Christmas Mouse Pads

How to Choose the Right one?

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A Christmas mouse pads are the thing that everybody needs, and your loved one most likely did not think to increase their Christmas mood by it.

But we all know that Christmas mouse pads are always a useful and funny gift.

Try to give to your loved ones only cool and fresh Christmas gifts.

And we will tell you which Christmas mouse pads are better to choose from.

christmas mouse pads

How to choose Christmas mouse pads?

Today there are many varieties of mousepads, ranging from the cheapest to the gamers, and there can reach up to $ 30 and above. Also the good mouse pad must be easy to clean.

Mouse Pads can be divided into two types according to the type of use:

  1. Mouse pads for everyday use.
  2. Mousepads for gamers.

Mousepads for everyday use are mainly designed for quiet and slow working rhythm.

The surface of the Christmas mouse pads for gamers provides high speed and accuracy of the mouse, which is very important in games.

how to choose a mouse pad

The working surfaces are divided according to the material:

  • cloth mousepads;
  • plastic mousepads;
  • cork mousepads;
  • rubber mousepads;
  • gel mousepads;

Cloth mousepads

They have a base made of porous rubber, on which cloth is fixed with the upper layer. The rubber at the bottom prevents the mousepad from sliding on the table. A mousepad made from cloth provides good sliding of the mouse, and coupled with its precise cursor positioning, choosing such a mousepad will be a right solution not only for office work but also for games. 

Such kind of mouse pads are inexpensive and have a long service life.

Plastic mousepads

Due to their low price, they are the most common. They are made of rubber and a plastic layer applied on top. The low cost of plastic rugs affects their durability. When it bent, cracks may appear in such areas. The positioning accuracy on low-cost models is low, and cursor slips can be observed, although there are no such problems in more expensive gaming plastic mats.

Inexpensive plastic mouse pads are suitable for everyday use.

christmas mouse pads

Mouse pads made from cork

They have a low price and, accordingly, the same low quality. You can say this is a normal thing for every day inactive web surfing. 

For games completely inappropriate. It can harm a wrist of the gamers.

mouse pad made from cork

Rubber mousepads

Made of soft, porous rubber. Suitable for both inactive use and games. Rubber mouse pads are highly resistant to mechanical stress, do not slip on the surface of the table. Their cost is in the average price range.

Christmas mouse pads made from gel

Best suited for working with office documents, surfing the Internet, viewing and editing photos, i.e., where fast gliding of a computer mouse is not required. Such rugs are often made with a special silicone wrist rest. And their price is quite low.

Cloth mousepads Good sliding, good cursor positioning. Inexpensive. The most common mousepad
Plastic mousepads Sutable for everyday use.

Can be easily broken
Mouse pads from cork Low price Low quality, can harm the wrist
Rubber mousepads Highly resistant to mechanical stress, do not slip on the surface of the table. Price is average Can be expensive

In conclusion, it can be noted that when choosing a cool Christmas mouse pads, it is better not to save money. 

We recommend to choose high-quality Christmas mouse pads, and that will become a fun and very useful Christmas gift.


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