Useful Tips On How to Get Diesel Fuel Out Of Clothes

Here we will explain how to get diesel out of clothes safely and fast

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on how to get diesel fuel out of clothes

The car owners or those who have to deal with vehicles often know very well how high the possibility to stain the clothing with petrol is. Moreover, such stains are not only hard to remove, but they may also be dangerous for your life and the lives of your household. Here we will explain how to get diesel out of clothes safely and fast.

Why Are Gas Stains So Dangerous?

We all know that gas and any other sort of fuel is very flammable. Now, imagine that you have set a spot – even a tiny one – on your garment or, let’s say, carpet. Immediately this nearly invisible blot makes your apparel or room dangerously easy to set on fire! Even the slightest spark of static electricity would be enough to burn down the house.

That is why it is literally vitally important to handle such sort of stains immediately and, which is more important, with the appliance of correct methods. Wrong cleaning, as well as neglecting the problem, can end up very bad.

how to get diesel smell out of clothes

Emergency Actions to Take When You Find a Gas Or Diesel Spot at Home

There are several steps everyone must take in order to prevent any dramatic situations. So, after you or your family members found the source of the heavy gas odor, you need to: 

Turn off every single electrical equipment you have indoors. This is required because of gas and fuel fumes are extremely flammable being able to ignite even from the slightest spark

Open the windows to let fresh air into the premise thoroughly. Leave them open until you treat the blot and the air gets fresh and clean again

Never wash fuel-stained garments together with other clothes. 

If you washed the apparel that was stained and it still smells bad, don’t put it to the dryer! The hot air inside it can cause everything to burst into fire

what absorbs odor of diesel fuel

What Steps to Take For Removing Diesel From Clothing

Right after you noticed that stinky oily stain on garments, you must act quickly. To do that, any stain removing liquid based on solvent will do, laundry detergent with enzymes and baking soda. Also, check whether you have a soft brush. 

Begin with preparing the blot. Apply some removing liquid based on solvent or laundry liquid product. Rub the gas mark with the brush gently making the solution get deeper into the fabric

Leave the damaged apparel for a quarter of an hour

The next step is to wash the apparel. Use the highest water temperature acceptable for this kind of fabric

When the wash is finished, check the apparel for any smell or odor. If it can still be sensed, repeat everything from the very beginning

It may happen that, even after several washes, the smell is not gone. In such a case, make a mixture of water and 200 grams of soda and let the fabric stay in there for the whole night. In the morning, wash the apparel once again with usual settings

To dry the garments, it is allowed to use clothes dryer only if there is not a single trace of fuel smell. If it still smells, put it on a drying rack inside the house, but never use electric or gas dryer for this purpose!

Housekeeping Tips : How to Wash Out Diesel From ClothesHousekeeping Tips : How to Wash Out Diesel From Clothes

How to Remove Diesel Smell From Clothes Once and For All

Diesel fuel and petrol, as well as other kinds of fuel, are known for their heavy odor which can be quite a challenge to destroy. Nevertheless, here is a couple of handy hints that may help.

If your damaged apparel is not too stinky, try to make a mixture of water and 200 grams of ordinary soda. Put your apparel into this solution and leave it for the whole night. In the morning, wash the apparel as usual

In case the fabric smells really bad, take a bucket of warm water with 200 milliliters of non-sudsing ammonia that is meant for a household. Put the apparel into it and close firmly. Let it stay like that during the night. Afterward, take it out of the water and wash the apparel as usual

Additional Methods of Destroying a Fuel Smell

Those who have ever had to deal with fuel stains know exactly how stinky these marks are. Luckily, there are several options useful to remove this heavy diesel smell from apparel forever.

A mixture of water and 200 grams of soda works well for light gas and fuel smell. All that is required is to immerse stained apparel into it and leave for one night

Quite an exotic way is to use Coca Cola! Yes, some say it helps to destroy the gas smell when being added to the detergent right before the wash

If you add one or two cups of white vinegar, it will allow to take away that dreadful smell of petrol, too

For extremely heavy odors, use plain ammonia. Add half a cup mixed with water, but don’t apply it directly to the fabric!

getting diesel out of clothes

How to Fight With Diesel Fuel Marks On the Carpet

Carpets are not something that is likely to be stained with gas or fuel, however, it is better to keep in mind a couple of useful tricks for being able to treat them if necessary.

So, if you happen to have small stains of diesel fuel on your floor, don’t worry:

Try to do your best to remove as much fuel as possible. Use a piece of cloth, an old towel or napkin

Apply some soda on the fuel mark. It will absorb the oily components and reduce the smell. Let it stay like that for a minimum of four hours

Vacuum the powder. If there is still a damp mark, apply soda again and leave it during the night, then vacuum again. Repeat this procedure as many times as needed

Destroy the mark by using a mixture of one spoon of dishwashing liquid and 200 milliliters of warm water. Brush this mixture into the mark

Press the wet mark with a paper towel or a cloth and wash away the rest of the cleaning mixture. Let it air-dry, but don’t place it by the open fire or any source of heat!

Vacuum meticulously

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