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Coconut drink though being quite an exotic foodstuff has won its popularity in many homes and in many cuisines all over the world. One can use it not only in cocktails as you could think, it perfectly fits hot dishes or stew giving them soft and delicate taste and flavor.

But what if you happened to have some leftover coconut drink and want to keep it for as long as possible?  

In this situation, people often ask: can I freeze coconut flesh drink?

Well, here comes the answer!

Coconut Milk Shelf Life

can I freeze coconut milk
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To begin with, let’s figure out how to store this product correctly to extend its lifespan.

How do you usually use coconut milk?
I make coconut milk smoothies
I make coconut milk ice cream
I make coconut milk baking
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The very first issue that everyone faces when it comes to keeping it is how long does coconut flesh drink last?

Here it is important to take into account that there are different types of coco drink on the market. Ones have a thicker texture since they are made with the pure coco substance squeezed from its white flesh. 

On the contrary, others are more fluid as they have a significant amount of added water.

Coconut Milk Shelf Life
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Thick sort is mostly used for cooking as a base for soups or sauces or as an ingredient for baking and making different desserts. It also contains a lot of fat.

On the other hand, the more watery and fluid counterpart can be used for drinking instead of the ordinary coconut flesh drink by those who suffer from lactose allergies or by vegetarians/vegans.

Respectively, the expiry date of the coconut drink hangs upon its kind, watery or thick, and the kind of package since liquid drink is packed in carton packets and thick one is normally canned.

Normally, if being kept under proper conditions, unopened canned coconut flesh drink can last for five years at most. Drinkable beverage normally lasts between half a year to one year.

How long is coconut drink good for after unsealing?

Usually, if it’s being stored properly, it stays consumable for nearly a seven days after it was opened.

How to Store Coconut Milk

how long does coconut milk last
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Now that we touched the topic of storage, let’s take a closer look at certain specifics regarding the storing of coconut milk. Being aware of them will allow avoiding discarding the foodstuff when it could still be saved.

How often do you eat coconut milk?
Almost every day
I do not eat coconut milk

How long does canned coconut milk last?

When sold in cans, it remains consumable for five years at the longest if it’s being kept unopened under the proper circumstances.

How long does opened coconut milk last?

Here the sort of the beverage matters. If it’s drinkable that is stored according to the requirements, it will last for one more week after being opened.

The canned substance will retain its qualities for a bit more, something like ten days at most.

How long is coconut milk good for after opening
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  • How to refrigerate the coconut milk

It hangs on what kind of foodstuff we are talking about. The opened one needs to be covered with a cling film wrap or aluminum foil tightly before being sent to the fridge.

Store-bought and already refrigerated one can be left in its original package.

  • What if I don’t freeze coconut milk?

Just like dairy products, it starts getting spoiled right after unscrewing. So, unless you take care of it and preserve it somehow, you will have to discard it very soon.

Freezing Coconut Milk. Is It Possible Or Not?

How to Store Coconut Milk
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Since we have started talking about the long-term coconut beverage preservation, why not to mention such a variant as freezing?

In fact, those who use this foodstuff regularly wonder what to do with leftover coconut flesh drink.

The best way that we can suggest is to freeze the coconut substance. It will preserve the substance for a prolonged period of time and will keep everything that is important about this substance.

How to freeze coconut milk?

The only thing to do is to find an airtight tank with a tight lid or, as a variant, a sealed plastic frost-friendly bag.

Pour the coco substance in the tank and toss it into the camera.

If there are no containers specially meant for freezing, take an ordinary tray for ice (by the way, that’s a great option for using it with cocktails!).

Like this, the frozen coconut drink will stay consumable for ninety days but consider that it will separate so it won’t be possible to add it to drinks. However, it will still be OK for cooking and bakery after you stir it to make the substance even and smooth

Defrosting Coco Milk

storing of coconut milk

After unfreezing, coco drink splits anyway so it is important to keep its texture as smooth and even as possible.

To unfreeze it carefully, leave the tank with the substance in the fridge overnight, eight hours are normally enough for the small or medium tank. 

Another variant is to immerse the tank into the lukewarm water and leave to unfreeze. If needed, change the water during the process.

Once the coco substance is liquid again, blend it to even the texture.

Top Food Recipes With Coconut Milk For Your Kitchen

Creating a versatile menu that is simple and delicious, with lots of recipes on the list is not a big deal if we have a can of coconut flesh drink! 

This substance gives food that delicate, slightly sweet aroma and savors making every recipe unique even if that’s a simple porridge.

Here we have prepared the simplest coconut milk recipes everyone can follow to make their food unforgettable.

Aubergine curry recipe

Curry is that sort of food that takes little time and tastes awesome. For this curry, mix in lemongrass and coconut flesh drink to enrich the aroma and taste. It’s ok to use a traditional curry pice mix but we recommend experimenting and looking for your own special blend!

The chocolate coconut pie recipe

A bourbon biscuit base with a caramel layer and creamy coconut topping will soon become one of your top recipes!

Coconut rice

Super simple and fast, this coconut-flavored basmati pot will be a perfect side dish for the curry.

Spicy coconut noodle soup

One of the simplest soup recipes that are enormously delicious! 

Thai coconut and veggie broth

This dish is made all in one pot, quickly and without efforts.

This is of course not a complete list since coconut milk can be used in anything from soups to cakes and ice cream

Freezing Coco Milk. FAQ

Can You Freeze Coconut Milk
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Some more tips for you regarding the coco drink freezing procedure.

Can you freeze canned coconut milk?

Yes, this kind of product can be frozen but only if it will be previously removed to the airtight tank or plastic bag leaving enough extra space for it to expand in the freezing camera.

Does coconut milk freeze well?

It does, however, remember that it will split significantly after thawing. For making it even again, use a hand blender.

How long does coconut milk last after unsealing?

It depends on its type. The thick milk will be usable for up to ten days whereas the more liquid and watery drink will last for six days.

Is it possible to freeze coconut cream?

Coconut cream can stay frozen for approximately two months.

We do hope that these handy tips will be useful to apply in the kitchen for everyone! There is nothing complicated about dealing with coco milky “juice” so keep it properly to enjoy longer!

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