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Grilled meat and vegetables taste great. However, after several uses, a cast iron grill often turns into a very messy thing.

Dealing with greasy spots and layers of old fat may be quite a problem, that is why we have prepared several useful tips on how to clean a cast-iron grill pan at home.

How to Care For Cast-Iron Grill Pan

Those who use their grill pans often know that this very useful item gets dirty and greasy very fast. And if you don’t clean our cast-iron grill in time properly, it will end up with a thick layer of dried fat that is very hard to scrape off without damaging the pan.

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This greasy old scurf is not only bad-looking but it is also dangerous for our health as old dried fat from meat and oil is harmful to our body when being reheated many times.

To avoid such trouble and keep your grill item clean and usable, take into account several extremely easy but at the same time very effective ways of cleaning a cast-iron grill pan that will not require you any effort and will take very few time.

How to water-clean a cast-iron grill pan

Yes, you got it right! For this method, you will not need any washing products and other chemicals, just enough of boiling water and a grill that must be cleaned.

This is the best way to clean a cast-iron grill pan if you have no time to mess around with a dish agent for washing and a sponge and if the grill has just been used and the grease traces are fresh.

So, to begin with, put the skillet on the gas burner and pour 7 cm of water in it.

How to water-clean a cast-iron grill pan 


Light the gas on and, after the water starts boiling, wait for some minutes more to let the particles of the food separate from the grill bottom.

While the water is boiling, you can help it and scrape off the burnt grease that was stuck amid the ridges helping yourself with a scapula.

The next step of a cast-iron grill pan care is to switch off the fire and let a skillet cool down a bit. Afterward, merge the dirty water.

Afterward, rinse the kitchen utensil and dry it with a paper towel.

How to Care For Cast-Iron Grill Pan
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How to clean a griddle pan with a salty water

Another simple way of cleaning a cast-iron grill is to go for ordinary salt. It has effective abrasive qualities and gently but thoroughly cleans away the stuck pieces of fat.

The instruction is simple. Let the item cool off a bit, it must be warm enough for you to touch it.

Spread a thick layer of salt over and add a bit of hot water (the salt must become a paste).

Sponge the skillet scrubbing meticulously amid the ridges and in the corners, too. At the end of this cleaning grill pan procedure, rinse the skillet with hot water and dry. 

Of course, if it’s needed, repeat the whole process once again.

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  • Cleaning cast-iron grill without water

This method is good for those who believe their pan must not meet the water at all.

Just take coarse salt and sprinkle it over the skillet generously.

With the help of a paper napkin, scrub the most difficult and problematic greasy areas.

If you need, add more salt depending on how well the process is going.

Finally, wipe away the cleaned-off residue to the trash.

This is undoubtedly the best way to clean the cast-iron grill if you have no access to water right now.


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How to wash cast-iron grill pan 

The most traditional way of cleaning cast-iron grill pans ever. For this, choose a mild soap and pour some in the center of the skillet.

Work on the surface with a scrubber or a sponge and adding a bit of hot water.

After you removed the sticky grease, rinse the skillet with hot water and go over the process from the beginning. 

After cleaning a cast-iron grill pan this way, wash away any leftovers of the soap.

How to Clean Cast-Iron Stove Top Grill

cleaning a cast-iron grill pan
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Minding a stovetop grill is pretty much alike to what has been described above. 

What is required to be done to clean a stovetop cast-iron grill is to heat it up to 300 degrees and let the grill sit for 10 minutes.

Then pour one cup of water on the hot grill and let it bubble for a few seconds.

Then, put a soft sponge, press it with a special holder and move it up and downwards the surface to clean the residue.

After the liquified grease is soaked with the sponge, take a clean towel, dampen it with water, wring a bit and wipe away the rest of the fat from the grill.

Now switch off the heat, let it cool and wipe with a dry clean cloth. 

It’s the easiest and most effective way of how to clean a stovetop grill.

Cleaning Cast-Iron Grill Grate

cast-iron grill pan care
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Grill grates are another thing that gets dirty the same fast as the pan itself. How to clean cast-iron grill grates if it’s so hard to remove the stubborn dry fat and stuck particles of grease from them?

First of all, never use citrus cleaning agents as they may lead to corrosion, also, there’s no need to scrub the grates wildly because like that you’ll damage the protective layer on them. 

For cleaning cast-iron grill grates, brush them every time after they were used. Simply preheat the grill at high temperature for 15 minutes and then work on the grates with a special stainless steel grill brush.

These are the easiest and most effective methods of caring for a cast-iron grill pan and grill grates that one can perform at home without any effort.

By following these tips and using these degreasing methods, you will be able to keep your grill, skillet, and grates always clean and shiny no matter how often you use them.

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