How Easily Does Coconut Oil Stain Getting off the Fabric

Follow these tips and your clothes and sheets will be clean and fresh again

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How easily does coconut oil stain getting off the fabric

Coconut oil is an absolutely wonderful ingredient of daily skincare. It may be used to soothe and soften your skin, lips and hair. It is safe to use for baby skincare. The oil is great for massages. It is also one of the safest oils for cooking and you can even destroy fleas with it.

It is a great organic product sustainable for versatile purposes. Not many chances it will harm your health. But in some cases, it may make a bit of mess on your sheets, clothes, and towels. Like any oil, coconut oil leave stains on textile and some other delicate surfaces even if it is frozen.

How to Get Coconut Oil Out of Clothes

It is not that hard to remove coconut oil from clothes in most cases. If you start cleaning it as soon as possible there is a lot of chances for a successful result. You must remember that every hour matters and if you start dealing with the problem immediately significantly eases the process. It may be more difficult of the stain is old.

Do not try to just wash the cloth as usual. Use proper absorbent and detergent before washing.

Another advice is not to use heat for drying the cloth and do not iron it. Let it air dry.

How to clean the fabric from coconut oil

The basic rule is the sooner you start to deal with the oil stain the more promising is the result. If some of your clothes or sheets were greased while your beauty procedures or taking care of your little one then use one of the following methods to clean it up. These tips on how to get coconut oil stains out of clothes are useful for most types of fabric.

Cleaning the oil stains
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  1.   Dishwashing soap
remove old coconut oil stains
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We hope that you use organic products not only for your skin but for your household as well. If not, we highly recommend changing your dish soap to more natural. Chemical ingredients that are included in the dishwashing liquid may harm your skin and health.

coconut oil stains on delicate clothing
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Spill a drop of dish soap onto the stain and rub it a little. A half an hour must be enough for the solution to detergent the oil. Soft, organic dishwashing liquid should not damage the fabric.

  1.   Baking soda

If the stain is still there after taking the first step, then apply the dishwashing soap again and add some baking soda (1-2 tablespoons). Leave it for a half an hour then rinse.

Cleaning the stains out of cotton fabric

coconut oil stains on textile furniture
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If you start to clean the coconut oil stains on a cotton sheet or cloth right after it appeared, this should not become a big problem. Taking the steps above will most likely help to solve the problem.

White and bright color clothes cleaning

Dishwashing soap dissolves the fats and baking soda absorbs the excess of the oil from the fabric.

  1.   Apply a layer of baking soda on the cloth and leaving it for 15 minutes will help to absorb the oil. Then scrape or brush it off.
  2.   Wash the cloth under the hot water.
  3.   Apply the dish soap, leave for 15 minutes then wash again under the hot water.
  4.   Wash the cloth with the washing powder or gel as usual.

Dark and black cotton clothing

If you have the stain on a dark shirt take the cornstarch instead of the baking soda and take the same steps. Cornstarch is safe for the color.

How to handle the coconut oil stains on delicate clothing

coconut oil from polyester
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To remove the coconut oil from polyester, you should do all the mentioned steps that work for cotton but you must use only cold water! Not warmer than 40 degrees. It will take more time and patience to remove the stain because of that.  

Silk requires even more delicate care than polyester. Baby powder should help to absorb the oil. Do not use baking soda or hot water. Rub carefully. Try to scrape the oil excess with the baby powder then wash the cloth as usual.

Dealing with coconut oil stains on textile furniture

Dealing with coconut oil stains
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Oil stains on sofa covering or on a carpet are much bigger problem than stains on sheets.  To clean the covering, first of all, scrape off the most the oil. Use baking soda or starch to absorb the grease. Later apply some soapy water with a clean cloth or sponge on the stain and rub carefully. Repeat several times.

How to remove old coconut oil stains

old coconut oil stains
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Old oil stains turn dark, dry and are not easy to handle. So does coconut oil stain too. Oil gets into the fibers and clings into it. To deal with old stains you should use oxygen bleach. Prepare a solution like it is mentioned in the instruction. Dip the clothes into the solution for a while. It should help to remove the stain. After the procedure wash the clothes and let them dry as usual.

Use the solution on the carpet or upholstery if needed. At first, try it on a small piece of textile to be sure it won’t damage it. Then apply on the stain and leave for a couple of hours. Put some effort into brushing.

Coconut oil is great for your skin and health. If an accident happened while you were taking care of your skin follow these tips and your clothes and sheets will be clean and fresh again. Just don’t forget that time matters when you deal with the oil stains! Start acting right away and you will save a lot of time and effort. 

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