Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

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Even though we don’t live in the Middle Ages, such an unpleasant phenomenon as bed bugs still exists in our homes

Even though these insects are not dangerous to our health, they still cause trouble so no wonder that people often ask: can you get rid of bed bugs with bleach? 

Keep your eyes open and read this article attentively!

Where Do They Come From? 

can you get rid of bed bugs with bleach

Oval-shaped, brownish, with a size of ¼ inch, this kind of bloodsuckers belongs to parasites since they feed on humans’ and animals’ blood, primarily at night.

These beasts are very harmful to our health and cause many unpleasant reactions to their bites.

Why do they appear in our homes at all?

  • Well, despite a widespread belief, bed bugs’ invasion is not a result of bad hygiene. They are much more often brought to our houses from outside and spread from different infested dwellings that can include other people’s clothes, shoes or bags.
  • Their eggs can get inside the house from the already infested items like furniture 
  • If there are any infested areas or items nearby (e.g. nearby houses), the bloodsuckers will most likely end up in our housing, especially when easy and available ways exist, for instance, false ceilings.

Obviously, these insects have plenty of ways to invade our homes, wardrobes, cupboards, etc., so one must be attentive to spot the parasites. 

What Makes Them Dangerous For Humans?

Well, these bloodsuckers are not dangerous since they can’t cause any lethal effects. Also, they don’t transmit any diseases.

However, these parasites do bring troubles and may cause different health issues that will require serious treatment.

  • The bites cause irritative and intensive itching that leads to insomnia or even stress.
  • Scratching of the skin makes it more predisposed to various skin infections.
  • Numerous bites often lead to an erythematous rash.
  • Depending on the frequency of bites, anemia may develop but only in case of severe infestation.

Symptoms of a Bug’s Bite And How to Treat It

household chemicals that kill bed bugs
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So how do we recognize the parasite’s bite? 

It is essential to be attentive since their bites are alike with the mosquito bites. 

However, major symptoms include:

  • Skin reactions ranging from the small red spots to the big wheal-shaped marks
  • Red spots often occur in a line
  • Intensive itching that lasts for several days
  • Small bleeding may appear since the bloodsuckers release anticoagulants into our blood that prevents it from stopping

The symptoms usually appear several days after the bite. The more bites the more intense the reaction.

The affected areas are legs and arms, shoulders, and the back.

Getting Rid Of Bloodsuckers? Tips And Means

What Household Products Kill Bed Bugs
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Fortunately, we can cast away these parasites from our households. They even say that household chemicals that kill bed bugs exist and we will go back to them later.

Since the procedure requires chemicals, they must be harmless for humans. 

The procedure itself is no big deal. It consists of a preparation stage and extermination.

At prep stage

  • Spot the areas where bloodsuckers live.
  • Clean them up with a hoover and discard the content. Clean the machine, too.
  • Wash the carpets and mattresses with a harsh brush, launder the bedsheets at the hottest temperature and clean other items.
  • In case the furniture can’t be cleaned, throw it away to prevent the further invasion.


Now let’s destroy the nasty beasts! Do it either with chemicals or with safer means since bloodsuckers don’t like heat (46 C and hotter) and cold (lower than 0 C). 

  • Launder and dry all the items at the hottest water possible for no less than 30 min.
  • For couches and armchairs use the steamer.
  • Put the infested items in a thick garbage packet and toss it into the freezer. 

The chemical means include:

  • Pyrethrins 
  • Pyrroles
  • Neonicotinoids
  • Silica aerogel

For less aggressive methods, try plant oil-based products.

What Household Products Kill Bed Bugs?

Bleach Kill Bed Bugs
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Now let’s take a closer look at cheaper and always available means of pest control that everyone has at home.

So what cleaning products kill bed bugs?

  • Rubbing alcohol is approved to be an effective method
  • Essential oils take the second place in kill-the-bug quest
  • Among the household products that kill bed bugs, baking powder is also popular

Can Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

Bleach vs bed bugs

Bleach is believed to be a super solution for fighting the bloodsuckers. But is it really so? Bleach vs bed bugs, who will win?

To figure this out, let’s see what will happen to parasites if we treat them with a bit of bleaching product.

The bleach will oxidize the bloodsuckers’ shells causing their death. But rejoice early! If one decides to go for bleach, it must be applied directly onto the bug. 

What will you say now? Do you think it’s possible to spot each and every insect and pulverize some killing liquid over it? That’s hardly possible, to be honest.

Does salt kill bed bugs
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Besides, when killing bed bugs with bleach, note that everything the liquid can get to will be bleached. As a result, the furniture, carpets, curtains, etc, will have faded spots all over them. 

Again, not a pleasant perspective.

In addition, when destroying bed bugs with bleach, the house will be filled with its fumes which are poisonous for us when being revealed in large amounts.

So, the verdict is negative. It is not recommended to kill bed bugs with bleach.

To be fully “armed” for fighting the bloodsuckers, take into account these FAQs. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something helpful!

kill bed bugs with bleach
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✅ Frequently Asked Questions❓

⭐Can bed bugs fly?

No, they can only crawl. But the bloodsuckers easily run and climb to short distances.

⭐Where do bed bugs hide?

Their favorite spots are mattresses, bed frames, wardrobes, headboards, and box springs.

⭐Does salt kill bed bugs?

Killing bed bugs with salt is impossible since their shell won’t absorb it and there’ll be no harm for the parasites.

⭐Does soap kill bed bugs?

Dish soap does but when applied directly over the parasite. As a repellent, it’s not effective.

⭐Does Dawn kill bed bugs?

Give it a try but only if you manage to sprinkle it over the bugs directly.

⭐Will bleach kill bed bugs’ eggs?

The procedure can be effective but the liquid will cause damage to the furniture and other gentle surfaces, so you’d better don’t do this.

⭐How long does it take a bed bug to die from bleach?

For better results, bleach must be applied over the bugs directly but since it causes damage to clothes and other fabrics, it’s not recommended as a bug-killing product.

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