What Is Bixie Haircut? 15+ Haircut Examples to Try

Learn more about this new and super trendy haircut that very few people know about!

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Short haircuts are always trendy: they look cool and pertly, making their owners stand out among those with long hair. And indeed, you need to be rather brave to cut your hair short! However, if you think that short haircuts give you little chances for expressing yourself, you are wrong.

Nowadays, there are plenty of different haircuts that are short but each of them can make your appearance look unique.

And a bixie haircut is one of them! Yes, you got it right, we said bixie, not pixie.

Never heard of it before? That’s fine since today we are going to tell you everything that we have discovered regarding this new and super trendy thing in the styling world!

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Bixie Haircut. What Is It?

When you hear this word for the first time, you may think you misunderstood it. Is it indeed bixie, not pixie? Are you sure?! Yes, we are sure. And the fact that you might not hear about this haircut style is very simple: it has just appeared in the world of haircuts!

So what is it? Well, bixie is a word that is combined of the two haircut names that you know perfectly well.

They are pixie and bob haircuts. When put together, they create…bixie! So eventually, a bixie haircut combines the major features of these two haircuts.

If you compare a bixie haircut with the other two (meaning bob and pixie), you will see what we mean. From the bob haircut (inverted bob, to be precise), bixie took the long fringe, sides, and the front with a short back cut in stacked layers.

And from the pixie haircut, it inherited the overall look and shape. So basically, you could say that bixie is actually a pixie hairstyle that is just somewhat longer.

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Bixie Haircut. What Is It
Credits: istock_oles, via Canva.com

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Bixie Haircut Styles. Choose the Best One For Yourself

We bet you think that short haircuts are nearly all the same, and it is pretty difficult to make your mane look outstanding when your hair is short. However, we can prove that such an opinion is wrong! Just check out our list of bixie hair styles, and you will see that there is plenty of options to try!

So no matter what skin tone you have, or what the texture of your hair is, you can always surf through this list we have made for you and find the haircut and style that will match your appearance best of all (by the way, you can use it as a trot when going to the hairdresser’s next time!).

Ash-gray highlights on dark hair
Credits: Instagram / @MOJAMEZIE

Ash-gray highlights on dark hair will make your bixie look more voluminous and create a fantasy-like look.

dark back with this “feathery” hairstyle
Instagram / @ANNIKAHAIR

Light top and sides, and a dark back with this “feathery” hairstyle can be used for both daily use and special occasions. You can even wear this hairstyle to your work!

Purplish feathers on a dark bixie haircut

Purplish feathers on a dark bixie haircut will make you stand out of any crowd.

bixie haircut

Such hairstyle is perfect for the girls with light and pale skin, as well as for the owners of peachy skin tone.

bixie with blonde highlights
Credits: Instagram / @JESSEGAINES

Such rounded bixie with blonde highlights will look great when paired with tanned skin and round face.

Extremely long fringe and very short voluminous back
Credits: Instagram / @ROSEMARYMONICAHAIR

Extremely long fringe and very short voluminous back is a perfect combo for the owners of round faces since such a haircut will make your face look more elongated.

Wavy strands with golden-blonde highlights
Credits: Instagram / @ASKFORJAMIE

Wavy strands with golden-blonde highlights create a slightly messy yet very natural and cheerful look.

bixie haircut with a fringe combed out to the side
Credits: Instagram / @MEGAHAIRMANIAC

A bixie haircut with a fringe combed out to the side will make your appearance more provocative and daring.

What Is Bixie Haircut 10 haircut Examples to Try
Credits: Instagram / @COLORISTSOCHI

An interesting color choice that will look especially great on the girls with tanned skin, as well as medium and brown skin tones.

A dark bixie with auburn highlighted tips and the locks
Credits: Instagram / @PLAVALAALESHIKA

A dark bixie with auburn highlighted tips and the locks styled in waves will not only add more volume to your hair, but it will also create an unforgettable and unique look.

Icy-gray with ash tones,
Credits: Instagram / @JAYWESLEYOLSON

Icy-gray with ash tones, this bixie is perfect for the girls with blue eye and fair or peachy skin.

sapphire-blue bixie
Credits: Instagram / @PANOVAEV

Who said you need to dye your hair with only natural colors?! This amazing and breathtaking sapphire-blue bixie will definitely make you a noticeable person!

Chestnut-brown haircut styled bixie
Credits: Instagram / @PLAVALAALESHIKA

Chestnut-brown haircut styled to the back in messy waves will be perfect for both daily use and business occasions.

high-lifted back and a long fringe with extra volume on top bixie haircut
Credits: Instagram / @IWEARBLACKALLDAY

Very high-lifted back and a long fringe with extra volume on top – this bixie haircut is styled perfectly for the owners of thin and volumeless strands.

Fringe styled bixie
Credits: Instagram / @ID_STUDIO_

Fringe styled to the side and voluminous strands arranged with a messy elegance will make any look stylish and trendy.


Who Can Wear a Bixie Haircut?

When choosing what haircut you would like to have, it is important to take certain nuances and factors into consideration. For instance, not all haircuts will fit round or oval faces.

Also, your facial features matter since the haircut you choose must highlight them and make them more prominent.

As for the bixie haircut, all the hairstyle fashionista may wonder whether or not it will fit any shape of face and facial features. So let’s try to figure this out:

  • You can make a bixie haircut regardless the texture of your locks
  • This haircut can be achieved on women with short, medium, or long hair
  • This haircut is especially flattering for oval and elongated faces, but other face shapes will accept it well, too
  • Bixie is perfect for both thick and thin hair, only when doing it on thin hair, ask your hairdresser to do a blowout to make your mane look more voluminous!
  • In addition, bixie will look great with the majority of hairstyles, such as highlights, etc.

So as you can see, a bixie hairstyle is rather versatile. But this is not the only advantage it has! It is very easy to take care of since such short hair needs way less hair care products to use on them.

And of course, you will spend significantly less time drying it. A perfect choice for busy ladies who are always on the run!

Who Can Wear a Bixie Haircut
Credits: lambada, via Canva.com

How to Maintain Your a Bixie Haircut to Keep It Look Gorgeous

It is not enough to have your hair cut bixie. To make this haircut look the same astonishing and stylish as on the day you did it, you need to do your best and make an effort.

On the other hand, no specific or complicated care or treatment is required, which is good!

  1. Visit your salon every six to eight weeks to keep the overall length of your hair at a proper level. The frequency may vary depending on how fast your hair grows.
  2. Pick proper styling products that will cut bulk and add definition to your haircut.
  3. Make use of a flat iron regularly. We recommend you use a ¼ inch flat iron in order to be able to get all the layers in the back easily.
  4. Consider wearing a mesh head wrap on your hair when sleeping to tie down your hair during the night. It will allow you to keep the back and the sides of your bixie haircut straight, saving you from it sticking in all crazy directions in the morning!
  5. Also, wash your hair frequently when having such a short haircut. Twice a week is usually fine. It will prevent the sebum buildup which may result in oily and weighed down strands.

When following these simple recommendations, you will be able to keep your bixie always flawless and stylish. Of course, maintaining it will take some time and effort since you will have to visit a salon pretty often, for example, but it’s worth it for sure!

If you skip that, you will end up with messy hair that hardly resembles the famous bixie!

How to Maintain Your a Bixie Haircut to Keep It Look Gorgeous
Credits: Elena Gurova, via Canva.com

What Makeup to Wear When You Have Made a Bixie Haircut?

Picking up the correct makeup is a must no matter what haircut you have right now. The only advantage that the owners of the long locks have is that they don’t need to bother about their makeup being perfectly flawless.

What Makeup to Wear When You Have Made a Bixie Haircut
Credits: Darren Baker, via Canva.com

However, if you have cut your hair short, for instance, by making a bixie haircut, your makeup routine will have to undergo a few changes, or must we say radical ones.

  1. Your face must always be ideally cleaned first of all since a short haircut makes your facial features way more exposed. So removing the skin oil excess is mandatory.
  2. Also, make sure you even out your facial skin and keep it matte. This is why consider exchanging your usual face moisturizer with a matifying one.
  3. Another essential step on the way to your flawless star-like look is to apply a primer.
  4. To keep your face skin light (which is now a big trend!), avoid applying too much foundation. This can be achieved by using a foundation brush.
  5. As for the eyes, eye makeup should also be minimal. So we recommend you give up on your beloved heavy smokey eyes and move to a cat-eyeliner.
  6. When applying blush, avoid going back and forth in order not to end up with a pink line across your chick!
  7. Finally, pay attention to your lips. Choose playful lipstick colors to highlight the joyful vibe that this haircut gives you! Orangey red to pinks, plum and fuchsia – these are only the few shades that will suit a bixie haircut ideally.

So now you know what a bixie haircut is and what makes it different from its “parents” – pixie and bob. And since you learned what types of faces it suits best and what makeup fits it better than others, be sure your bixie look will always be flawless!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Can I do a bixie haircut on very curly hair?

Yes, this haircut suits any type and structure of hair.

⭐ My bixie looks flat and volumeless. What’s wrong?

Try to use volumizing hair products or ask your hairdresser to do a blowout to add extra volume to the hair.

⭐ I want to make highlights, but I have a bixie haircut and I’m not sure whether they’ll look nice on it. Shall I try?

Definitely! Highlights will add extra volume to the hair and make the total look of your chevelure more interesting and eye-catching!


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