How to Make your Hair look Shorter?

Step-by-Step Guide

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on how to make a boys hair

Girls – natures are fickle: if the hair is curly, then they want it to be straight, but if it is long, they dream of short, and vice versa. You can stretch or make curls with the help of stylers, and if you want to add length and volume, synthetic hair will come to the rescue.

Saying goodbye to length is much more complicated: many of us grow our hair for years and take care of our braids like the golden peace. 

But you can make long hair look short by a couple of tens of centimeters without the help of scissors, just by doing the right styling.

If you don’t know, and start to think about what would I look like with short hair?

Fortunately, there are fake hairstyles that are very popular in this season. 

This trend allows you to create an imitation of a short haircut, even if you have long hair!

how to make your hair look shorter

Who should use this shortcut trend?

It suits all those who do not dare to cut their own hair. This hairstyle may help you to give confidence and finally make a decision for a short haircut.

But the imitation of a boy’s haircut – a kind of test that will help you find out if short hair is right for you. Also you should remember about hair care.

Don’t think that a boy’s haircut can not boost your fantasy. You will be able to do a new style every day with short hair.

Have you ever tried to make long hair look short without scissors? 

To try on a new length of hairstyle, but not the part with strands. Surely tried.

But, if then it was nothing more than pampering, today, with the help of simple manipulations, you will be able to change your image radically. 

And without too much pain.

how to make your hair look shorter without cutting it


It is possible  

You will be surprised, but it is possible and necessary to make an excellent caret without the help of scissors and a professional hairdresser. 

This will help, firstly, to decide whether you need a haircut or not, and secondly, it will allow you to change your image in the shortest possible time. Let’s figure out how.

how to make a boys hair

Step-by-step Guide

First method

To make a caret of long hair without scissors, you need some accessories, a little determination, and a few skills. 


Before you begin executing the hair, arm yourself with:

  • comb
  • an elastic band for hair
  • hairgrip
  • hairpins
  • hair fixation spray
How to make your hair look shorter

We are ready for actions.

  • Strip your hair. 
  • Gather the hair on the top of the head and the hair on the back of the head (i.e., from one ear to the other ear) and stab it in the back with a hairpin.
  • Make a free (like your ex) braid from the remained tree strands.
  • Fix the scythe and distribute it on the back of the head with the help of hairgrips. Loose your hair from the top of the head and comb it.
  • Use hairspray.
  • Loose your hair and distribute it as if you had already made a caret. Comb your hair and make it smooth.
  • Fix the hair under the back of your head in a low tail. Do this in such a way that strands from the temples come down and cover your ears. These locks will create our caret.
  • To hide the tail, tuck it under the rest of the hair (do it as carefully as possible) and stab it with hairgrips.
  • Spread the hair, give it a caret shape, and use a hair spray on the hairstyle.
how to make your hair look shorter without cutting it

If your hair is too long and thick and can disobey and knock out, then use a hair curler and twist strands.

Then they definitely will not get out.

Second method

  • Divide the carefully combed hair into 2 equal parts.
  • Pick up the upper curls and put the lower ones in a pigtail. Fix it with an elastic band.

how to fake short hair

  • Lay the braid in to a bundle and fix fast with hair pins.
  • Curl the hair top with curlers or curling irons.

making long hair look short

  • Fluff your curls. Rotate them onto your fingers, fix the locks on the braid. Use hair pins for this.
  • Carefully straighten and lightly comb the finished faux bob

girl with red hair faux bob

  • fix it with a hair spray

faux bob

Two addition methods to make your hair look shorter and create a faux bob

how to make your hair look shorter


make long hair look short

Frequently Asked Questions

Having long hair allows experimenting with your looks and style, however, sometimes it is so nice to try something completely new! How to make your hair look short without using scissors? We have found several easy ways!

Does Hair Look Shorter When Being Wet?

When our hair is healthy, it is very elastic, besides, when being wet (after you wash it or get wet in the rain for example), it appears longer because of the weight of water on it. So no, unfortunately, our hair doesn’t get shorter when we get it wet. 

On the other hand, depending on your hair type, it can happen that, during the day, your hair can get shorter or even coil a bit because of the atmospheric humidity and your scalp’s sweat. 

Does Short Hair Look Thicker?

Those who have naturally thick hair can try any haircut and be sure that their locks will still look the same voluminous. However, if you have thin hair, a proper short haircut can seemingly add more volume to your hair by creating a correct optical illusion.

Whilst long thin hair tends to weigh down your looks, a shoulder-length (or shorter) haircut will improve the situation. Use a blunt cut or a deep side part to make your hair seem thicker. Extremely short haircuts like a pixie or angled bob will also work well.

Will a Perm Make My Hair Look Shorter?

Yes, it will. When using a perm, your hair gets curled (more or less, depending on your preferences) which makes its length shorten. In its turn, the hair looks shorter than usual.

How to Make Your Hair Look Shorter With a Ribbon?

Not every lady would agree to cut her hair to make it short! However, there is a way to make your hair look shorter without cutting it off. Just use a ribbon!

Yes, it may take you some time at first, but using ribbon can help you out greatly. To seemingly shorten your hair, try to part your hair part up and part down, and then tie a ribbon in the middle. 

Another option is to make a faux bob, but for that one, you will also need some hairpins and hairspray.

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How to fake short hair (faux bob)!How to fake short hair (faux bob)!