How Long Can Food Last In The Freezer Without Power?

We can help you deal with this problem in the blink of an eye!

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Any unexpected incidents in the kitchen put the foodstuff on the risk usually.

Except for the fire, the worse that can happen is a power outage of the freezer.

Since there we usually keep everything that requires specific storage conditions and is very sensitive to external exposure, any breakdown may lead to the foodstuff spoilage.

How long will food last in the freezer without power?

Well, this question is the main issue that bothers people in such a situation!

Fortunately, we know the answer and this article can help you deal with this problem in the blink of an eye!

How Long Can Freezer Last Without Power?

Food Safety During A Power OutageFood Safety During A Power Outage

First of all, we need to find out the very important thing: how long can a freezer go without power?

If you are aware of the time period that the foodstuff can stay safe inside the freezing camera, you will then know how much time you have to fix the situation and take appropriate measures.

Also, then it will be clear for how long the freezer power outage can be harmless for its content before everything starts spoiling slowly.

According to the official data derived from the appropriate research, the freezer is able to hold its inside temperature without any significant fluctuations after the power outage for twenty-four hours in case it is half-filled with the content. 

When being full, then the inside temperature will remain stable for two days after the breakdown took place.

Knowing this, you can now be aware of how much time you would have in case of any power outage.

How Long Will a Chest Freezer Last Without Power?

Can Freezer Last Without Power
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You may be surprised but not any kind of freezer is able to keep the temperature stable for the same period of time.

If we are talking the ordinary freezing camera that any fridge has, then it will last for eighty-four hours in case of a breakdown.

But how long will a chest freezer stay cold without power, for example?

If this kind of freezer happens to have no power, remember that in this case, if it is half-full, you can safely keep food in it for twenty-four hours only which is one day less than in the ordinary freezer.

On the other hand, it the upright freezer it completely filled with the foodstuff, it can remain durable for a period of two to four days at most without any power. 

You can extend its durability period by making a sort of insulation using towels to keep the cold inside.

Only double-check that the compressor remains uncovered.

How Long Will Food Last In The Freezer Without Power?

freezer power outage
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However, being aware of the period your freezer will stay working is not the only important thing you need to take into account.

The power outage affects the food in the freezer slowly which may cause its spoiling if no measures are taken in time.

Depending on the type of freezer you are using, the average time that the food can spend in it without any harm varies from one to four days.

If the foodstuff is being kept in the ordinary freezing camera that belongs to the fridge, it will remain frozen for two days there.

However, if we are talking an upright freezer, it can keep the groceries frozen for four days in case it is fully filled.

If not, count on the term of twenty-four hours. 

How Long Will a Chest Freezer Last Without Power
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Generally, the temperature inside the freezer is either zero degrees or lower.

If you have a thermometer in the freezer and it shows that its content has spent more than two hours at above forty degrees, certain types of foodstuff must be discarded instantly.

Among them there are:

How Long Will Food Last In The Freezer Without Power

How to Save Food From Spoiling In The Freezer Without Power?

how long will a chest freezer stay cold without power
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The sooner you take the preventive measures to save the foodstuff the longer it will last.

What would be even better is to take care of the problem and prepare in advance for any troubles with the power?

What to do to prevent the power outage of the freezer from affecting the food badly?

  • Always keep bottled water in the freezer in case of the power breakdown. In this case, if the power is off, those frozen bottles will extend the life of the foodstuff when the freezer starts warming up.
  • Another variant is to make ice packets in advance for the same purpose and leave them in the freezer.
  • It will help to gather all the frozen food together in the freezer. Like that, it will remain cold longer.
  • If there is a chance of a power breakdown, remove some of the refrigerated food to the freezer to extend its life. For example, milk, meat, and poultry, as well as leftover food can be frozen without any problems.
  • Always keep the freezer door tightly closed to avoid the leakage of the cold air and to prevent the warm air from getting inside.

When following these suggestions, you will manage to save most of the foodstuff without any loss.

In addition, we would recommend to always have a thermometer in the freezer.

You surely know that the temperature level there must be either at zero degrees or lower to keep the content safe and edible.

When being not able to define the exact temperature, you will most likely miss the moment when the food can start spoiling.  

Well, now you are totally informed and in case of the power outage of the freezer, you will have enough time to take care of its content properly.

What to do to prevent the power outage of the freezer from affecting the food badly

Mind your freezer and foodstuff, and take care!

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Food Safety After a Power OutageFood Safety After a Power Outage