Steve Madden Has Just Returned Classic Platform Sandals From 90s!

Classic from Steve Madden Platform Sandals

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Steve Madden’s Corporation

Shoes on a high platform, if it disappeared from view, it always returned to the podium. From the time of Elton John and David Bowie, dressed in disco style, and with today’s “father’s sneakers”, these massive forms continue to attract attention

With these massive forms began the designer Steve Madden, who founded his company in 1990. Soon, he created shoes with a strap called Mary Jane, which became his most recognizable creation. 

Today, Steve Madden is a multi-million dollar corporation that owns brands such as Superga and Schwartz & Benjamin. 

They produce shoes, bags, accessories, and watches, working with celebrities and fashion houses.

Steve Madden and his platform sandals

colorful sandals

The story of Steve Madden can be called purely American. He grew up on the south coast of Long Island. His father owned a textile company, which to some extent helped Steve in choosing a career. 

But long before that, a young student studied at the University of Miami and “specialized in girls and drugs,” as the designer called himself. 

First Job and New Beginning

Unable to bear it, the father took the boy and give him a job as a shoe seller.

In 1980, Madden was already involved in wholesale at L.J. Simone Footwear in New York. It was there that he began to develop shoes designed for the teenage market, such as white platform sandals boots and pink and white loafers.


The designer was good not only in creative terms but also in financial aspects. He agreed with M.C.S. Footwear on the percentage of profit, developing for them the female line of shoes Souliers. 

With this money, the entrepreneur was able to rent a small office in the Long Island area and hire his employees. Borrowing money from friends, Steve began to create his own designs and sell them in small shops in Manhattan. The original shoes were noticed by Betsy Johnson and Jill Stewart. They began to use Madden’s creations in their shows. 

Huge attention was paid to Steve Madden platform sandals, which are now included in the brand’s collections and are very popular.

steve madden platform sandals

Evergreen models

Fashionable footwear is a great way to express yourself and add more chic to your looks. Steve Madden sandals are exactly what a stylish lady needs to impress the public!

And here are the most frequent questions that the owners of this footwear ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Where to find shoe size for Steve Madden sandals?

If you order the sandals online without being able to try them on your feet, it would be better to check with the size chart. Use that one that the official web site of the label offers as in this case you can be absolutely sure that there will be no mistakes. They provide the US, UK and Euro sizes with their interpretation in centimeters and inches.

⭐ What size would I be in Steve Madden sandals?

To find out what size you need, measure your foot first. You need to know how long it is from the big toe tip to the back of the heel. Then you can go to the official Steve Madden web site and check the size chart there. Simply find the size in centimeters that is similar to your measurements and see what it will be according to the US or UK size system.

⭐ Are Steve Madden sandals like Birkenstock ones?

You might find certain similar traits between these two labels but Steve Madden sandals, especially for women, are much more elegant and look lighter than those of Birkenstock that are more solid and have a “heavy” look.

⭐ How to clean the inside of Steve Madden sandals

To keep your footwear always neat and good-looking, proper care is required. Many owners of Steve Madden footwear ask how to clean Steve Madden sandals.
The manufacturer advice to wash the fabric shoes every month by hand whilst nubuck footwear must be wiped or treated with a soft brush.
Satin items need to be dry-cleaned only and for suede ones, use a special suede brush.
To clean the insides, take a damp cloth, add a bit of liquid soap and rub together a bit. Now you can rub the soapy cloth over the dirty areas and dry them with a clean cloth afterward.

⭐ What to wear with Steve Madden Sandals

Steve Maddens can fit almost any kind of clothes. These sandals will look good with jeans and skirts, with dresses and shorts. So whether you prefer a casual or a more elegant or romantic style? you will always find a proper pair of sandals to highlight it.

⭐ How to tie Steve Madden sandals with the long straps?

This is often a point of concern to deal with those straps! Try to tie the straps around your anklets or, if you wear a short skirt or shorts, you can tie the straps around your legs wrapping one strap clockwise and another in the opposite direction.

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