How to Wash Fleece. Recommendations and Tips

Detailed instructions how to take care of the fleece

How to Wash Fleece

Fleece apparel is very handy, it is light and breathable, and it is very useful, especially in cold and windy days. No wonder that so many people want to know how to clean the fleece to keep their apparel neat and long-lasting for many years.

For that purpose, we have prepared detailed instructions for you on how to take care of the fleece garments and other useful things to learn.

Join us and enjoy it!

What Is Fleece and Its Specifics. Can you wash fleece?

First of all, let’s figure out what the fleece is in fact and why it is so useful and popular today.

To begin with, fleece fabric is a man-made thing even though its name comes from a specific coat on a sheep. Perhaps, it was named this way because the fabric itself does remind a sheep hair a bit being the same soft and smooth.

Anyway, in fact, fleece is produced of plastic and it is wholly synthetic. To be precise, it is usually made of polyester. Its fibers get woven and brushed in a specific way to create a fabric that will be increased in volume.

Sometimes, there may be some natural fibers included, for example, wool or rayon, for adding specific qualities and characteristics.

Can you wash fleece
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The main recognizable features of fleece are its high lightness, softness and super breathableness which make it a perfect match for any outwear.

Due to the specific structure of the fabric (with air pockets between the fibers), fleece can easily keep more warmth compared to the other warm apparel.

Another useful feature that fleece has is its moisture-resistance and durability, too. 

So there is no surprise that many people start wondering how to wash a fleece item correctly to make it last to its longest.

Well, let’s find the answer to this question!

Washing Fleece. Precise Guideline

how to clean the fleece
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Taking care of the fleece apparel correctly will not only save them from ruination but also will help the fabric to stay the same soft and smooth keeping all of its qualities longer.

As a matter of fact, the answer to “how to wash fleece fabric” question depends on what kind of problem one needs to deal with.

Among the main requirements and rules we can highlight the following:

  • Wash fleece apparel only when it is crucially needed. There is no need to toss it into the barrel after each wear. It will extend the garment lifetime and preserve its qualities.
  • Different kinds of fleece apparel require their own specific frequency of washing. For example, sweatshirts need to be washed after every 6th wear, jackets are absolutely fine when washed twice a winter season, and gloves/scarfs will be enough to clean from three to five times during the winter. On the other hand, hosiery must be washed after each wear.
how to wash a fleece
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  • Fleece requires gentle treatment so you’d better choose a mild cleanser and a sponge instead of any harsh methods to treat the blots, for example.
  • How to keep fleece soft after laundering it? Simply set the washing machine to the gentle cold-water cycle and apply mild detergents
  • For drying fleece apparel, use air-drying either inside or outside. It is also possible to tumble-dry fleece, however, the lowest delicate items setting is required for that.

Now that you know the basic rules and requirements regarding taking care of fleece apparel, shall we take a closer look at some specific features and nuances that you may have?

Cleaning Fleece. FAQ

Washing Fleece
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The owners of fleece apparel often meet difficulties when it comes to cleaning the outwear. That is why we decided to highlight the most frequently asked questions and give answers to them so that you will be aware of any nuances in advance.

Is it required to wash fleece inside out?

In fact, turning the apparel inside out will contribute to keeping it soft and smooth after washing and will allow saving the colors, too.

How to wash fleece jacket?

Washing fleece jacket can be done either by hand or in the washing machine. In the first case, turn the apparel inside out and wash it using a mild soap powder and the lowest temperature regime. Gentle wash is exactly what your fleece needs!

how to wash fleece fabric
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  • How to wash a fleece blanket

Washing fleece blanket, in fact, doesn’t differ a lot from washing the jackets. If required, pretreat the blots on the apparel and then machine-wash it at the lowest temperature and the gentle cycle. 

  • How to make a fleece blanket soft again?

For bringing back its softness, ensure you wash the fleece blankets together, without any other items made of another fabric. Also, use a mild washing agent and a gentle washing cycle.

  • Can you put the fleece in the dryer?

Fleece apparel can be tumble-dried, however, ensure to use the setting for delicate items.

How to keep fleece soft
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How to wash Patagonia fleece pullover?

Patagonia fleece apparel needs to be cleaned in a washing machine using a mild cleanser and cold-water gentle cycle. Also, ensure that you turn the item inside out to keep it soft and smooth and wash it with other fleece items of the same color only.

How to wash fleece sheets?

Is it different from washing other fleece items at all? In fact, the procedure is the same. Start with pretreating any blots on the sheet (no harsh chemicals allowed!) and then toss it to the barrel. Set the machine to the gentle cold-water cycle and start the wash.

How to stop fleece from shedding?

Shedding may indeed be a problem that the owners of fleece apparel face. You may not be able to get rid of it forever but you can definitely make it less intensive. To reduce shedding, try to use a lint roller and ensure that you use the correct washing settings as the wrong washing conditions can also lead to shedding.


So now you know a lot of useful stuff about how to treat fleece and how to look after it correctly.

Use these easy tips and enjoy your warm and soft apparel longer!

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