16+ Fall Engagement Photo Ideas

Great Photo Session Ideas for Couples

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Engagement is one of the most thrilling and exciting events in the life of every woman (and a man). So no wonder we do our best to make this moment memorable by taking photos! However, couples may often complain that their pictures appear to be too ordinary and like everyone else’s.

Want your photoshoot to be special? Then check out our top-16 fall couple photo ideas to take in autumn to make your engagement day unforgettable!

16 Engagement Photo Ideas For Couples

Autumn is a very picturesque season that is disposed to romance and warm hugs. What could be better for the photoshoot to capture the best moments of your engagement?

Be casual

Engagement doesn’t mean you two must look and behave all serious! Choose a warm sunny day, put on your best casual outfits, and find a nice spot in a park or a forest to take lovely autumn pictures of you and your loved one.

14 Engagement Photo Ideas For Couples be casual
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Autumn selfies

To take these pictures, you don’t need anyone’s help. Just you, your soulmate, and a smartphone with a good camera. Well, and a good-looking autumn background!

Autumn selfies
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Red and white

Well, not only red but also orange and yellow – all the autumn palette is in your disposal! Put on white garments and take photos in front of the bright fall landscape. And if you don’t have one nearby, simply photograph yourselves laying on a motley autumn leafy “carpet”.

Red and white
Credits: aldegonde, via Canva.com

Look around!

This is a nice idea of a sweet couple photo taken in autumn! You two holding hands and looking around when nature is bursting out with colors! A new step in a brand new life.

Engagement Photo Ideas For Couples look around
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City walk

You don’t need to go far to take unusual and creative photos on your engagement day! Dress up and go for a romantic walk around your city. We are sure you know several spots there that will become a cool background for your photoshoot!

Fall Engagement Photos Ideas city walk
Credits: hetmanstock, via Canva.com

Forest romance

Picking mushrooms and berries in the autumn forest is not only fun. It can also be used as a photoshoot idea! However, to realize it, you will need someone’s help.

Forest romance
Credits: Vagengeim Elena, via Canva.com


If you have bridges in your hometown or nearby, don’t skip this opportunity to take lovely photos on such a background! A bridge is not only a cool location to take pictures, it will also create an unforgettable romantic atmosphere and will become a symbol of the path into your new life.

Credits: DusanManic, via Canva.com

Take a boat ride

Of course, Venice would be an awesome spot, but even your local river, lake or a bay will do! Dress warm, rent a boat, and set off for a sale with a camera. It’s a great way to take casual and sincere photos of both of you. Besides, you can take pictures of each other too! So be creative!

Fall Engagement Photos Ideas take a boat ride
Credits: M_a_y_a, via Canva.com

Go hiking

Sounds not very romantic, perhaps, but why not? Wild nature is especially rich in scenic views in autumn, besides, photos taken at the campfire have a special cozy atmosphere that will warm you up even years after!

Go hiking
Credits: BartekScewczyk, via Canva.com

In front of a cityscape

We get so much used to the city around us that we simply forget it can serve as a perfect photo background! Find a high spot in your town or city from which the whole area can be seen, and take breathtaking photos in front of an urban autumn cityscape!

In front of a cityscape
Credits: DRagonimages , via Canva.com

Let’s go for a ride!

To realize this photoshoot idea, you will need a car, a photographer, and the countryside. Pictures of your couple in a nice car riding through the autumn landscape – that reminds of some vintage movie, don’t you think?

Fall Engagement Photos Ideas
Credits: RossHelen, via Canva.com

The mystery of night

Taking photos at night?! Why not? It’s unusual, and besides, it allows you to experiment with lighting and use different additional lights, such as garlands, candles, etc to play with shadow and light! Be sure that nobody will have the same mysterious and romantic engagement photoshoot!

The mystery of night
Credits: South Agency, via Canva.com

Go underground

No, we don’t suggest you become diggers! Instead, why not use your city underground as a photoshoot location? Yes, you won’t have colorful autumn scenes there, but if you two wear brightly colored clothes and accessories, you will look astonishing in the background of a busy metro life.

Fall Engagement Photos Ideas take a metro
Credits: JAckF, via Canva.com

Fly high!

If you and your loved one are not afraid of flying, try out this option. Take your engagement photos while jumping with the parachute! Unusual? Yes! Exciting? Definitely! And so much fun!

Fall Engagement Photos Ideas fly high
Credits: apomares, vi Canv.com
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