Beauty and Fitness Tips for Older Women

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Written by Meredith Hayes. Updated on Beauty and Fitness Tips for Older Women

Who says that aging means we cannot still look and feel great?

Rather than become defeated due to growing old and feeling as if your days are past you, why not learn how to look after yourself and continue radiating youthfulness?

As you grow older, you may have to adapt your beauty regime, but this simply means selecting different products, changing the way you apply them, and finding professionals who can help care for your appearance.

If you still want to look and feel wonderful even as you age, here are a few useful beauty tips for the older woman.

Adapt Your Makeup Routine

When you were younger, you may have been able to get away with being lax with certain techniques and miss a few steps.

However, as you start to age, you should make sure to adapt and follow the steps so that you prolong your youthful looks and hinder the aging process for as long as possible.

You may already have a makeup routine, but it’s time to make certain changes.


This is a step you should never skip. Not only does it keep your skin feeling soft and supple, stopping it from turning dry and sore, but it also prolongs your youthfulness and stops the aging process.

However, as you age, moisturizing becomes much more important. This is because your skin starts to produce less sebum, which is the skin’s natural oils and stops your skin from retaining the natural oils. Lacking natural oils can cause your skin to feel and look dry.

Moisturising, however, provides a soft and smooth base for your makeup.

Therefore, you need to find the right moisturizer that is likely to keep your skin feeling soft.

Moisturizing from a young age can also stop fine lines and wrinkles from appearing.

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Primer is ideal as it stops makeup such as concealer and foundation from settling into fine lines and wrinkles, adding more texture to your face.

Usually, primers also come with hydrating technologies and can help minimise the look of pores, making them great for older skin.

Try a few primers out first and find one that says that it can help hydrate your skin and also illuminate your skin, giving your face warmth and extra life.

Apply Sunscreen

The sun can be extremely damaging.

Therefore, everyone should be applying sunscreen to their skin so that they can protect themselves and stop the development of cancer, Brisbane Dentist Dr Soha Sharif says.

However, the sun can also make your skin look older and more tired. Apply sunscreen from a young age for greater protection and preventative measures.

Even if the weather seems cloudy and overcast, you should still apply sunscreen as the sun’s UV rays can filter through the clouds and still cause damage to your skin.

Find the Right Concealer

Your eyes are likely to show your age, so finding a concealer that can help smooth the skin around your eyes and cover dark spots, wrinkles, and crow’s feet can help make you look much younger.

Much like a primer, you will want to find a concealer that offers hydration technology and that is light and fluid.

This is so that the concealer does not build up and cause the skin to look more tired and older due to the concealer settling into wrinkles.

Find the Right Concealer
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Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is a great foundation option due to its lightweight nature and dewy finish.

Matte foundations can be cakey and cause the foundation to build up and age your skin and appearance.

This is because matte and powder-based foundations are likely to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, aging you exponentially. Again, liquid foundations offer hydrating properties that can be much more flattering for the older woman.

Plus, liquid foundations can also provide an even tone which is harder to achieve with a matte foundation. You should also avoid full-coverage foundations.

Don’t Forget About Your Eyebrows

As we age, our hair can become lighter and thinner.

This also applies to our eyebrows, which is why you should always learn how to define your brow so that they do not look sparse or thinner than usual.

Find a brow-defining product that is right for you and that allows you to achieve the eyebrows of your dreams.

If you are unsure of how to define your eyebrows and make your brows look fuller, there are numerous tutorials online that can help.

Visit Your Dentist

Dental work can elevate your smile and help you feel much more confident in yourself but also make you feel and look much younger.

As we grow older, our teeth may become damaged, less white, or crooked.

Visiting a dentist for cosmetic work can make your smile much more youthful. Make sure that you find a dentist that offers the dental work that you are looking for.

For example, Pure Dentistry, a dentist in Brisbane, offers cosmetic dental work such as dental crowns and veneers. Such dental work can make you look much younger.

Visit Your Dentist
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As we age, our metabolism can slow down and make it much easier for us to put on weight.

While there is nothing wrong with putting on weight, you need to refrain from putting on an unhealthy amount that can cause heart issues or health concerns.

Exercising is the best way to remain fit and healthy, but make sure that you do not overdo it. As we grow older, our bodies become much more fragile, and you may have to adapt so that the exercises that you are participating in do not cause more damage than good.

The benefits of exercising are plentiful. Strength training can help build bone density, build muscle mass, improve mental health, and lower the risk of disease.

Even if you have avoided strength training your whole life, you can pick it up within your older age.

All you have to do is be more mindful. Here are some examples of strength training that can help you remain fit and healthy, even in your older age.

Eat Healthily

Being older does not mean you can throw your healthy diet out the window.

In fact, it means that you should be more mindful of what you eat so that you can remain healthier for longer and reduce the risk of falling ill.

Make sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet that is full of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.
Your life does not stop once you grow older, but you may have to adapt your way of living. This is because your skin and bodily functions start to change.

Therefore, you need to make arrangements so that you care for your skin and wellbeing.

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