Remove Soy Sauce Stain Properly

Don’t worry, even after such stains you can reanimate your clothes.

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Remove soy sauce stain properly

A huge soy sauce stain suggests that your favorite T-Shirt is completely destroyed right now.

Don’t worry, even after such stains you can reanimate your clothes.

Laundry Preparation

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Pre-wash first

The soy sauce stain can be removed if you pre-wash the damaged clothes. 

This simple step also has its own rules:

  • Rinse a fresh stain under cool water to remove any remaining sauce.
  • Dried soy sauce stains, soak before washing in warm water.
  • Do not use detergents during pre-washing. 

Your task is to remove excess sauce from the fabric. When the housewives immediately begin to rub the stain, lather it with soap or generously sprinkle with powder – they risk rubbing the sauce even deeper into the cloth. 

And, the stain will not completely remove and will leave a yellowish mark.

How to remove soy sauce stains

How to remove soy sauce stains?

To remove stains, you need to choose the right detergent. Depending on the color and material of the clothes, you can choose your own version of the cleaner:

White fabric Colored fabric All kinds of fabrics
Bleach Glycerol Salt
Ammonia Vinegar Dishwashing gel
Oxalic acid Raw potatoes

How to remove soy sauce stains from white clothes?

To clean our the sauce from white clothes, you will need the bleacher.

For washing, you can choose any detergent that you use constantly. Most housewives are inclined to believe that Vanish Oxi Action copes with spots from the sauce the first time. 

  • To remove a stain, powder or gel is applied directly to the spot and immediately washed.
  • To enhance the effect, you can soak it into the water for several hours.
  • To quickly remove the dark soy sauce spots, use the spray from Amway. 

A concentrated cleaner helps to reduce washing time: when you spray it, the stain turns pale immediately. 

To fix the result, spray the problem area with a spray and wash the stain in warm water with washing powder.

How to remove soy sauce stains from white clothes
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You can treat the stain with one ammonia, but from this procedure, soy sauce will not be removed entirely from the clothes. 

Try to prepare a solution of these components:

  • Medical alcohol – 0.5 cups.
  • Ammonia – 1 teaspoon.
  • Gasoline – 1 tsp.

The mixture is applied to the trace of soy sauce and wait until it dries completely, after which wash it out.

Oxalic acid

Acid can penetrate deep into the tissues. 

Therefore, a mixture of oxalic acid and water will help to cope with severe pollution. 

For this, add a teaspoon of acid to a glass of water and pour it into a bowl with dirty clothes in it. 

After an hour of soaking, traces of soy sauce will become less noticeable, and to completely clean the clothes, put the clothes into the washing machine.

Oxalic acid
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How to clean a color fabric from soy sauce?

For colored clothes, you need to use delicate cleaners such as glycerin or vinegar.


  1. A small stain can be removed by rubbing liquid glycerin into it.
  2. At the end of 20 minutes, the stain should be washed out in cold water, if necessary, use a powder or washing gel.
  3. The action of glycerin can be enhanced by adding a little ammonia: 4 tbsp. Tablespoons of glycerin add 1 teaspoon of ammonia. 
  4. When the mixture is applied to the stain, wait 15 minutes, and rinse off.


Soaking in vinegar will help to remove the remaining sauce from the cloth. 

Vinegar, in this case, is not a cleaner but an amplifier of the main detergent. 

If you soaked the clothes in washing powder, add a few tablespoons of vinegar there, and the stain can be removed much easier.

Do not apply vinegar directly to the stain. A concentrated product can lighten the stain and remove the color out.

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Universal cleaners for washing all types of fabrics


Salt is the best way to remove soy sauce from jeans. It neutralizes the fats in the sauce and completely absorbs them. Before washing, sprinkle it and leave the jeans for a while. 

After just remove the salt and wash your clothes again.

Dishwashing gel

You can remove soy sauce stain with a large amount of the product or prepare a soap solution for soaking. 

Raw potatoes

The safest way to remove traces of soy sauce is to use raw potatoes. Just cut the potato in half and press to the stain on both sides. 

To clean the stains out, rub the material with potato slices, and leave the clothes to lie with potatoes for 10-15 minutes.

Don’t worry, you can equally effectively remove fresh or old traces of soy sauce.

Choose the right detergent, and remove the soy sauce out very quickly.

Remove Soy Sauce Stain Properly
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Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Soy sauce is a great variant of dressing for many dishes starting from salads and ending with soups and savory hot dishes made of meat, seafood or vegetables.

However, once it gets spilled onto your apparel, it becomes a trouble to handle. That’s why we have prepared several handy tips regarding how to remove old soy sauce stain from all the possible surfaces.

To begin with, try to free the item from most of the sauce as fast as it’s possible.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips
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So how to remove soy sauce stain from clothes after you noticed it?

  1. After blotting the spill with a well-absorbing material, put the damaged apparel under the cold running water with its backside to prevent the sauce from sticking harder. 
  2. Now take a liquid laundry washing agent and rub it carefully and gently into the fabric with your fingertips. Let it like that for three minutes.
  3. Then rinse the area thoroughly.

In case you wondered how to remove soy sauce stain from a white shirt or any other apparel that is white, feel free to use hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice or vinegar to deal with the mark. Colorfast items will also survive such treatment.

Just apply the product to the blot with a sponge as many times as it requires to delete all the traces and rinse the apparel thoroughly.

So how to remove soy sauce stain from clothes after you noticed it
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How to remove soy sauce stain from carpet?

It may be somewhat more tricky than dealing with apparel.

Once you noticed the brown mark under your feet, prepare a treating mixture.

  1. Take 400 milliliters of water and mix in one big spoon of the liquid you use for washing dishes.
  2. Dampen a cloth with it and blot the sauced zone until the mark is gone. 
  3. If the mark doesn’t want to vanish, try to go for one big spoon of ammonia mixed in ½ cup of water and sponge the stubborn soy mark until it’s gone.
  4. After the treatment, rinse the cleaned carpet with clear water and let it dry.

By the way, if you need to know how to remove soy sauce stain from upholstery, the same methods will work perfectly for it, too.

How to remove soy sauce stain from carpet
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There is an effective way of how to remove soy sauce from cotton.

First of all, always follow the instructions given on the item’s label!

If it’s washable, sprinkle some cornstarch over the blot to absorb the excess sauce and blot out the mark with a damp cloth.

If your apparel is bleach-safe, take 3% hydrogen peroxide and blot the sauce mark with it.

If the apparel is not bleach-friendly, soak it in warm water with Borax and laundry product for half an hour.

Now it’s time to toss the item into the barrel to take a bath and machine-dry it but only if the sauce mark is gone! If not, scrub it with a laundry washing agent (use a stiff brush) and launder again. 

There is an effective way of how to remove soy sauce from cotton.
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How to remove soy sauce stain from shoes? 

Everything depends on what your shoes are made of. If their surface is synthetic, try one of the methods described above using bleaching agents or a liquid dishwashing agent.

But if the shoes are of leather, using rubbing alcohol will be preferable.

Removing Soy Sauce StainsRemoving Soy Sauce Stains

How to remove soy sauce from fabric?

  • If it’s washable, then take away the sauce by sprinkling cornstarch over it and then treat with hydrogen peroxide. 
  • If the apparel can’t stand bleach, soak it in warm water with a dissolved laundry wash and borax for 30 minutes and then launder. 
  • If the fabric is a dry-clean only type, then take it to the professionals instantly and explain the origin of the stain.
  • Don’t wait, otherwise, the sauce will get stuck to the fibers harder and will become complicated to remove.
Remove Soy Sauce Stain Properly
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How to remove soy sauce from white pants?

Check whether they are colorfast or can stand bleaching agents, feel free to use lemon juice, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for dealing with the spill. 

But if the fabric is meant to be dry cleaned only, you’d better leave it to the professionals.

Remove Soy Sauce Stain Properly
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How do you remove soy sauce from leather? 

When treating leather, rubbing alcohol works pretty well but for the light-colored leather items, you’d better use a mix of one part lemon juice and one part tartar cream.

Rub the mark with it and leave for 10 minutes, then repeat the procedure and take away the paste with a damp sponge. 

What if you spilled some soy sauce on your book or a daily planner?

How to remove soy sauce stain from paper? 

Since soy sauce is not a grease-based product, treat it the same way as you would do with the tea of coffee marks.

  1. Mop up the excess liquid.
  2. Then, to prevent the paper from wrinkling, press its corners with some heavy items and moisten the blot with a clean paper towel. 
  3. Mix up ½ cup white vinegar and the same amount of water, soak a cotton ball with it and dab the soy mark with it until it’s gone.

Note that some printed documents won’t stand this method!

So first try it on a small area with text. If letters are not ruined, proceed with cleaning.

If they get damaged, further treatment will only make it worse.

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