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Curious Things You Might Not Know About These Pests

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The tiny bloodsuckers come out closer to summer and stay with us until autumn. These small parasites though seeming harmless cause serious health problems since they transmit various diseases.

These bloodsuckers prefer to dwell in grassy and wooded areas waiting for the host to come. So if you are going for a hiking tour, remember to protect yourself with the long-sleeved jacket, a cap, and trousers.

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Does the way exist to spot the pest’s bite? Yes, it does, even despite the fact that their bites cause no pain, and people usually don’t notice them until the first symptoms appear.

Why Ticks Are So Hard To KillWhy Ticks Are So Hard To Kill
  • itching
  • the skin turns red at the place where the bite was caused
  • some people may feel intense pain that reminds the joints ache
How to properly remove a tickHow to properly remove a tick
a deer tick under a microscope
A deer tick under a microscope in the entomology lab at the University of Rhode Island in South Kingstown R.I. (Victoria Arocho) wbur.org
A European wood tick
A European wood tick, as magnified by an electron microscope. Its mouth features a natural ratchet system used to bite prey. (Dania Richter, nytimes.com)

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Head of a Deer Tick
Head of a Deer Tick (emlabuconn.edu)
Head of Tick
Scanning electron microscopy of the head of a tick
Scanning electron microscopy of the head of a tick. Hill Creek Pictures BV (ednieuw.home.xs4all.nl)

There may also be more severe signs in case someone is too sensitive to parasites:

How Ticks Dig In With a Mouth Full of Hooks | Deep LookHow Ticks Dig In With a Mouth Full of Hooks | Deep Look
  • rash 
  • shortness of breath
  • insensibility
  • bump
  • paralysis of different types

What to do if any of these indicators are found? If you know how to extract the bloodsuckers, find it on yourself and delete it. If you’re in doubt, go to the hospital and ask for help.

Despite these beasts are quite dangerous, they have several curious traits we could never think about!

  • Ticks live on Earth for 90 million years by now!
  • Adult pests that suck blood are always female
  • The illness transferral happens closer to the end of a feeding
  • These parasites belong to the same family as spiders!
  • They can only crawl
  • The pests feed on blood during the whole life cycle 
  • Their stings are pain-free
  • Most stings of the bloodsuckers don’t transfer dangerous bacillus
  • Any pest’s sting can be handled with a local disinfecting and curing cream
by Cam Fortems (merrittherald.com)
dog tick cropped
Dog Tick (mvtimes.com)
Hard ticks
JANA BULANTOVA (madisonarealymesupportgroup.com)
Mark Berkery (beingmark.com)
Mark Berkery (beingmark.com)
Mark Berkery (beingmark.com)

The blacklegged tick Ixodes scapularis
The blacklegged tick Ixodes scapularis (entomologytoday.org)
Wood tick - Dermacentor andersoni
Wood tick Dermacentor andersoni, Copyright Lynette Elliott (bugguide.net)
Female lone star tick
Female lone star tick (cropwatch.unl.edu)

So be careful when going outside if you know these “vampires” are out hunting and pre-treat yourself and your family members with a repellent just in case.

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