8+ Ways How to Make School Year Go By Faster?

Make it fly by in a blink of an eye with our tips!

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on How to Make School Year Go By Faster

All of us were children, and we are sure that most of you remember how boring it was sometimes to sit in the class and wait until the bell rings and this nightmare ends! Such boredom may have different reasons, but every kid who is experiencing it has only one point of concern: what can be done to cope with this lazy state of mind and make a class end up faster?

Well, of course, you can’t ask your teacher to speak faster or finish the lesson earlier! However, we can suggest you a few easy and very handy tips that might help ever bored school child (and even a student!) to speed up their time in a class a bit.

Read and memorize to know how to make time go faster at school and don’t get crazy while waiting until the lesson ends.

How to Make School Go By Faster?

We are sure that every student, whether at school or at the higher educational establishment, has his or her own ways of making time flow faster to finally be able to leave the class! Some of you are probably drawing doodles in your notebooks while others are sitting stuck in their mobile phones or notebooks. You might be talking with your classmate quietly while your teacher is explaining something to the rest of the class, or some of you might even be reading a book!

There are many methods of how to pass time in class so that you are not banished out. However, most pupils just doodle or chat with their classmates. Not that vast choice of options, you agree? And even if you manage to occupy yourself somehow, there will still be that feeling of every second dragging on for an hour!

This is why we decided to go further and think of what else you could do to make your school day less boring and more interesting. And also, what occupations you could think of to make your class time fly faster.

So meet the list of things to do in class to pass time quickly that we collected for you with love and care! We hope that at least some of these tips (and hopefully all of them!) will make your time at school more varied and help to combine lessons and rest adequately.

How to Make Time Pass Faster At School. Method 1

How to make the day go by faster while you are in class and having an extremely boring lesson? Let’s say, math? Well, we have all been there dude! And yes, it is very difficult to keep your mind focused on a subject that you don’t feel like exploring that much.

However, there is one simple “exercise” that you can do to give your brain a little rest, help it relax before the lesson begins, and at the same time keep it concentrated on what is going on in the class.

So try to daydream a bit! It may sound crazy or unusual, but it can really help! If there are still a few spare minutes left before the bell rings, let your mind wander. You can think of what you are going to do after school today or imagine where you would go if you could choose any place in the world.

If you are a fan of superhero movies, think of different variations of your favorite superheroes! Imagine you can fly or read other people’s minds. Or try to think of what your life would be like if you had another (what exactly?) superpowers.

Like this, your mind will become a bit distracted being able to stay in reality at the same time. Of course, when using this method for distracting yourself, stay real and don’t fly away too far! You don’t want to fall out of the real world and be unable to hear what is going on in the class!

To stay grounded, try to incorporate your fantasies into real life. For instance, if you are having a super boring math class right now, and you are dreaming about robots, why not try to imagine that these robots are fighting each other using the quadratic equation?!

How to Make Time Pass Faster At School. Method 1
Credits: PainterSaba, via Canva.com

How to Make Time Go Faster When You Are At School. Method 2

There is another way you can go if you need to figure out how to pass time quickly when at school! And yes, that’s good old doodling! The good thing about this method is that you don’t need to be Michelangelo to practice it! You don’t even need to know how to draw.

Simply draw whatever your hand wants in your notebook. It can be patterns, brief sketches of your classmates or your teacher, geometric figures, etc. Some students find it useful to draw things that are connected with what their teacher is telling them about during the lesson, by the way. For instance, if you are being told about the Roman Empire, then why not sketch Roman soldiers in their funny helmets? Try it, too! Perhaps, it will help you memorize the new information better.

But of course, be reasonable and don’t use this way of distracting yourself during the lesson if your teacher makes rounds to see what you are writing in your notebooks!

How to Make Time Go Faster When You Are At School. Method 2
Credits: Eniko Toth, Canva.com

How to Make Time Go By Faster to Finish School. Method 3

In case you are not much into drawing, you might find this way of how to pass the time in class if you feel bored a bit more useful for yourself. Moreover, it is somewhat similar to doodling. Only this one implies writing!

Yep, just do some creative writing during the lesson! Like this, you will get two benefits at the same time. On the one hand, your teacher will think you are taking notes (well, since you are writing something), and on the other hand, you will be able to set your fantasy free and let your brain relax a bit during the boring class.

What can you write, you may wonder? Well, actually anything! It can be a note to your classmate, some creative piece that you have just made up in your mind, a verse, a song lyrics, a journal entry – basically anything!

As long as your teacher does not look too closely at what you are writing, this suggestion can work pretty well for you.

How to Make Time Go Faster (when you're waiting for something!)How to Make Time Go Faster (when you’re waiting for something!)

How to Make School Days Go By Faster. Method 4

If you have no idea of how to kill time in class, but you would like it to happen somehow creatively, and you are tired of doodling or chatting with your classmate next to you, try to make rhymes.

Just listen to what your teacher is saying and try to turn it all into rhymes. For example, if your teacher says that the climate in Spain is wet, you could transform it into “When in Spain, It will rain”. Besides, when using such a method of distraction, you will still be able to memorize things since you will be focused on the subject.

How to Make School Days Go By Faster. Method 4
Credits: fauxels, via Canva.com

How to Make Class Go By Faster. Method 5

To make time run faster, try to count your way to freedom! Pick something that you can count (for instance, the number of times your teacher says “Listen!”), and keep on counting until the bell rings.

Counting will help you to stay awake on the one hand, and on the other, it will help you lose track of time.

How to Make Time Go By Faster At School. Method 6

If you constantly feel bored during your classes, especially when you need to take notes, try to write them in your own creative way! For example, you don’t necessarily need to write down everything exactly the same way your teacher is saying it. Instead, make your brain work and make an attempt to convert the sentences into something else that you understand better.

Well, to give you an example, imagine the situation: your teacher of history is telling you about World War II, and he or she says that this was the most significant historical event of that time. What can you write down in your notebook? Something like “World War II, big war, 20th century” or something like that. Remember it must be written with your own words even if none of you understands what it is about!

How to Make Time Go By Faster At School. Method 6
Credits: Monkey Business Images, via Canva.com

How to Pass Time In School. Method 7

We might feel bored during classes for different reasons. It is not only because our teacher is telling the lesson in a monotonous way or because we don’t like the subject. Have you ever thought that we might be bored because of the sameness of daily events?

To break that monotony, try to start with…changing your location in class! Simply sit somewhere new in the classroom, of course, if it is not forbidden by the school rules. Like this, your brain will be distracted with the new location and visual perspective, and you will make it think that something new is happening to you. So as a result, you will avoid that sleepy boredom!

How to Pass Time In School. Method 7
Credits: Andrea Piacquadio, via Canva.com

How to Make School Days Go Faster. Method 8

Are you one of those smarties that feel bored during the class because they cope with the class tasks way too fast? If yes, then it can indeed be challenging for you to wait until the bell rings if you have nothing else to do!

Luckily, there is a way out. Ask your teacher to give you extra tasks that are more difficult. If you manage the average school program, then you definitely need something more complicated, isn’t that obvious? Make a step forward and ask to give you more difficult tasks.

Like this, you will keep your brain occupied during the rest of the lesson, and also you will earn yourself a good reputation among the teachers.

So these are the basics and the simplest ways you can make use of to keep your brain distracted during the boring lesson at school. With their help, you will be able to make time pass faster so that you will not have to count seconds until the school bell rings!

How to Make School Days Go Faster. Method 8
Credits: Monkey Business Images, via Canva.com

Extra Tips For Making Time Go Faster

Even though you have learned a few new methods about how to make time go faster in school, it may still not be enough sometimes to keep yourself distracted and relaxed while at school.

So if you notice that, no matter how well you try, you still feel that boredom during your classes, we recommend you think of what that is that causes this feeling and state. Just take your time and try to figure out what might be the reason.

  • Write down things that you find boring at school. Is it possible to make them more fun somehow?
  • Figure out what makes you feel annoyed during your classes. Is there anything you can do to change that?
  • If it’s because you don’t like the subject, think of why you don’t like it. What can make it more attractive for you?
  • Are you bored because you have to sit still for so long?
  • Do you need to talk more to your classmates and interact instead of just listening?
  • Is it because of certain people that you don’t want to see at school?

When you ask yourself these questions and find the answers, you will be able to find out the core of the problem easier and thus find a solution. For instance, if you feel bored because you have to spend so much time sitting, try to go outside during the break and be physical! Walking, yoga, jogging, stretching – anything will help to rejuvenate your tired brain and body!

Do you find certain subjects boring and not interesting? Try to find something curious about this topic or subject, make yourself interested! If this is the way the teacher organizes the lesson or gives you information that’s boring, try to learn this subject in your own way. For instance, if your history lessons make you yawn, find the info about the current topic on the Internet, use YouTube lessons, historical movies, etc.

Extra Tips For Making Time Go Faster
Credits: Monkey Business Images, via Canva.com

Bored Or Stressed? Know the Difference!

It is important to be able to recognize whether you just feel bored during your classes or you feel constantly stressed because you need to go to school. Since it is pretty easy to cope with boredom, school stress is a completely different thing!

For example, you may feel stressed because of the unpleasant teacher that yells at you all the time. Or there is something that you find way too tough about the school program and certain lessons. If this is the case, try to figure out whether this teacher is better to talk one to one (some teachers become really nice when out of class!). And if you have issues with lessons, ask your teacher or parents for help with your academic tasks.

However, if there are more serious problems like teasing or bullying, this must be solved immediately! Bullying is a serious issue that may have long-lasting consequences! If you are being bullied at school, don’t be afraid to tell your school counselor or administrator, as well as parents about it.

And remember: you should feel comfortable and interested at school! If there is something that makes you feel uneasy, bored, or especially stressed, do your best to solve the problem.

So now you know what makes time go by faster when you are at school, and what tricks you can use to make your lessons fly by! Of course, we would not recommend you daydreaming all day long while in class, but getting distracted now and then will definitely help your brain to get enough rest and remain productive!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What can I do to not get called on when I’m in a class?

Try to answer your teacher’s questions (but only those that you do know!) so that he/she sees you are interacting.

⭐ What if I always finish test papers earlier than other students and have nothing to do till the end of the lesson?

Ask your teacher to give you some extra tasks to get you occupied.

⭐ How did our parents make time pass faster during their classes at school?

Well, they mostly read books they brought from home, or they could draw or doodle in their notebooks, or simply chat with the classmate next desk!

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