5 Great Tips for Picking Paint Color for Your Room

Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

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Apart from protecting your walls, another reason for painting is aesthetic value. Paint will give your room the effect you wish to convey, plus it helps to bring out your design.

Besides, the color you use will help distinguish the mood of the room. Again, if you want to create focal points in your interior, you use color. Remember, different colors have different shades;
hence you have to be keen when choosing color combinations. Using the colors you love as base colors allows you to come up with your desired theme.

Remember, you can look into catalogs and magazines to get inspiration on different themes.

Also, the contractor can guide you on which colors to blend for your theme to fit well.

Here are the tips for picking paint color:

Starting with Inspiration is Great

When you plan to paint a room, it is best to visit few sites to get inspiration. You can make a board with the rooms you like, and you choose what you like from the photos. Remember, if you want your house to be warm, then you can use bright colors.

Also, avoid using a single photo to draw your inspiration instead of combining the theme from many photos and developing a unique style.

Avoid Picking Your Paint Color

Picking a paint color that suits your furniture gives you a quick solution to a theme. Besides, if you pick your room color, you will be forced to look for furniture and décor that matches the color, which would be expensive.

It will help if you avoid choosing your paint first as it may seem crucial, but it is inconveniencing in the real sense.

Apart from your furniture, the décor needs to blend well with the colors of the wall to have harmony.

Stick to the Neutrals

Depending on the effect you want in a room, you will choose the colors you want. For example, if you want a bold color on the wall, the other things in the room need to be neutral to avoid shooting combinations. After hiring a painting contractor in San Diego, it is best to show them your furniture and décor to become aware of what colors to blend with.

Besides, when you have bold colors in the bathroom is ok because other accessories are already neutral. Again, the neutral colors give you an easy time when choosing since their shades are close are clear, thus not confusing.

Great Tips for Picking Color Paint for Your Room
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Make Use of Testers

It will help if you buy testers in different shades of color; this can be used on different walls and see how they appear.

Similarly, you will see how light hits the color at different times of the day. Keep in mind that trying the paint on white walls will through your color off. If possible, you need to paint a large test area to get an accurate feel.

Buying the tester may seem like an extra cost, but it will save you from using the wrong shade of color to paint your space. The best part is that all brands have testers that you can use to avoid purchasing gallons that you may not use.

Plus, you can always use leftover testers to touch up or paint another project.

Pick the Right Sheen

You may want to mask flows, and this is well done with as little sheen as possible. These guidelines will help you choose the correct sheen:

  1. Flat with no shine is best for low traffic areas like the bedroom
  2. Flat enamel with very little shine is suitable for low traffic areas, especially if there are kids because it is a bit easy to clean.
  3. Eggshell enamel comes with a little bit of shine suitable for areas with moderate traffic like the living room.
  4. Satin enamel has more shine hence suitable for high traffic areas with moisture because it is wipeable
  5. Semi-gloss enamel is shinny and best for cabinets and places with high moisture.
  6. High gloss which shines like glass and suitable for high use surface like stair rails

It is best if you have a color theme to guide you in painting the house.

Remember, you don’t need to color the house with the same color, but a painting contractor in San Diego can help you play around with the colors to come up with different colors for different rooms but under the same theme.

Your budget need also to guide you on the type of paint to buy.

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7 Tips to Picking Paint Colors7 Tips to Picking Paint Colors