How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Crazy?

Learn why he does that and what you should say in response.

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Crazy

Communication is not as simple as you may think at first. It’s not just about talking, it is about sharing information and creating a well-balanced dialogue when each participant allows the other to express his or her opinion and is patient enough to listen to what another person says.

However, not all of us are familiar at least with the basic rules of etiquette.

And this is why it often happens when a guy says something like “You’re crazy!” to a woman.

Shall you accept that phrase as an offense? And what shall you say in response if you hear something like that addressed to you?

If you are also not sure how to react to such words from a man, and what to say when someone calls you crazy, we are here to help you sort this stuff out.

In the article that we have prepared for you today we will provide you with a few useful comebacks that you can use in case a guy throws that “you are crazy!” at you.

In addition, we will try to figure out why they do it at all, meaning why would a man call a woman crazy just for nothing?

A Few Comebacks to have At Hand When a Guy Calls You Crazy

When a guy calls you crazy, it is offensive first of all. And also it is impolite and rude. Of course, the way you feel about these words will strongly depend on how they were said.

For example, when a guy calls you crazy in a good way and you clearly understand that this is a joke, it’s ok and there is nothing bad about it!

But what if he really tried to humiliate you by calling like that? No matter whether he is your friend, colleague, or, moreover, your boyfriend or partner, when he calls you crazy, you have to respond!

Otherwise, the person will accept your silent behavior as a norm and think that it is allowed for him to say so.

Of course, when a man calls you crazy, you become puzzled and may feel frustrated a bit, which is why quite many women often report that they did not react at once and thus did not respond as they should be.

So first of all we recommend you calm down and realize whether it was said in a mean way or it was just a joke.

This is why, to help you always be ready and “armed”, we suggest you check out a few handy comebacks for such a case!

When having them in your mind, you will be able to put the mean person back to his place…or to show your loved one that you are a good sport and you can take jokes!

A Few Comebacks to have At Hand When a Guy Calls You Crazy
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What to Say to a Guy You Love Or Like When He Calls You Crazy

If your loved one or your partner calls you crazy and you are sure that he is joking (usually it is very simple to figure out by the tone it was said), your response will show him that you got the joke and you got it right.

So here is how you can reply in this case.

What to Say to a Guy You Love Or Like When He Calls You Crazy
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I’m Just Crazy About You, Darling!

This is a simple, flirty response that you should only use when you are sure the guy has a thing for you. It is the perfect balance of flirty and cheesy that will give you two a big laugh.

Just be careful when using this if you haven’t expressed your feelings to the person because it has the potential to come off as weird.

It can even ruin your chances of being taken seriously by him.

I’m Just Crazy About You, Darling!
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Well, I Guess You Should have Read the Fine Print!

This joke means that you were already crazy when he just met you for the first time, and he should have seen that when he was starting a relationship with you. So he should not really be surprised!

This witty response will not just show that you have a good sense of humor, but also it will let your man know that you have feelings toward him.

Well, I Guess You Should have Read the Fine Print!
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I Can Get Even Crazier!

This flirty response is good to use when you want to allude to doing something sexual.

Just don’t be weird about it or else he will burst out laughing. But even if he does, we can count that as a win too!

Why do men call women crazy? || STEVE HARVEYWhy do men call women crazy? || STEVE HARVEY

Seems Like This Is Another Thing That We Have In Common!

A good and witty way to show that you and him have common features of character.

In other words, you are saying he is just as crazy as you and maybe that’s why you two make or would make the perfect couple!

Seems Like This Is Another Thing That We Have In Common!
Credits: RostyslavOleksin, via

You Are the One Who Made Me This Way!

Use this jokingly when you want to say he’s driving you crazy with the things he does, so he should blame himself for anything that comes next.

These are the responses to use if a guy calls you crazy in a good and fun way.

But what shall you say if you clearly see that the person is intended to reproach you and he is saying that in a mean manner?

Then you should be using other wordings.

You Are the One Who Made Me This Way!
Credits: IgorVetushko, via

What to Say When Someone Calls You Crazy In a Bad Way?

You can have two different scenarios here.

You may not be interested in the guy who called you crazy or you may take offense to his words. Either way, you might not be so inclined to joke around with such a rude man.

It just is not appropriate and your response should hint at the fact that you don’t like it, so he should back off.

Or, you could use your response to scare him off. This way, he won’t try to pursue you and will lose interest.

These responses can help you to scare off such a person and make him understand that it’s a bad idea to talk like that to crazy people…

What to Say When Someone Calls You Crazy In a Bad Way
Credits: RostyslavOleksin, via

Exactly. Imagine What I’d Do to You In Your Sleep!

Just imagine how you’d feel if someone said this to you. Creepy, right?

That’s exactly why it’s the perfect response to scare any unwanted guys off.

The only drawback is that he might actually go around telling others you’re actually crazy but a win is a win, right?

Exactly. Imagine What I’d Do to You In Your Sleep!
Credits: AndrewLozovyi, via

Well, Being Crazy Is Anyway Better Than Being a Tool!

A tool in this sense refers to a guy who is overly cocky or has a huge ego that makes him seem like a total douchebag to others.

Plus, he thinks he is way smarter, hotter, or more likable than he really is.

Telling him off like that will certainly bruise his ego and will hopefully make him take it down a couple of notches.

It is a great idea since humbling him will likely be embarrassing for him and he won’t want to speak to you again.

Well, Being Crazy Is Anyway Better Than Being a Tool!
Credits: AllaSerebrina, via

And You Are?

Say this in a feisty tone. It is good to say when you want to make it clear that he isn’t important enough for you to know his name and you aren’t interested in him.

He will go running in the other direction with his tail between his legs. Good riddance!

And You Are
Credits: Satura_, via

Funny Comebacks to Guys Calling You Crazy If You Are Friends

When a guy friend calls you crazy, often he does not mean anything bad, he is just fooling around! And based on your response you two can have a good laugh!

You have got to find something witty that works well in the situation and of course won’t make him feel offended.

So we suggest you consider the following answers that can be used in a conversation with your guy friend if he suddenly says you are crazy.

Any of them will surely bring him down!

Funny Comebacks to Guys Calling You Crazy If You Are Friends
Credits: IgorVetushko, via

Wow! Awesome! I Was Actually Doing a Cosplay Of You. I Guess It Worked

In simpler terms, you were just mimicking him, so that means he’s actually the crazy one!

Use this if you guys are into anime or else he probably won’t get what it means.

Hey, You’ve Got to Be Odd to Be Number One!

This is a really big-brain, high-IQ response, so prepared for him to be amazed and to burst into laughter!

Remember that the numeral one is an odd number and that “crazy people” are seen as off members of society.

When he catches on, the two of you will have a hearty laugh and he probably won’t be able to come up with anything to top that.

Hey, You’ve Got to Be Odd to Be Number One!
Credits: IgorVetushko, via

It’s a Side Effect Of Being Awesome. You Wouldn’t Get It

When you use this, you are basically saying you are awesome and he is not, so he couldn’t possibly relate.

It’s good to use when you want to be positive about what he said and want to show that you didn’t take offense to it since people are super sensitive these days.

Well, Yeah, But At Least I’m Not You

This response will definitely make him pause for a second and try to process what just happened.

He’ll start to wonder what’s wrong with him and you can use that time to laugh at your dumbstruck friend.

Well, Yeah, But At Least I’m Not You
Credits: nd3000, via

Your Mom Didn’t Seem to Think That Last Night!

This is a classic joke but only use this if you guys are close and have joked like this in the past.

We wouldn’t want him to take it the wrong way. You two will likely end up laughing about it and he might hit you with one of his best ‘your momma’ jokes as well.

Thank You!

Yes, that simple! It never hurts to be polite, do you agree? Like a saying says: kill them with kindness, or a knife.

But preferably with kindness.

Wanna Make-Out?

You never know! Maybe he is just trying to get the attention of your tongue in his mouth!

The Sanest People Are the Ones Who Admit They Are Crazy

Like the Cheshire Cat from “Alice In Wonderland” said, everyone is crazy. We live in a crazy world and it’s bound to rub off on us. Self-awareness is the key to sanity.

The Sanest People Are the Ones Who Admit They Are Crazy
Credits: chika_milan, via

Why Would He Call You Crazy?

All right, it’s clear why your guy friend can call you crazy – he is just joking! But when you hear these words from your partner or boyfriend, it must become a red sign for you! Something is wrong!

We can name you several most common reasons why a man would call his woman crazy.

If you read them carefully, we are sure that you will start asking yourself more questions about your relationship and in particular, about what kind of man you have beside you.

Why Would He Call You Crazy
Credits: AllaSerebrina, via

He Wants You to Doubt Yourself

This is typical abusive behavior. By calling you crazy your man actually expresses doubts in your mental or emotional health! And thus, he expresses doubts in your conclusions and words.

When someone calls you crazy, a natural reaction is to question what you’re saying and doing. This is what guys who want to manipulate you rely on; they want you to doubt yourself.

Once you start doubting yourself, you may end up folding your position all together.

If he’s good at manipulation, he’ll make you feel like you were wrong to even bring the issue up, because there’s no real issue in the first place.

He Wants You to Doubt Yourself
Credits: trofalena, via

He Wants to Pass the Blame

Even if a guy knows he is wrong, he might not want to admit it. So instead of letting you find fault with him, he’ll pass the blame onto you.

If he is able to convince you that you are crazy or hysterical, he’ll avoid having to take the blame.

Don’t buy into that! Stick to your guns.

He Is Avoiding Responsibility

When a guy does recognize that there is a problem in the relationship, he’ll say you’re nuts to make it seem like it’s your fault. He does this because he doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions. He’s trying to distance himself from the situation.

If he’s able to make you doubt yourself enough to convince you that you’re the only one at fault, then what you know as right and wrong will be totally turned upside down.

He Is Avoiding Responsibility
Credits: Ischukigor, via

He Is Trying to Invalidate You

Once he calls you crazy, all of your future arguments and feelings will be invalid to him.

If he talks to his and even your friends about you in these terms, then other people will automatically support his stance that you’re nuts.

People are very gullible, so be sure to put an end to this as soon as you realize what’s going on.

He Is Trying to Keep You Silent

Telling someone they’re insane is one of the easiest and most effective ways to silence them. Once you start to believe it, you’ll be more reluctant to express your thoughts and feelings.

If he’s able to convince you that you’re somehow defective, then you’ll feel ashamed about yourself well before you even bring up a complaint.

This kind of manipulation is a great way for him to keep you quiet in the long run.

He Is Trying to Keep You Silent
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He Wants Everything His Way

The whole reason a guy wants to manipulate you is because he wants everything to go his way. He wants to be in charge of the relationship and he wants everything to go according to his terms.

So if your boyfriend tends to call you crazy or insane pretty often, think about it.

Perhaps, this man loves himself much more than he loves you? And perhaps, he and his needs matter more to himself than your needs and you?

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ When a guy calls you perfect, what do you say?

You can say “oh, thank you! I know!” but do it in a flirty and joking way! Otherwise he’ll think you’re selfish.

⭐ What does it mean when a guy calls you crazy?

He is either trying to reproach or humiliate you, or he’s joking. Depends on how he says that.

⭐ What if my mom always says I’m crazy when I’m trying to explain my opinion to her?

Seems like your mother is emotionally immature and can’t stand any confrontation.

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