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Everything you Should Know About Frieze Carpets and Much more

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It is difficult to find a cozy house without a carpet.

A soft frieze rug gives a special atmosphere of comfort to every room. So designers always use carpets to add a stylish zest to the interior.

When we choose carpets, we pay attention to color, pattern, texture, and the material from which the rug is made. But the development of modern technologies brings so many new carpets with unusual names that people get puzzled.

Frieze is the most innovative carpet material, which just appeared on the market.

Let’s see in detail why these carpets are so popular and learn more about their features.

What Is a Frise Carpet?

It is a stylish product with a special way of processing the pile, as a result of which the pile becomes more voluminous and stronger. Frieze is made from polypropylene synthetic fiber.

frieze carpet

The fibers undergo twisting in the process of special heat treatment. As a result of the thermal processing of the pile, a unique texture pattern is obtained.

Thus we obtain material that resembles wool. It is very soft and elastic at the same time. With regard to the pile length, the polypropylene fiber itself can be short (2-3 mm) and up to several centimeters long.

polypropilen carpet

Frieze Vs Plush Carpet

The frieze rug has a large number of twisted strands. They are shorter than the strands of a long shag carpet. In usual carpets, the strands are thinner and have a more elegant appearance. Frieze carpets are made of thick and heavy yarn. The fluffy look of a long shag carpet is the result of longer fibers that are not subject to torsion.

Frieze vs Plush

And in frieze rugs, there are from 5 to 7 torsions. This finishing creates a frizzy surface in frieze carpets, and they are often confused with textured carpets. Despite textured carpets have a similar appearance, the manufacturing process is totally different.

Advantages of a Frieze Carpet

  •       Low cost as polypropylene is the cheapest material of all synthetic coatings;
  •       It is not subject to the formation of static electricity, which makes this type of rugs dust-repellent. Due to this, the dirt does not get deep into the surface of the carpet.
  •       It is not hygroscopic and has a low level of water retention. This feature greatly facilitates the maintenance of such a surface, since moist dirt does not get absorbed.
  •       The paint used to dye the polypropylene yarn forms such a stable joint with the fiber that it is not exposed to fading in the sun. Due to this, a carpet made of such material retains its appearance for a very long time.
  •       Not allergic. These fibers have no residual pile and do not accumulate dust, wool, and other allergens;
  •       Not subject to insect attacks.
  •       It does not breed fungus and mold.
  •       It is comfortable to clean such a product.
frieze carpet pictures
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Carpeting made of synthetic polypropylene has low wear resistance and durability. Its service life usually does not exceed three to four years.

Disadvantages of a Frieze Rug

  •       Short service life (unlike natural wool and silk carpets).
  •       Like many synthetic carpets, frieze carpets are a poor heat insulator in the cold season.
  •       Pile is subject to deformation and poorly restored (it is not advisable to put heavy furniture on such carpets).
  •       Unlike carpets made from natural materials, polypropylene carpets are not environmentally friendly.
  •       It is not recommended to use a frieze carpet near sources of fire and high temperature (for example, near a fireplace).
  •       You should avoid knocking out dust from frazee carpets in a suspended state as they can lose their shape.

Is a Frieze Carpet Safe?

One of the disadvantages of polypropylene carpets, like any other synthetic materials, is their low environmental friendliness. So this factor gives customers a reason to think about the toxicity of the frazee carpet.

In fact, a number of studies were conducted that proved that the environmental safety of polypropylene products is within acceptable limits. Frieze carpets do not bring harm to health, and their advantages far exceed the minimum disadvantages. Moreover, synthetic materials are hypoallergenic, which is another plus in favor of their safety.

Where to Use Frieze Carpet?

The frieze rug will look appropriate almost everywhere in the house. Interior designers recommend placing such a rug in the living room, hallway, on the stairs and other areas. The frieze rug has an appearance that goes well with any interior.

This carpet is soft and comfortable, so it is perfect for decoration of recreation areas or children’s play areas. The frieze is very strong and well withstands a high level of patency, for example, in the hallway, and on the staircase. With the proper selection of such a carpet, the product will retain its beauty for many years.

is frieze carpet safe
Photo by Jordan Benton from Pexels

Frieze Carpet care

Caring for a frieze carpet is easy. It is enough to clean it with a vacuum cleaner once every two weeks. If there are a lot of people in the room, cleaning may be required every two- three days. Manufacturers also recommend annual professional cleaning.

Although caring for frieze carpets is straightforward, vacuuming should be done regularly. Otherwise, the fibers may get stuck and lose their shape, as a result of which the carpet will no longer look fluffy and elegant.

How to Choose a Carpet?

  •       If you choose a covering for a hall, it is better to give preference to artificial materials with a rubber base. A waterproof substrate will provide a long service life, and a small pattern will help to hide the inevitable spots.
  •       A rug with a small or medium pile length is suitable for the living room. The prints from the furniture will not be visible on it.
  •       For a children’s room, medium to long pile coating is the best choice. Choose bright and colorful carpets.
  •       For the bathroom, special mats are used. They are cotton or synthetic with foam rubber. There are also special anti-slip carpets for showers and bathtubs.
  •       You can make your bedroom comfortable and cozy with a frieze carpet. You can also put small soft rugs right near the bed. 
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