How to Clean SteelSeries Mousepad?

Follow these tips to keep your mousepad clean

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How to Clean SteelSeries Mousepad?

The mouse pad came to us from the time when there were no optical mice. All the mice used to be mechanical. They had a heavy metal wheel that rotated with the movement of the mouse. Special angle sensors took this data, converted it and sent it to a computer.  The disadvantage of such a mouse is that dirt fell on a rubberized steel ball and the mouse had to be cleaned very often.

Therefore, without using a special pad it was difficult to work with such a device. Now all the mice are optical. It guarantees high precision cursor movement, as well as the ability to use the mouse on any surface. An optical mouse consists of an LED (usually red), a prism that scatters light, and a special photodetector that receives the reflection of the rays and converts them into electrical pulses.

SteelSeries Mousepad Features

This brand produces a huge number of pads, which are developed using a special technology for more convenient control of a computer mouse. The pads from the manufacturer are an excellent platform for high-quality games, as well as an ideal opportunity for branding e-sports events and organizations. SteelSeries produce pads of a typical size XXL, which are suitable for low settings of sensitive manipulators.

A rubberized base provides stable adhesion to the surface where the pad is located, and the highest quality fabric allows the mouse to perform smooth and precise movements. It is also worth noting that the design solutions for the appearance are quite diverse.

Cleaning SteelSeries Mousepad
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Each product of the company has been tested and optimized by professional gamers. The producer takes a stable position among the 10 leaders. This article will tell you how to wash SteelSeries mousepad.

Why Do We Need a Pad for a Modern Mouse?

How to Wash a SteelSeries Mouse Pad
  •       An optical mouse is also susceptible to dust and dirt entering the hole where the red light shines. If you roll the mouse on the table or sofa, then over time, it will become clogged and only a vacuum cleaner will help.
  •       A colorless pad increases the accuracy of the cursor. Pads with a different pattern may impair the accuracy of the cursor.
  •       Modern and well-chosen pads have special hand rollers for convenience.
  •       The best pad is made from fabric. It is adjusted with a rubberized surface on the back so that it does not slide.
  •       A good pad is a must-have for designers and gamers. Actually, it is important for all users who care about the accuracy of the cursor.
  •       In order to get more profit, manufacturers make all kinds of pads: with backlight, with wireless charging of gadgets, with watches.

Basic Rules for Cleaning SteelSeries Mousepad

SteelSeries mouse pad cleaning

  •       Do not rub or fold the pad;
  •       Dry it well in a hanging state fixing the edges with clothespins. You may also spread it on a flat surface with the back side down so that the coating does not peel off;
  •       Avoid using a hairdryer or heater;
  •       Water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees;
  •       You can dry the pad by wrapping it in paper napkins periodically changing them. Do not use newspapers for this purpose as an imprint will remain;
  •       Do not machine wash;
  •       Leave the pad to dry for a day or longer. You cannot use a wet accessory, especially for wooden tables;
  •       Clean your mousepad every 2-3 months.

How to Wash a SteelSeries Mouse Pad?

SteelSeries mouse pad cleaning

This computer accessory is a classic rubber-based pad. It is very reliable and durable. It perfectly withstands wet cleaning by hand. Reviews of users suggest that after numerous washes, such products still retain their operational properties.

Before cleaning SteelSeries mousepad, you need to check if the fabric is fading. To do this, rub the edges of the surface with a damp cloth. If there are no traces left, you can proceed to the main process.

For SteelSeries mouse pad cleaning you will need:

  •       A bowl of warm water;
  •       Brush with soft pile;
  •       Hair shampoo;

To properly wash a very dirty pad, it is better to pre-soak it for 20 minutes in warm water, adding a little shampoo. This procedure will facilitate cleaning of old stains without enhanced brushing.

SteelSeries mouse pad cleaning

After soaking, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the pad under a warm stream from the tap to remove dirty water. Then apply a mild shampoo to the entire surface and clean the fabric with light brush strokes. Rinse the pad to clean from the detergent, evaluate the result. Repeat the procedure again if necessary.

Drying SteelSeries Mousepad

wash steelseries mousepad
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To dry the pad, select a flat surface, carefully straighten it and leave it to dry for at least a day.

While the pad goes through all these procedures, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the computer desk by wiping it with a damp cloth and detergent. The wheel and the base of the mouse are cleaned with a damp cloth.

Today, many users find a computer mouse pad an obsolete and unnecessary element. However, using a mouse without a pad entails very unpleasant consequences in the form of chips and scratches on the surface of the desktop. Moreover, it is also a stylish accessory that is able to make the interior of the working area brighter.

Following simple recommendations for cleaning the pad, you will see that this procedure is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Do not be lazy to find time for periodic SteelSeries mouse pad cleaning and enjoy a long time of service.

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