11 Dating Do’s and Don’ts After Divorce

If there's one certainty in life, it's that it is full of unexpected turns.

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on 11 Dating Do’s and Don’ts After Divorce

If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that it is full of unexpected turns. Divorce might have been one of those unforeseen twists that pushed you into the tumultuous sea of the unknown. However, now it’s time to swim back to the shore, to the world of dating again.

It can be nerve-wracking, exciting, challenging – and everything in between. But, guess what?

We’re here to navigate through those rough waters together.

Here’s a guide of 11 do’s and don’ts for your post-divorce dating adventures. Your personal trainer, cheering squad, and GPS rolled into one – let’s dive in!

1. DO: Take the Time to Heal

The end of a marriage isn’t merely a legal dissolution. It’s an emotional upheaval. The grieving process is real and must be acknowledged.

Give yourself space to heal: It’s okay to feel the loss, to mourn the dreams that won’t come to fruition. Only when you have healed can you truly be ready for a new relationship.

Embrace self-care: Engage in activities that boost your mental health – yoga, meditation, or just reading a good book can help you find your center again.

1. DO Take the Time to Heal
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2. DON’T: Rush into a Rebound Relationship

Jumping into a new relationship immediately after a divorce can be tempting – after all, it seems like the perfect distraction. However, it’s often an unhealthy choice.

Rebounds can obscure personal growth: The time after a divorce is critical for personal growth. You’re learning about your own strengths, recognizing mistakes, and planning for a better future. A rebound might distract you from this necessary self-discovery.

Rebounds can lead to repeated patterns: Without taking the time to understand what went wrong, you may repeat the same mistakes in your new relationship.

3. DO: Learn from Past Experiences

Every experience, even the painful ones, carry invaluable lessons. Your marriage, no matter how it ended, was a significant part of your life and has shaped you in some way.

Identify the lessons: Make a list of what you’ve learned – about yourself, your desires, your relationship expectations. This will guide you in your future relationships.

Don’t repeat mistakes: You’ve noted the missteps? Good. Now, remember not to tread the same path again.

3. DO Learn from Past Experiences
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4. DON’T: Let Bitterness Guide Your Actions

Divorce can often leave a bitter taste, and it’s all too easy to let this bitterness guide your actions in the dating scene. However, it’s critical to leave these negative emotions behind.

Resist generalizing: Not all relationships will be like your previous one. Don’t let past experiences paint your future with a broad brush.

Practice forgiveness: It’s easier said than done, but forgiving your ex-spouse and yourself can be liberating. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting – it means freeing yourself from the emotional baggage.

5. DO: Discover Yourself

Being single again after a long relationship or marriage presents a unique opportunity: the chance to rediscover yourself.

Explore your interests: What do you like doing in your free time? Do you have a hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue?

Now is the perfect time to indulge yourself.

Get to know yourself better: You might surprise yourself with the discoveries you make. Who are you outside of a relationship?

5. DO Discover Yourself
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6. DON’T: Compare New Dates to Your Ex

Comparing your new dates to your ex is a natural instinct, but it’s a habit you should break.

Each person is unique: Everyone has their own set of qualities, quirks, and faults. Appreciate them for who they are.

Let go of the past: Living in the past hinders your ability to enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

"STOP COMPARING ME TO YOUR EX!" | Canada's Dating Coach | Chantal Heide“STOP COMPARING ME TO YOUR EX!” | Canada’s Dating Coach | Chantal Heide

Now that we’ve discussed these critical points, let’s compare them side-by-side:

1 Take the Time to Heal Rush into a Rebound Relationship
2 Learn from Past Experiences Let Bitterness Guide Your Actions
3 Discover Yourself Compare New Dates to Your Ex

Keep this table in mind when you’re navigating the dating world.

7. DO: Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a crucial aspect of any healthy relationship. It’s even more vital in the case of post-divorce dating.

Know your limits: Everyone has their comfort zone, especially when it comes to physical intimacy and time commitment. Respect your own boundaries, and make sure your date respects them too.

Communicate clearly: Be upfront about your boundaries. Open communication is key to avoiding misunderstandings.

7. DO Set Boundaries
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8. DON’T: Overshare on the First Date

While honesty is essential in a relationship, there’s such a thing as too much information, especially on a first date.

Divorce is not a first-date topic: Discussing your divorce details on a first date can make it awkward and heavy.

Focus on getting to know each other: Use the first few dates to explore common interests, fun facts, and life experiences.

8. DON’T Overshare on the First Date
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9. DO: Stay Open to Different Types

Our life experiences often create a set of beliefs and preferences. However, when it comes to dating after divorce, it can be beneficial to keep an open mind.

Break the pattern: If you tend to fall for a certain ‘type’, try stepping out of your comfort zone. Variety can lead to unexpected delights.

Remember, opposites can attract: You might be surprised by the connection you feel with someone entirely different from your usual ‘type’.

9. DO Stay Open to Different Types
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10. DON’T: Ignore Red Flags

While being open-minded is great, it’s equally crucial not to ignore potential red flags.

Trust your gut: If something feels off, it probably is. Trust your instincts and don’t dismiss your concerns.

7 Relationship RED FLAGS You Should NEVER Ignore7 Relationship RED FLAGS You Should NEVER Ignore

Have a deal-breaker list: Knowing your non-negotiables can help you identify and react to red flags early on.

11. DO: Have Fun

It’s easy to forget, but dating is supposed to be fun. It’s a chance to meet new people, have new experiences, and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy the journey: Even if a date doesn’t lead to a relationship, it’s still a valuable experience. It’s about the journey, not just the destination.

Stay positive: A positive mindset attracts positive experiences. Keep your chin up and your heart open.

11. DO Have Fun
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Embrace the journey that dating after divorce brings you, armed with these do’s and don’ts. While it might seem daunting, this path can also be an enriching journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Stay patient, keep an open mind, and remember to savor the process.

After all, every new person you meet and every date you go on is a unique story in the grand novel of your life. Happy dating!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How soon is it okay to start dating after a divorce?

The timing is different for everyone, as it largely depends on your emotional healing process. Some people might be ready to date soon after the divorce, while others might take longer. The key is to ensure you're healed and ready to engage in a new relationship.

⭐Should I tell my dates about my divorce right away?

While it's important to be honest, discussing your divorce on the first date might be too heavy. It's okay to mention you're divorced, but the details can be shared once you're more comfortable with the person.

⭐Is it normal to feel scared about dating after divorce?

Absolutely. It's a big step, especially if you've been out of the dating game for a while. Remember, it's okay to take it slow and to have fears. The important thing is not to let your fears stop you from finding happiness again.

⭐How can I make sure I'm not making the same mistakes in my new relationship?

Reflection is key. Understand what went wrong in your previous relationship and how you contributed to it. Being aware of your past mistakes will help you avoid them in the future. Also, learning to communicate effectively and set boundaries can significantly improve your new relationship.

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