Can You Paint When It Rains? Useful Tips and Advice

Is it ok to begin painting on a rainy day?

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Painting both indoors and outdoors is an essential part of any renovations in the house. However, it often becomes a point of concern when you suddenly ask yourself: hey, is it ok to begin painting on a rainy day? Let’s agree, nobody wants to re-paint all the walls once again! To avoid this, follow the tips in this article.

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Things to Keep In Mind When You Gonna Start Painting During Rain

So, you have decided to finally refresh your walls a bit, but suddenly it begins to rain on the x-day! Pretty sad, isn’t it? Anyway, it is too early to get upset. If you use several handy tricks, you will be able to do the painting in rainy weather, no matter what.

Painting During Rain
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First of all, check the temperature in the room which you are about to paint. Keep in mind that the lowest temperature suitable for painting interior in the rain is fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Anyway, make sure you have read the instructions on the paint can carefully because some paints may have a bit different conditions for a proper use.

If it so happened that your room is not warm enough, bring in and turn on a small heater, only pay attention to the fact that your paint must not be situated close to the source of heat!

 Painting During Rain
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The temperature of the surface also matters. Remember that the temperature of the surface you are painting must be somewhat colder than the temperature of the room. To achieve that, you can warm up the room a bit more than fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Another important thing to remember is that the wall must be prepared for painting before you start applying the paint on it. Delete all the dust and dirt from the wall to make it clean and flat.

When painting when it’s raining, your wall may need more time to dry because of the air that is more humid. To make the drying process faster, open the windows to let more fresh air flow in. If your wall is situated close to the window or balcony door, make sure that no raindrops can get on it while it is freshly painted!

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 Is There a Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Painting While Raining?

painting when it’s raining
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If painting walls is not something that you do regularly, then probably you may wonder whether there are any differences between painting inside and outside, especially on a rainy day.

In fact, there is a difference. For example, you can’t use certain kinds of paint (like oil paint) when painting outdoors in the rain because the painted layer will get ruined soon and you will have to restart the whole process from the beginning.
Also, temperature requirements may vary. And now, let’s take a closer look at both variants.

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Indoors Painting Specifics

painting interior in the rain
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Can you paint inside when it’s raining outside? Definitely, you can! But be aware of several important things to remember.

Keep the temperature in the room under control. If it’s too cold inside, the paint can be difficult to stick to the wall and dry

Remember to keep the temperature of the wall a bit cooler than the temperature in the room

Before painting the wall, clean it and delete any dirt and dust including any harsh elements

Let the wall dry in a well-ventilated room

Avoid any water or other liquids to get on the freshly painted wall. Make sure nobody will touch it as well

Outdoors Painting Tips

Painting While Raining
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Outdoors painting on a rainy day has its own specific features. Of course, you can try and finish your painting before the rain starts. But what if you won’t manage it? Then use several tips that will help you out.

If you decided to take a try and paint the outside walls or the terrace before the rain comes, make sure that the air humidity is not too high as in this case it can damage the paint

If it has just stopped raining and you are not sure whether it is ok to start painting right now, better wait a couple of hours (or longer if the rain was very heavy)

In case you are not sure whether the wall you are going to paint is completely dry, better don’t use oil paint. Instead, latex paints will do much better even if the wall is a bit moisture

As for the latex paints, you can use them even during the rain! But only if you have some sort of a shade over you and the wall you are painting. Also, it must not rain heavily. So, if one day you are asked “Can you paint in the rain?” say yes.

When painting in the rain with latex paint, make sure the temperature outside is at least 34 degrees Fahrenheit unless other is indicated on the can label

After you painted the outside walls with latex paint, there must be no rain within the next eight hours otherwise the paint cover will get damaged

Do’s and Donts When Painting On a Rainy Day

Can you paint in the rain
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To get perfectly and smoothly painted walls that will last for long, follow several easy tips that will allow you to preserve the paint cover on your walls.

Don’t hurry. After you apply one layer of paint, let it dry completely until you apply the new one

Read the can label attentively. There you will find all the necessary information regarding the temperature conditions, the time needed for drying and many others

Always open the windows while painting. It is required not only for faster drying but also for better ventilation as many paints contain ingredients that are not so good to breathe in

The best level of air humidity for painting walls is from forty to seventy percent

Don’t paint if it’s a strong wind outside. Leaves and dust may get stuck to the painted wall and ruin your work

These easy tips are very simple to use and in exchange, they will save your time and paint, and will help to make your walls a masterpiece!

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