Astonishing Green Hair Color Examples

The most trendy shades you would like to try

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on bright green

Forget about the days when ginger red locks were at the peak of popularity and you could not imagine anything more extravagant than coloring your mane into all shades of blonde.

Today, girls have many more options to stand out and green hair is definitely one of them!

And if you think it is a boring color that will make your chevelure look like a swamp, let us reassure you.

Modern hair stylists can color you in almost all shades of green that one can imagine from dusk swampy shade to bright grassy color, and shining neon shade.

Such coloring looks cool not only when being applied evenly all over the head but also as highlights, lowlights, ombre, and many other dye techniques.

Of course, like any serious interference to the natural heir state, such coloring requires properly bleached strands, otherwise, the green dye won’t be spread evenly and won’t be absorbed properly.

We would advise you to go to the professional stylist if you’re about to make your mane green for the first time. Like that, the master will tell you how to take care of the newly colored locks and will teach you how to refresh the shade yourself later.

Don’t know which shade of green to choose for the first dye? Check out our top-green compilation!

Olive green


It looks almost like natural color adding special sheen to the locks. 

My DARK GREEN Hair RoutineMy DARK GREEN Hair Routine

Neon green

olive green
(Instagram @unme-salon)
Neon green
green hair

A perfect choice for the brave ladies who like shocking the audience!

Lime green

Lime green

Another sparkling color that will make all the heads turn to you! Darker shades shift to the brighter ones gradually from crown to tips making the volumizing effect.

Forest green

Forest green
(Instagram @VANCOUNHAIR)

An enchanted cold emerald shade that will add mystery to your style.

Purple&Green Balayage

Purple Green Balayage
(Instagram GIANNADOLL13)

Absolutely awesome peacock-style mix that will make your mane look more volumized and add it that gorgeous look.

Mermaid-style green

Mermaid style green

A blend of lighter and darker shades spread along the locks make the whole chevelure looks iridescent.

Bright green strands

Bright green strands
(Instagram @YEESSIIE)
bright green

This multidimensional coloring style uses neon green and cold green strands that, being mixed, create a perfect look.

Blue&Green Balayage

Blue Green Balayage

The absolutely futuristic style that leaves the roots with their natural color turning into the multidimensional mix closer to the tips.

Pink&Green Balayage

Pink Green Balayage
green pink hair

Do you like to combine combinable? Then this style is your choice! An emerald green that gradually turns into candy pink will make you noticeable everywhere!

Mint green

Mint green

At first, it may seem that the color is more like blue but it’s in fact very pale green! Looks unusual and challenging. Want to give it a try?

Changing the hair color is a great challenge for the chevelure so, to make the new shade durable, proper care is a must. remember about using special conditioners and shampoos, and your mane will look gorgeous no matter what!

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