How to Make Your Squishmallows Fluffy Again?

A few simple tricks to bring your soft toys their softness back after washing.

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Since squishmallows are very demanding regarding washing and drying routine, their owners often wonder what these toys are made of. When it comes to learning how to wash squishmallows, folks typically want to know what these soft toys have inside that makes them so delicate in terms of care and maintenance.

 This is what we will talk about below. You will learn more about the stuff squishmallows are filled with. Also, we will share a bit of this toy’s history so that you can be more aware of its development and specifics. 

With all this in mind, you will have a better understanding of why these soft toys are so delicate.

How to Fluff Squishmallows?

Since this toy should be treated very carefully and delicately when it comes to washing it, people often wonder how they can fluff it to make their plush “friend” soft again.

Why are Squishmallows so popular?Why are Squishmallows so popular?

If your toy has deflated due to an improper washing method, there is no need to worry! You can easily fix that.

What should I do if the toy is deflated due to washing

Usually, to re-fluff a squishmallow after washing it, you just need to wait until it dries first. If you air dry the toy, it will take you at least an hour. If the toy is big, you might need more time!

Afterward, when the toy is dry enough, fluff or squish the toy a few times for it to return to its original form. This simple trick can return the initial appearance to the toy that has lost its shape.

How to Fluff Squishmallows
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What are Squishmallows Filled With?

If you have ever had a squishmallow, you know how soft it is! Perhaps, no pillow in the world can compete with this super soft stuffed toy! Of course, such softness is ensured by the stuffing of the mallow, so no wonder people are curious about this toy’s filling.

So what on Earth helps these plush toys feel soft like marshmallows?

Every Squishmallow plush toy is filled with polyester fiber, which makes it this soft and fluffy. The company retailers use ultra-soft spandex and polyester to make the stuffing inside of these toys feel even more marshmallow-like.

What are Squishmallows from

Why Is Squishmallow Stuffing So Delicate?

You may think that, since these plush toys are filled with synthetic fibers, they should be able to retain their shape and keep their remarkable softness without problems. This belief mostly comes from the idea people have about synthetics. See, folks tend to think that synthetic materials and fibers are extremely durable and can withstand any impact from outside, be it heat or anything else.

However, the reality is that quite many synthetic materials are rather delicate and require specific attitude and delicate care! For example, even quite many synthetic clothes will demand using a specific washing cycle or ironing settings not to damage the fabric!


Squishmallows are not different from synthetic dresses and shirts. These toys contain spandex and polyester fibers inside. For those who don’t know, both are rather demanding in terms of washing and drying.

For instance, spandex fabrics require a cool water delicate washing cycle. Also, this type of fiber must be washed with mild detergents that contain no chlorine bleach. To keep the fabric safe, it is often recommended to use a special mesh bag for washing.

Can bleach be used

Speaking of polyester, this fabric also requires a delicate washing cycle and the use of a mild washing product. Also, poly fibers are very sensitive to high temperatures, so you can’t use hot water to wash this fabric!

To summarize, we get a super soft squishmallow that can’t stand the heat (say hello to its polyester part!) and should not be tumble-dried or washed with the fast spin (due to the presence of spandex in it).

Why Is Squishmallow Stuffing Delicate

What Is Inside a Squishmallow That Keeps Its Shape?

If you saw a squishmallow at least once, you remember how this soft toy can hold its shape! No matter how hard you pull or squeeze it, it won’t distort or change its shape. This is why kids love them so much: they can do whatever they want with the toys!

However, this shape-keeping superpower often makes people wonder what helps these toys to stay the same round and opaque without having any rigid carcass inside. Well, let’s try to figure this out.

First of all, what is the “anatomy” of a squishmallow?

This toy is made of an outside spandex “shell” that is filled with super soft polyester fibers. Although the filling is exceptionally soft, it still holds its shape thanks to how thickly it is stuffed inside the toy.

And since the polyester filler is evenly distributed all over the toy’s insides, it makes the squishmallow so perfectly round or oval, or whatever shape it has.

So, now you know what to do to re-fluff your plush softy and why these toys can keep their shape so well, remaining perfectly round and squishy! Being aware of the toy’s inside materials, you will be able to understand why proper washing methods are required and how the toy’s material may react to the wrong care routine.

What Is Inside Squishmallow That Keeps Its Shape
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