Does Soy Sauce Go Bad? What Is The Biggest Myth About It?

Why the Biggest Myths About Soy Sauce May Actually Be Right

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Soy sauce has come to us from Asia. Over there, it is a common ingredient for many dishes so no wonder that Asians know perfectly how to deal with it!

As for us, we sometimes get stuck in calculating how much time it’s left until the soy sauce expiration.

No worries! Our super team will reveal the secrets of this dressing and the nuances of the soy sauce shelf life today!

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Why Is This Sauce So Special?

Soy sauce comes from China originally. It is produced of fermented soya beans paste, brine, roasted grain, and special sorts of consumable molds.

This condiment is a very multipurpose product since people widely use it as a dip, dressing, or pour directly over foodstuff.

It also fits various soups perfectly adding its specific and pleasant flavor to them. Meat and fish dishes also win from using this condiment on them.

Even though it is very salty, soy sauce has lots of useful qualities that are hard to ignore.

  • This condiment has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • It contributes to preventing hypertension greatly
  • Consuming this dressing allows us to protect ourselves from cancer and other mutagenic diseases
  • Soy sauce works perfectly as an antioxidant
  • It is good for proper digestion
  • It even has an anti-allergic action!

No wonder that, when people find out that soy sauce may go bad, they want to do their best to extend its lifespan to the longest.

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How To Store Soy Sauce Without Messing Up With It

Five Generations of Making Soy Sauce the Traditional WayFive Generations of Making Soy Sauce the Traditional Way

Since soy sauce is a foreign product, quite a few people know for sure how to deal with it correctly.

Soy sauce storage may seem to be complicated science for someone, however, it is only necessary to memorize several easy tips and use them afterward to defer the date when the soy sauce will expire.

soy sauce shelf life
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  • First of all, you’d better store it in the original bottle. Seal it tightly and place it in a cool and dark place. A pantry would be a great choice!
  • Make sure that the temperature there is always constant since soy product is quite sensitive to its fluctuations.
  • Remove the bottle away from the stove or dishwasher to avoid any extra heat.
  • Once we open the bottle, it becomes vulnerable since bacteria may get inside easily. To prevent this, remove the dressing to the fridge. That is why, when people ask “does soy sauce need to be refrigerated?” we strongly recommend doing so. If we refrigerate soy sauce, it will lose its qualities much slower.

Does soy sauce go bad if not refrigerated? Well, it won’t get rotten in the blink of an eye, of course, but the lifespan of the product will be significantly reduced.

It seems very simple but these life hacks can save the product from the untimely spoilage.

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Can You Freeze Soy Sauce?

soy sauce expiration
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Sooner or later, a question occurs whether freezing is OK for the soy sauce. 

We must disappoint you guys but this product won’t get solid in the normal freezing camera. 

All because of the high content of salt in it which prevents the liquid from hardening.

So what will happen is that the sauce will become extremely cold but that’s it.

However, if being put to the camera at a lower temperature, the sauce may probably freeze.

The Shelf Life Of Soy Sauce We Didn’t Know About

soy sauce may go bad
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Those who don’t consume soy sauce regularly often become confused when thinking about the storage of the dressing.

What is the shelf life of soy sauce, they ask? 

Well, as usual, everything hangs upon how and where we keep it, also, sealing or unsealing the bottle plays a big role.

How long does soy sauce last?

If we talk about the unopened bottle, it can last for an indefinite period of time.

On the other hand, an opened tank will remain usable for three years at most, that’s for sure! 

Can Soy Sauce Go Bad?

How To Store Soy Sauce
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Even though this exotic dressing is so long-lasting and it’s not so demanding as other products may appear to be, soy sauce, like teriyaki sauce, does indeed get spoiled with time.

Improper storage conditions are among the common reasons why this happens.

How to tell if soy sauce is bad?

The most obvious sign is a mold. When noticing any traces of soy sauce mold inside the bottle, discard it instantly since the product is irrevocably bad. 

However, it is useful to note that old soy sauce may change its color and odor but it won’t mean that it’s bad. 

If, after a certain period of storage, its color darkens and the smell becomes stronger, be calm. The sauce is still OK, it’s just getting older!

Is Expired Soy Sauce Unsafe To Consume?

soy sauce will expire
Photo by Buenosia Carol: Pexels

Quite many consumers may become curious about whether expired soy sauce is harmful to consume.

As we already mentioned, the aged dressing is still safe to use even if it gets darker and its smell becomes more highlighted.

But what about the moldy product?

This one must go to the garbage bin at once since it’s unsafe to consume it by no means!

Ways To Use Soy Sauce

Soy sauce storage
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Indeed, this exotic product is a true find for chefs! Due to its specific but pleasant taste and flavor, this dressing fits perfectly almost any dish.

Whether we make salads, fry meat, prepare fish or seafood, make soup, or even boil rice, soy sauce will be in the right place in any case.

Feel free to add it to all the foodstuff listed above and don’t be afraid to experiment, for instance, by adding it to marinades.

Anyway, what could be even more unexpected than using salty soy sauce for making ice cream! And in Japan, it is a common practice.

The Myths Of Soy As A Health Food – Dr. BergThe Myths Of Soy As A Health Food – Dr. Berg

Be attentive and careful when buying soy sauce. Pay attention to its expiry date on the bottle and make sure that it has the necessary conditions for proper storage. Like this, the dressing will serve much longer! 

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