How to Wash a Comforter?

How to wash comforter properly and extend its lifespan

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We all know how pleasant and cozy this bedding can be! Soft and warm, comforters are perfect on cold winter days to get warm. 

However, their texture makes these covers extremely subject to debris and dust which, in its turn, may lead to allergic reactions! For this reason, washing a comforter regularly is essential.

How to wash comforter properly and keep it clean longer? 

All the information can be found below!

What Do We Know About Comforters?

A comforter is a sort of bed cover made of two pieces of fabric. They are sewn together and filled with an insulative filler to make the cover warm. 

Usually, the filler is made of feathers, wool, cotton batting, or down. However, silk and polyester are also commonly used materials. It’s due to the filler that comforters are so soft, cozy, and light. 

Because of the variety of fillers’ fabrics, comforter laundry may become a problem since it is vitally important to choose the washing regime correctly.

Traditionally, this sort of bedding is laid over the top bed cover to protect it from dirt and scuffed and extend the lifespan.

Washing Comforter. Nuances And Life Hacks

How to wash comforter
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Proper maintenance is a must if one wants to keep the comforter usable to its longest.

Since this bedding has different sorts of fillers which is up to its producer to choose, picking a correct regime for laundry is a crucial point.

Besides, being aware of how to clean a comforter has its hidden aspects.

  • Always pay attention to the tag with the comforter cleaning recommendations before starting a laundry.
  • If it says that hand wash is allowed only, use any mild laundry product for this purpose.
  • Never wash your comforter with bleach since it is destructive to the filler and casing!
  • Nevertheless, bleach works well for destroying dust mites. So, if you have that issue, add a very small dose of a whitening agent when you wash a comforter at home.

Some people ask how often washing comforters must be done. Of course, everything hangs upon how soon it gets significantly dirty but normally, two or three laundries a year must be more than enough. 

If you wash a comforter more often, it may cause a destructive effect on its filler or casing.

How to Wash Comforters. Instruction In Details

Washing Comforter
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So how do you wash a comforter? Sticking to the advised method is a must, that’s what one needs to remember above all.

Since the filler may be quite gentle regarding its maintenance, improper care when we wash a comforter in the washing machine may result in a ruined item.

To avoid such a misfortune, do the following:

  • Always read the maintenance tag first! Certain types of fillers can easily shrink in the barrel so, if it says “dry clean”, do as it says.
  • Don’t skip the pre-treating stage. Any blots must be cleaned and torn parts must be sewn before the bedding goes to the washing barrel.
  • Never launder comforters in a fully loaded machine! When washing the comforter in a washing machine, there must be some space left in the barrel, otherwise, the filler will get compressed and the cover won’t be laundered properly.
  • Pick up a mild or a natural laundry product when washing comforter at home and set the machine to the gentle or delicate cycle. Choose the temperature regime according to the care label instructions.

Like this, your comforters will remain usable and good-looking much longer!

Drying a Comforter

comforter laundry
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Of course, drying is an irreplaceable part of the laundry process! When it comes to comforters, making them dry also requires certain skills.

Can you put a comforter in the dryer, people often wonder? 

Of course! Why not? Only remember that it must be dried for several hours under the conditions indicated on the maintenance tag to protect the item from ruination!

Also, tossing the tennis balls to the dryer will help greatly to distribute the filler evenly.

Another tip regarding how to dry a comforter is to memorize is that it shall be taken out of the drying barrel and properly shaken every half an hour to ensure the filler is not going to compress.

How to Clean a Comforter?

Stained Bedding.

how to clean a comforter
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Pre-treating blots and other dirty marks is a must before the bedding will go to the laundry.

Cleaning a comforter is not so difficult as one could imagine even if your bedding is big enough.

The best way to clean a comforter is to use a non-detergent product diluted with some water. As a variant, a paste of baking soda and water or a 50/50 blend of vinegar and soda may be used. Even carbonated water will be enough!

If one needs to know how to clean a white comforter, feel free to use a whitening agent on the cover but don’t let it sit for too long.

  • Move the filler away from the blotted area
  • Apply some cleaning product to the mark
  • Blot it out. If needed, it can be rubbed first to make the blot more loose
  • If there’s going to be no laundry, leave the bedding dry until the moisture evaporates fully
  • Never use concentrated bleach or other product of this kind!  

This approach will work if you need to know how to clean a white comforter of a colored one, too.

Frequently Asked Question

wash your comforter
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To have complete knowledge about the bedding maintenance, check out the list of the most frequent questions. Some points may be quite useful!

Should you wash a comforter before using it?

Well, it hangs upon your personal preference. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to launder the bedding after it’s purchased to wash off any dust and make it safe to use.

How to wash a comforter without it getting lumpy?

Always follow the care label instructions and never launder the comforter in a top-loaded barrel. In addition, shake it while drying to prevent the filler from compressing. 

washing comforters
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How to wash a polyester comforter?

To do it right, set a hand wash or delicate regime with cold water unless the opposite is advised on the care label.

How to wash a comforter in a top load washer?

It’s not recommended to do it since the bedding will become lumpy. You’d better launder it alone providing enough space in the barrel.

How to wash a bedspread?

Delicate cycle, mild laundry product, and cold water are the best friends for this sort of cover. 

How to wash a white comforter?

White beddings are laundered the same way as their colored counterparts. However, some bleach can be used to refresh the whiteness: mix up ½ cup bleach and two gallons cool water to soak the cover before the laundry.

Now you’re knowledgeable about how to wash your comforter and how to do it correctly to extend its lifespan.

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