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In interior decoration, decorative metal tiles often play the role of a bright accent.

Not standard patterns, square shapes, copper, brass, stainless steel metals, with or without a pattern, can make a fascination addition to any kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and everything where your fantasy can go.

Celtic patterns and copper inserts in your home decor can give it a unique note, or maybe this will be great ideas for your dream house’s mood board.

This is definitely not the only trend of this year but for many more years ahead.

Copper with the steel, it is simply not replaceable materials, for those who are building their own house or redesigning an already existing room, for more than one generation of their family.

You will be surprised how many different uses of steel, metal wall art, copper and similar have in modern decor.

Copper wall decor can be a small accent and the main motive of any design.

Such a small addition can change the atmosphere of any room.

Tune in to meditation, add sophistication and style to your living room and for your kitchen

Stainless steel and metal or brass tiles are also a great invention indeed. This 100% recyclable, easy to sterilize and multi-purpose material has become widely popular in many households all over the world. 

You might not even pay attention to that, but items made of this kind of stuff surround us on a daily basis in our own homes. And if you like the glossy shine of this metal but you are not sure how to correctly incorporate it into your home decor, we have prepared several nice ideas for this case!

made of brass kitchen backpack

What are These Materials?

Modern citizens meet this material everywhere, from their homes to the doctor’s office and common buildings. Unlike ordinary steel, its counterpart is way more resistant to corrosion, staining when exposed to water, and rusting.

However, it is still prone to tarnishing, but this unpleasant effect can be easily removed at home with some household products we all have.

Stainless steel is also a poor conductor of electricity, that is why it gained such massive popularity being much safer in terms of use than real steel.

Where do we use this alloy in our homes, you might wonder? Well, surprisingly, quite many different areas of applications can be named!

Copper wall decor
  • First is the culinary use: we can see this kind of steel in the kitchen sinks, cutlery, cookware, etc.
  • Surgical tools and various medical equipment are also made of it: hemostats, temporary dental crowns, and even surgical implants!
  • Stainless steel is one of the favorite materials for architectures who make use of it when building bridges, creating monuments and sculptures, or building airport roofs.
  • Different kinds of vehicles and aircraft also widely use this material for building airplanes and helicopters, rail cars, car bodies, etc.
  • Finally (and this is probably the most surprising are of use of this material), stainless steel has not so long ago achieved great popularity among the jewelry makers. Being used for creating brooches, earrings, bracelets, and other items of this kind, it provides a whole new space for creativity thanks to its characteristics and durability compared to traditional materials like gold or silver.

How to Make It Look Nice In Our Homes?

What are These Materials
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Since we have lots of stainless steel items at home, in our kitchens, in particular, making them look nice is a task that quite many house owners face sooner or later.

Due to its reserved appearance, stainless steel adds that stylish look to all the items made of it turning even the dullest kitchen into a lofty and sophisticated space.

If you are lucky to find various appliances made of it in your kitchen, or, maybe, you have the basic necessities like toaster or blender made of it, too, then you probably already asked yourself a question: how do I decorate around them?

Yes, there is a belief that this material is (for some reason) hard to incorporate into the existing interior. Some say it is because steel looks cold and not every color or texture can match it completely.

Others claim that the presence of stainless steel in any room makes space look somewhat haughty, which, in its turn, creates certain problems if we decide to renovate or refresh it by adding decorative elements. Such a “metallic” surrounding kind of forces you to stick to this style and it will be difficult to add anything bright to space.

However, we need to debunk this myth since stainless steel, even though looking cold and discreet, is very simple to decorate around!


However, it is true. 

How to Make It Look Nice In Our Homes
Cleyder Duque: Pexels

The great thing about this material is that it is neutral, which means we can decorate using any style we want! So no matter what kind of design you prefer – a loft or a modern Scandinavian trend – stainless steel will perfectly match any of those.

The only essential hint we want everyone to remember is that stainless steel is good when being not excessive. If your kitchen has all the surfaces metal, then it will look more like an industrial building – not so cozy, don’t you think?

How to make this material look suitable in any kitchen when planning how to decorate it around?

Consider the color palette

It doesn’t matter whether you want to paint the walls or simply set different accessories around the room, choosing proper color is a must.

And since we are talking about incorporating steel items into the room, it is essential to stick to one major hue or shade since multi-colored space will look too bright and those metal accents will get lost.


What do we offer? The simplest option is to paint the walls grey. This color is tranquil and it fits steel items perfectly since they also have greyish undertones. 

Even if you just make several grey accents instead of coloring all the room into this color, it will make the space look united and cohesive. 

A perfect match for the stainless steel objects is black. This color will add some abstract vibes to the room making it look refined.

Any cool colors, for instance, blue, green, or purple, will also fit the steel items. You can simply add several items colored this way, e.g. towels, tablecloth, or vases, to highlight the space.

As for the warm shades, quite many people think they won’t fit steel objects but we bet they simply never tried! Orange, yellow, or cinnamon will not only make your kitchen (or another room) the coziest place in the world, they will also pair steel items wonderfully.

Pair steel with natural elements

stailess steel ideas

No matter what the general style of the room is, combining metallic objects with natural materials is always a win-win option. Wooden tables, frames, or furnishing will significantly decrease the sterile effect the steel items create and make the whole space feel more lively, homey, and serene.

 And of course, don’t forget to be creative! Stainless steel is seemingly simple and even boring, but be patient, spend some time visiting several shops, and we are sure you will find interesting decorative elements to bring to your home.

Stainless steel is not only holders, hangers, and knives!

Elegant vases, fruit baskets, bread boxes, trays, and even cocktail straws – this material can turn any space into a lofty and stylish area!

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