Sweat Proof Summer Makeup

Use these tips and you will have a perfect look this summer

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on Sweat-proof summer makeup

Summer heat is a real test for your makeup. Use these tips if you are tired of carrying the whole arsenal of cosmetics with you.

Use concealer as a foundation 

It is not necessary to apply foundation on the whole face on hot days – it is almost guaranteed to “float”. Use a dense texture concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes or a suddenly puffed pimple from prying eyes.

Forget about the powder 

Don’t try to deal with greasy shine, applying a new and new layer of powder. The face sweats in the heat, and then oxygen is released on the surface of the skin, which oxidizes the pigments in cosmetics.

Such a reaction leads to a darkening of the powder by 1-2 tones. Within half an hour or an hour after applying makeup, the color of the tinting agent will differ significantly from the original.

It is better to use special matting napkins, made of rice paper or wood pulp. This material quickly absorbs sebum without damaging the makeup.

Matting wipes will also come in handy to remove excess moisture from the eyelids before applying eyeshadow or to wet lipstick for the effect of matte lips.

For special occasions 

Take the advice of makeup artist’s Beyonce, who considers layering the main secret of flawless makeup. For special occasions, Sir John recommends to create a base from a very light liquid foundation, and then securing it with a bronzer.

Use cream to make up your cheeks and then use a blush. Finish your makeup with a layer of clear matte powder.

Emphasis on eyebrows

Don’t use all the contents of your cosmetic bag on hot days. Three products are enough – a lightweight BB cream, powder or eyebrow pencil and lip gloss. Select eyebrows and the face will immediately look fresh.

And don’t forget about products with SPF filters  – these are the basis of summer skincare.

Use the primer

The T-zone and eyelids are the first to suffer in the summer heat, where sebum is produced especially intensively. To preserve eye makeup for the whole day you should better use a primer.

This tool moisturizes the skin of eyelids, preparing it for applying shadows and eyeliner. Such a base provides cosmetics with special durability and brightness.

Apply a drop of primer to the area under the eyes to make the concealer evener.

Use a brush instead of the sponge

If you can’t refuse the powder even in the summer, apply the product with a brush to make the layer as thin as possible. In addition, brushes are easier to disinfect.

Forget about a soft pencil

Leave a soft pencil for the cold season. It is better to choose pencils with a drier and denser texture for the summer. And if you don’t have enough color intensity – duplicate the arrow with shadows of a similar shade.

Fix makeup

Fix makeup with thermal water or a special spray fixative in order to extend the life of the makeup. Apply the product from a distance of 30-40 cm, so the liquid molecules are evenly distributed on the skin.

Don’t touch your face

Frequent touching of the skin spoils the makeup and worsens the condition of the skin. Such a habit doesn’t benefit anyone. In summer, when cosmetics is hardly kept in place, your hands should be kept as far as possible from the face.


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Sweatproof Summer Makeup TutorialSweatproof Summer Makeup Tutorial