels will have a hard time bringing oxygen and nutrients around your skin, which tends to break down your collagen quicker.

Another sign that smoking has started to affect your aging process is when your nails and fingertips look yellowish. If you’re serious about fighting off wrinkles and slowing down your aging, then try your best to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Quit Smoking as Soon as You Can
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Exfoliate Twice or Thrice a Week

Your skin tends to shed dead skin cells regularly, so your body can make room for a new skin layer every 28 days. However, your skin’s process of shedding dead cells can sometimes take too much time, leaving you with rough patches, a dull-looking complexion, and ultimately, make you look older.

To avoid dead skin cell buildup and maintain a youthful appearance, it’s recommended to exfoliate your skin every week.

Weekly exfoliation will not only help in removing dead skin cells, but it’ll also improve your skin’s blood circulation and prepare it before using any skincare products. You can use brushes, washcloths, facial scrubs, or chemical exfoliants when exfoliating. Meanwhile, if you have dry and sensitive skin, then opt for softer tools such as sponges.

Start Using Retinoids

Usually, when you’re around your 30s or 40s, your skin will start losing its collagen, which results in your skin looking wrinkled and creased.

You can fight off this process and nourish your skin with sufficient collagen by using retinoids. Retinoids are face medications often prescribed by doctors for their patients who wish to regain the healthiness of their skin.

Retinoids should be taken at least two to three times weekly initially until such a time your skin becomes accustomed to it.

Always Stick to A Healthy Diet

Your diet will always be linked to how your skin ages. The more you eat refined carbs and sugary foods, the more your body will produce more insulin, which causes damage to your skin’s collagen fibers. 

As a result, you may experience premature aging together with more visible wrinkles and other facial lines. To keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, always be mindful of your diet and ensure that you’re eating enough nutrients needed by your skin. Go for foods rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and E as they have antioxidants needed for your skin and the rest of your body.

Do not forget to include plant-based collagen in your diet, which contains a lot of necessary amino acids lysine, glycin,e and proline f.ex beans, legumes, nuts, and tofu.

Never Too Late to Slow Down Your Aging

Before you lose hope, remember that despite seeing signs of premature skin aging, trying out these tips and committing to healthier lifestyle changes can still bring significant changes towards slowing down aging and reducing wrinkle appearance.

Over time, as you embrace these healthy tips into your life, the results will slowly reflect into your skin.

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