What Happens If You Bleach Your Hair Twice?

Learn whether it is safe to undergo this procedure two times, and what could be the aftermath if you do so

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Changes are beautiful and inspiring! Perhaps everyone (or almost everyone) enjoys transforming oneself every now and then.

From our footwear to our clothes, we tend to experiment with different styles, colors, accessories, and lots of other things only to see how we will look with different appearance. And of course, changing the hair color is one of such things.

But if with the majority of other things such as shoes or clothes it is always more like a trial and error process, with your hair, this is not going to work like that!

When you are thinking of bleaching your hair, there is no place for trial and error.

You need to make sure that everything, every single detail, is just perfect in order to get the desired result. Otherwise, there is a risk of turning your smooth and flowing locks into a dry and cloggy nest!

And of course, when it comes to bleaching, ladies are often worried about the same issue: can you bleach your hair twice?

Bleaching is a rather harmful procedure, so no wonder they would like to know how hazardous it might be for their manes.

This is why today we decided to help you out and tell you more about bleaching, how it works in general (but we are pretty sure that you already know that!), and also whether or not you should bleach your hair twice, and what could be the aftermath of such a procedure.

Can I Bleach My Hair Twice?

This is probably the question that every lady asks when the time comes to visit a salon for having her hair bleached.

See, there are quite many hair coloring procedures that require applying bleach, and of course, clients would like to know how frequently such a harmful procedure can be made. Especially if you are thinking of bleaching your hair twice!

So, basically, double bleaching of your hair is fine.

Moreover, if you want to become blonde, you will most likely have to apply bleach onto your tresses two times! On the other hand, this procedure must never be taken two times in a row.

See, bleaching hair twice in a day will damage your locks leading to breakage. And if your hair breaks, then what will you have left at all to bleach?

So we find it necessary to remind you once again that, whenever you are up to any hair color changes (no matter how dramatic they are going to be), keep in mind that your hair safety and health is a priority!

This is why we do not recommend you bleach your strands more than once in a period of one week. Simply allow your hair to rest after the very first bleaching process, and you will see that the final dyeing result will be much better!

This recommendation works for both hair that is going to be bleached for the first time, as well as for the hair that has to be re-bleached.

If you are patient enough and you let your hair rest and breathe for one week at least, which is a required minimum, you will see that your tresses look and feel much better and they are ready for the repeat of the bleaching procedure.

And remember: bleaching must be done gradually: work your way to the perfect blonde shade you are dreaming off step by step slowly.

Like this, your hair will not suffer, and you will be way more satisfied with the result!

Can I Bleach My Hair Twice
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Why You Should Consider Hair Bleaching At All

Indeed, why would you need to bleach your hair, especially taking into account how harmful this procedure is for our hair? See, bleaching is quite a delicate process itself.

Yes, of course, it is harmful when done to your hair, but bleaching can only cause damage if it is done improperly!

This is why it is usually strictly forbidden to bleach your hair at home unless you are a professional hair colorist!

But if you are going to bleach your hair at a professional salon, this procedure will give you a lot of benefits! One of them is that after you bleach your hair, it will be transformed and given that perfectly gentle beautiful blonde shade that every girl is craving for so much!

This is exactly the case when changes are beautiful!

And in case you would love to change your hair color from any other shade to platinum blonde, bleaching is the right thing for you! As you probably already know, bleaching is the process of hair color change when you change your natural shade to a lighter one.

In comparison, when you just need to have a darker shade of your hair, you simply have to color your chevelure with a hair dye of the desired color.

But if your goal is to change the shade completely and get the reverse effect (change darker hair to a lighter shade), you will have to go through hair bleaching anyway.

Why You Should Consider Hair Bleaching At All

How Does Hair Bleaching Work?

Have you ever asked yourself how bleaching of your hair works? If you have, and you don’t know the exact answer, you will finally get it here right now!

See, unlike hair coloring, bleaching actually takes the hair color away through the process known as oxidation. During the oxidation process, the pigment in your hair shaft is removed, thus making it a few shades lighter than your previous hair color.

A bleaching agent which is also known as an oxidizing agent, is used in the process.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are two of the most commonly used bleaching agents, although they are quite often mixed together to get a way more powerful and stable solution.

Now, based on everything that we have just told you about hair bleaching and how it works, you probably already realized why we are warning you about the potential damage to your hair that can be done by this procedure.

Even those manufacturers who claim that their bleaching product is peroxide-free will often add other oxidizing agents that will do exactly the same thing and cause exactly the same damage to your locks!

bleached my hair twice in one daybleached my hair twice in one day

How to Bleach Your Hair Without Damaging It?

It might probably sound as a miracle to you, but in fact, it is possible to undergo that hair bleaching procedure without causing much damage to your locks. Of course, you should not expect to bleach your hair and do it absolutely harmlessly for your mane, especially if the procedure must be done more than once!

But at the same time, with the help of certain tricks and when following some easy recommendations, it is possible to significantly reduce the potential harm that bleaching agent may cause to your tresses.

Depending on what shade your hair currently has and what volume of bleaching agent you are going to use, you can only get a certain level of lightening done.

How to Bleach Your Hair Without Damaging It (2)
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It means that you will not instantly get to that awesome and breathtaking platinum blonde if you want to have a safe bleaching experience. You are going to do this one step at a time: expect to get at least three shades lighter per bleach.

And in order to undergo every bleaching procedure safely, keep in mind a few easy yet very helpful tips:

  • Never bleach your hair two times in a row! It will cause serious damage and breakage to your tresses!
  • For better results and for safer bleaching, it is recommended to undergo this color-ripping procedure no more than once in a week.
  • Give your hair proper care and treatment in between the bleaching sessions to keep it up and let it restore and rest after such a stressful procedure.

With all this in mind, you will make such a harmful process as hair bleaching way safer for your strands.

How to Bleach Your Hair Without Damaging It
Credits: Anna Subbotina, via Canva.com

What Can Happen to Your Chevelure If You Bleach Your Hair Twice In One Day?

You have probably heard it already, but we believe we should repeat it again: bleaching hair twice in 24 hours is extremely harmful! Hardly you are surprised, but we just had to do this.

If you visit a salon, a professional colorist will tell you that, if you undergo a hair bleaching session two times in a row (meaning that you bleach your hair twice during the same day), it will result in very harmful effects on your hair.

This is why we are going to provide you with the list of those side effects so that you could imagine what you should expect in case you decide to bleach your tresses two times in a row, no matter whether in a salon or at home. Ready?

Then off we go!

What Can Happen to Your Chevelure If You Bleach Your Hair Twice In One Day
Credits: RobertoDavid, Canva.com

It May Burn Your Scalp

Bleaching your hair for the second time the same day may lead to the burns on your scalp. Your scalp is basically skin on top of your head. It is very sensitive, and since hair bleach is a very powerful chemical, it will most likely leave your scalp feeling itchy and it will damage it too.

This is why, when you apply hair bleach even for the very first time, rinse it off right away the second you start feeling it’s getting itchy or burns the skin on your head!

It May Burn Your Scalp
Credits: RobertoDavid, via Canva.com

Your Hair May Change For the Worse

Hardly you are dreaming of dry and frizzy hair that looks like hay and feels the same coarse! However, this is exactly what hair bleach can do to your tresses in case you don’t go about it the right way!

To prevent this unwelcomed hair transformation, you can put coconut oil on your locks first and do plenty of conditioning treatments. And for those of you who have already had your hair bleached once, there is no time like the present to get started doing these things to help your mane!

Your Hair May Change For the Worse
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Everything May End Up In a Wrong Color

You might say that it is less harmful than having your scalp burned, but believe us, walking down the streets with your hair of some unexplained color can sometimes be the worst nightmare!

Bleaching requires a proper mixture of the ingredients. If you fail and don’t mix them as they should be in specific amounts, you are bound to wind up with discolored tresses.

As you could already guess, hair bleaching is a very delicate yet the same aggressive process. This is why it will be much better if you let the professional hair colorist do his or her job and help you at least get started. Like this, you will prevent damaging your hair permanently.

And remember one more essential thing: if you need to bleach your hair twice, never do this on the same day two times in a row! It will ruin your hair forever, making it come out in clumps when you touch it!

This was not for frightening you, of course. We just want to warn you about the possible side effects that wrongly done hair bleaching tends to have. But if you do everything right, you can be sure that your hair will be fine, and you will get exactly the color you were dreaming of!

Everything May End Up In a Wrong Color
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How Long Should You Wait to Bleach Your Hair Again?

If you know for sure that you will need bleaching your hair for a second time to be done, you might be wondering how much time is best to wait until the second session is taken.

It makes sense since your hair needs to rest enough and restore after being bleached for the first time!

Well, to begin with, we do not recommend you bleach your tresses again and again endlessly, of course! Overprocessing is not a good look on anyone, you know. And breakage can make your hair look wonky, with the rough and frizzy texture.

This is why, if you do want to get lighter and bleach your hair again, we suggest you do this after three full weeks past the first session. This time gap will allow your hair cuticle to heal properly, close, and lay flat again.

How Long Should You Wait to Bleach Your Hair Again (2)
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And of course, you must not forget about proper hair conditioning and pampering your hair during those three weeks of restoring! Only then your hair can be bleached again.

Of course, this waiting time depends on how light you want your hair to finally be. But in general, you should not start another bleaching session earlier than a full week after the first one was made!

Waiting two weeks will be even better, to be honest, and three weeks is the best and the most optimal time frame.

All the shorter time frames are not recommended! This is why, if you are in a rush, you’d better visit a professional colorist for help and advice.

How Long Should You Wait to Bleach Your Hair Again
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Extra Tips to Keep In Mind When Bleaching Hair

It is not possible to know literally everything, but the more you know the better.

Especially when it comes to coloring your hair and undergoing all the following procedures, such as bleaching, for example.

In this case, being fully informed means that your hair will survive even the harshest treatment more or less safely.

Extra Tips to Keep In Mind When Bleaching Hair
Credits: SanneBerg, via Canva.com

As for the bleaching sessions in particular, you also should be aware of a few extra tips that can help you go through this challenge without losses.

  1. Change your hair color gradually. Never try to get platinum blonde in one bleaching session or it will kill your hair!
  2. Once you are done with the very first bleaching session, you have to follow it up with some toner as well as repairing treatment.
  3. Use the best shampoo treatment and repair choosing the products designed for the colored or bleached hair in particular.
  4. Maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet in order to provide your hair with all the nutrients and elements they need right now to restore.
  5. Learn about peroxide volumes and hair color in order to determine which bleaching agent will provide you with the best results.
  6. Perform the bleaching treatment quickly. Like this, you will lessen the chance of getting uneven results.
  7. After bleaching, follow up with some toner.
  8. Let it rest for a week or so before attempting to bleach again.

Now this is the fullest and the most complete guide on bleaching hair and tips on this subject!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How to take care of my hair after bleaching?

Deep condition it, shampoo with a special product for bleached or colored hair, and avoid using hot stylers.

⭐ Is it ok if I go for the second bleaching session after six weeks?

Yes, it’s absolutely fine.

⭐ Can I bleach short hair?

Yes, you can.

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