How To Benefit From a Combination of Sleep and Sports: 4 Lifehacks

Combine sleep and sport for your health

Written by Meredith Hayes. Updated on sleep and sports

Healthy sleep and sports are good for our bodies. If you combine them correctly, you can improve your health and feel rested even more.

Here’s how to do it.

So, American scientists have confirmed that the more you do sports, the more sleep you need – and the stronger it will be.

For 4 months of regular workouts, people who have insomnia added an average of 85 minutes of deep sleep to the night’s rest, also the bedroom should be cool, less than 25 С. 
This result is better than any sleeping pills!

Deep sleep relaxes the muscles and helps the body to recover better. And if you follow a few more tips, you will feel even more cheerful and energetic.

1. Eat protein before bedtime.

It is best to drink a protein shake or yogurt or eat a couple of eggs one hour before bedtime. Protein is decomposed into amino acids that strengthen the muscles, and it is more beneficial if you do it before bedtime.

2. Exercise more

The more exercises, the better sleep you have. Even if you do not exercise regularly, try to walk more, drink more water and move more.

And when you are training – you can run an extra kilometer or swim a couple of laps around the pool, and it will be very beneficial.

3. Allocate more time to sleep.

An extra half hour of night sleep with the correct pillow, will provide much more energy and allow you to play sports more often. Put aside the phone and spend time, not on the social network, but rest.

4. Train at the right time.

The best time for cardio (running, cycling) is morning, and for strength training – the second half of the day. This is due to hormonal changes in the body.

If you run for a couple of hours before bedtime, it will be more challenging to fall asleep, but after lifting weights, the body calms down pretty quickly.

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