11 Ways to Know You’re Over Your Ex for Good

Relationships are exciting, meaningful, and at times, heartbreaking.

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on 11 Ways to Know You’re Over Your Ex for Good

Relationships are exciting, meaningful, and at times, heartbreaking. Parting ways with someone you once cared deeply about can be a roller-coaster of emotions. For some, the process of healing is swift and uneventful, while for others, it’s a long and arduous journey.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. One day, you’ll wake up and realize that you’ve successfully moved on. You might be unsure if you’re genuinely over your ex, and that’s where this article comes in.

Through the next sections, you’ll find 11 telltale signs that you’re genuinely ready to close that chapter of your life and open a new one.

1. Memories Don’t Trigger Emotional Outbursts

Firstly, memories of your past relationship don’t send you on an emotional whirlwind anymore. The songs, places, and objects associated with your ex no longer evoke strong feelings of sadness or longing. Instead, they just feel like distant memories, parts of your past that don’t have the power to upset your present.

  • You can listen to “your song” without shedding a tear
  • Their favorite restaurant doesn’t make you feel sad anymore
  • You can look at old photos without feeling a punch in your gut

This lack of emotional reaction is a clear indication that you’ve processed the past and are ready to move on.

1. Memories Don’t Trigger Emotional Outbursts
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2. You’ve Stopped Stalking Them on Social Media

Social media stalking is a common practice post-breakup. It’s a way of keeping tabs on an ex, seeking closure, or nursing the hope of rekindling things. However, once you’re over your ex, you’ll find this behavior less and less appealing.

  • You no longer feel the need to check their updates
  • You’re not interested in who they’re dating or what they’re doing
  • Their posts don’t affect your mood or your day

This detachment from your ex’s digital life signals a significant step towards emotional independence.

3. You Start to Enjoy Your Own Company

Another indication is the newfound appreciation for your own company. You start to cherish the solitude and use it to understand yourself better. This self-discovery phase is a clear sign that you’re healing and moving forward.

  • You take yourself on solo dates
  • You discover new hobbies or revisit old ones
  • You find joy in self-improvement

This personal growth is a surefire sign of moving past the remnants of your past relationship.

8 PRACTICAL tips to truly enjoy your own company & find joy being by yourself 🌿8 PRACTICAL tips to truly enjoy your own company & find joy being by yourself 🌿

4. You Feel No Resentment

One of the surefire signs that you’ve moved on is when you harbor no resentment toward your ex. Whether the breakup was peaceful or tumultuous, feeling no anger is a significant sign of emotional progress. This can be gauged in several ways:

  • You wish them well, genuinely
  • You don’t feel the urge to badmouth them to others
  • You feel indifferent to their success or failures

Holding no grudges means you’ve truly left the past in the past.

5. You No Longer Compare Everyone to Them

Once you’re over your ex, you stop comparing potential partners to them. This comparison often stems from a place of unresolved emotions and attachment. Once you’re free from these feelings, you’ll be able to see new people for who they are, not in relation to your ex.

  • You see new individuals as unique entities
  • You don’t subconsciously look for your ex’s traits in others
  • You’re open to different types of people and experiences

This open-mindedness indicates that you’re ready for new romantic adventures, free from the shadows of the past.

Below is a comparison table showing these signs of moving on:

Signs of Moving On Indications
No emotional outbursts Lack of sadness or longing when faced with memories
No social media stalking Lack of interest in your ex's digital life
Enjoying your own company Finding joy in solitude and self-improvement
No resentment Feeling indifferent to your ex's success or failures
Not comparing new partners to your ex Seeing new individuals as unique entities

6. You Are Not Hoping for Their Return

One of the most convincing signs that you’ve moved on is when you stop hoping for reconciliation. If you’ve moved past the idea of a possible future with your ex, it’s a huge leap toward emotional freedom.

  • You don’t daydream about scenarios where they come back
  • You don’t strategize ways to bump into them “accidentally”
  • You’re not holding on to keepsakes hoping they’ll spark a reconnection

The lack of expectation of reunion signifies that you’re ready to close the old chapter.

7. You Can Talk About Them Without Feeling Hurt

Talking about your ex without feeling a pinch of pain or a rush of nostalgia is a good sign of emotional healing. It indicates that you’ve reached a stage where their mention doesn’t create emotional turbulence.

  • You can discuss past experiences without feeling sad
  • You don’t avoid conversations that might involve them
  • You can objectively look at the past relationship

Being able to discuss your past without negative emotions is a milestone in moving on.

7. You Can Talk About Them Without Feeling Hurt
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8. You’re Not Jealous of Their New Partner

Jealousy is a telltale sign of lingering feelings. Once you’ve moved on, you won’t feel jealous or territorial about your ex’s new partner.

  1. You genuinely wish them happiness with their new partner
  2. Their new relationship doesn’t cause you distress
  3. You don’t compare yourself to their new partner

The absence of jealousy indicates that you’ve freed yourself from emotional ties with your ex.

9. You’ve Started Dating Again

You might find yourself ready to explore the dating world once again, and this time, not as a rebound or a way to make your ex jealous, but because you’re genuinely interested in meeting new people.

  1. You’re open to the possibility of a new relationship
  2. You’re excited about meeting new people
  3. You’re not using dating as a tool to forget your ex

Reentering the dating scene out of interest and not desperation is a positive indication of emotional recovery.

9. You’ve Started Dating Again
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10. Your Self-Esteem Is No Longer Tied to Them

You no longer associate your self-worth with your past relationship. You’ve realized that a breakup doesn’t define your worthiness and have started to love and respect yourself more.

  • You don’t blame yourself for the breakup
  • You’re more confident and self-assured
  • You’re not seeking validation from a relationship

This regained self-esteem is a clear sign of emotional healing and growth.

10. Your Self Esteem Is No Longer Tied to Them
IuliiaVerstaBO via vista.create

11. You’re Excited About the Future

The last sign is looking forward to the future with optimism and anticipation. When you’re over your ex, you’ll start visualizing a future without them and feel excited about the possibilities it holds.

  • You have personal and career goals that don’t involve them
  • You’re eager about what the future holds for you
  • You see the breakup as a learning experience for future relationships

This optimism signifies you’ve fully moved on from your past relationship and are ready to embrace the future.

Here is a comparison table summarizing these signs:

Signs of Moving On Indications
No hope for their return Not strategizing ways to rekindle the relationship
Can talk about them without hurt Discussing past experiences without feeling sad
No jealousy of their new partner Wishing them happiness with their new partner
Started dating again Openness to new relationships
Self-esteem is not tied to them Not blaming self for the breakup
Excited about the future Having personal and career goals that don't involve them

Moving On: Methods and Exercises to Help You Forget Your Ex

Navigating the emotional labyrinth of a breakup can be challenging. However, it’s a process that’s crucial for personal growth and mental health. We’ve already identified the signs that you’re over your ex, but how do you reach that state of detachment? Here are some effective strategies and exercises to guide you on your journey to moving on.

9 Tips to Get Over Your Ex9 Tips to Get Over Your Ex

1. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment without judgment. This technique can help you to distance yourself from painful memories and focus on the here and now. Regular practice can reduce stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms associated with a breakup.

  • Begin with simple breathing exercises
  • Progress to mindfulness meditation, focusing on your thoughts and feelings
  • Practice body scans to stay grounded in the present

2. Engage in Physical Activities

Regular physical activity can boost your mood and help distract you from thoughts of your ex. Engaging in physical activities releases endorphins, the body’s natural mood lifters, helping to improve your mood and reduce feelings of sadness.

  • Try activities like jogging, cycling, or yoga
  • Consider joining a sports club or a gym
  • Explore outdoor activities like hiking or rock climbing

3. Maintain a Healthy Social Life

Surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family can provide a cushion for your emotional distress. It’s essential to share your feelings, express your emotions, and receive validation from others.

  • Plan regular outings with friends
  • Take up social hobbies or activities
  • Lean on your loved ones when you need emotional support

4. Journal Your Thoughts and Feelings

Journaling can be a therapeutic way to vent out your feelings. It allows you to confront your emotions head-on, understand them, and work through them.

  • Write about your feelings without filtering or judgment
  • Use prompts like “Today, I felt…” or “I wish I could tell my ex…”
  • Reflect on your entries over time to track your healing process

5. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is vital during this healing period. It involves taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Doing so helps reinforce feelings of self-worth and promotes healing.

  • Ensure you’re eating healthily and sleeping adequately
  • Try relaxation techniques like yoga or massages
  • Treat yourself regularly – you deserve it!

The importance of moving on from past relationships can’t be overstated. When we let go of an old flame, we’re not just saying goodbye to that person but also to the baggage that the relationship brought into our lives.

Holding onto past relationships can create emotional turmoil, clouding our judgment and making it difficult to form healthy relationships in the future. It keeps us stuck in a cycle of regret and ‘what ifs’, preventing us from fully experiencing the present and planning for the future.

Moreover, lingering emotions toward an ex can affect our self-esteem and personal growth. By not moving on, we’re denying ourselves the opportunity to learn from our past relationships, grow as individuals, and become better partners.

In conclusion, moving on from an ex is about much more than just forgetting them. It’s about learning, growing, and becoming the best version of ourselves. It’s about closing a chapter of our lives and opening a new one filled with potential and promise.


In essence, moving on from a past relationship is an empowering journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and growth. The road might be bumpy and filled with twists and turns, but once you’ve reached the end, you’ll emerge as a stronger, wiser, and more resilient version of yourself.

Each person’s healing journey is unique, so don’t rush yourself or compare your progress with others. Just remember that no matter how dark it gets, there’s always a new dawn waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How long does it usually take to get over an ex?

There's no definitive timeline to get over an ex. It varies based on factors such as the length and intensity of the relationship, the circumstances of the breakup, and individual coping mechanisms. It's important to allow yourself to heal at your own pace.

⭐Is it possible to stay friends with an ex?

Yes, it's possible to remain friends with an ex, but it largely depends on how the breakup was handled, mutual respect, and whether both parties have moved on emotionally. However, it's often recommended to have a period of no contact to allow emotional wounds to heal first.

⭐I still miss my ex. Does that mean I should try to get them back?

Missing your ex is a normal part of the healing process and doesn't necessarily mean you should rekindle the relationship. It's important to evaluate why the relationship ended and whether those issues would resurface if you got back together.

⭐Can a relationship be better after a breakup?

While it's not impossible, it's generally the exception, not the rule. Breakups often happen due to fundamental issues. If both parties are willing to acknowledge, address, and work on these issues, there might be a chance for a healthier relationship.

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