How to Respond When a Girl Says She Is Busy?

Did you just ask her to go out with you, and she said yes but also said she’s busy? We will explain what it might mean and how you should respond!

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Dating is not an easy thing, especially in a modern world of online dating apps and platforms like Tinder, etc.

People have become so busy with their work and daily household chores that many of them, both men and women, find it complicated to find enough spare time for dating and going out with someone for dinner or even for a drink!

This is why it is not something uncommon when a guy asks a girl out and she replies that she is busy.

However, in this situation, a man would definitely start asking himself questions like “Does it mean no if a girl says she is busy when you ask her out?” or “When a girl says she’s busy, does it mean she does not like me?”.

Of course, you can spend hours or even days on trying to solve this mystery!

But we suggest a much easier way! In the article below, we have collected the most common reasons for such an answer that may come from a girl.

Read on, and you will find out what it means when a girl says she’s busy, what could be the reason for such a reply from her, and what you should take into consideration if you want your date to be successful!

How to Respond When She Says She’s Busy?

Dating a busy woman is not a simple thing, this is why guys prefer figuring out in advance whether or not their crush is interested in a relationship and how busy she is.

Because if you ask a girl to go out and a girl says that she’s busy all the time – then what could possibly be between you and her?!

For quite many men, when they ask a girl out and she turns them out saying that she is busy, it is frustrating and embarrassing.

The majority of men would not even know for sure what to say in response in this situation! Moreover, such a reply from a girl may sound unclear to them. What does she mean by saying that “I’m busy”?

Is it the way to show me that she is not interested? Or maybe she is trying to play with me and thus make me more interested in her? Or, perhaps, she is really busy at work or elsewhere?

Too many questions that are pretty hard to deal with if you don’t know how to do it right! Fortunately, you have this article in front of you, which means that you have a full guide on what to reply to a busy girl and what that answer of hers means at all.

So if such a phrase from a girl still makes you feel puzzled and uncertain about her intentions, grab a few handy tips on what all this could possibly mean.

With that information in mind, you will always be able to respond correctly depending on what your vis a vis meant when saying she is busy to go out with you.

How to Respond When She Says She’s Busy
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If You Ask Her For a Drink, But She Says She Is Busy

If you are asking a girl that you like out for a drink and she is turning it down back to back with the “I’m busy” phrase, then there might be two different reasons for that: she is either really busy or simply not interested.

Probably she is not taking any interest in you. Or maybe, she is just thinking of you to be too desperate if you are asking her out just after talking to her for a few hours. So, if she has turned you down quite a few times, and she has denied, do not attempt the same again.

Moreover, it might be the case that she is actually very busy, and cannot take out time to go for a drink with you. So, in that case, you can just say “We can go some other time when you are free”. And, after that don’t ask too early.

Give her some time, and then ask some other time. If she turns you down again and again, then it makes sense if you just give up on her and move on.

If You Ask Her For a Drink, But She Says She Is Busy
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What If You Have Already Sent Her Quite a Few Texts, But She Has Replied Saying She Is Busy?

This is another scenario that men often find uncertain and hard to understand.

Girls like attention, as we all know, but not too much of it! If you are trying to be more interactive than she is, then probably you’re doing it wrong. Do not do the same and do not send her too many texts at the same time.

She might think that you are just being too desperate for her attention and maybe that’s why turning down the deal.

What If You Have Already Sent Her Quite a Few Texts, But She Has Replied Saying She Is Busy
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What If You Ask Her Out For Dinner But She Says She Is Busy At the Moment?

If she says she is busy at the moment, then that might be a good sign for you.

She is probably truly busy at the moment and giving you the sign to ask her out later and not stop contacting. So, be compassionate, and understand her situation and spare her some time.

What If You Ask Her Out For Dinner But She Says She Is Busy At the Moment
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A Girl Says She Is Busy And Asks You Whether You Are Free the Next Day

That’s a great sign, in fact. It means, she is actually busy and is asking you out.

She is actually taking interest in you and asking you out to meet up some other time. Always remember, a girl making time for you is the best thing you can expect!

What to Do When She Says She's Busy...What to Do When She Says She’s Busy…

She Says She Is Busy After the First Date. What Could That Mean?

Many times it happens that when you go on a date with a girl, and after that when you want to reach out to her and make some plans for hanging out, and she says she is busy, then it might be the case that when she met you for the first time, she did have the enthusiasm to know you but after knowing you she might have felt that there is no chemistry between you and her.

And, again there are many cases such as either she didn’t like how you talk, how you look, how you behave, or how you treat her.

Or, by chance, if you guys had sex on the first date, and then if she says she is busy when you ask her to chat or go out, that might be a case that she had not enjoyed the sex because of your low performance, and thus she doesn’t think she can be in a relationship with you.

She Says She Is Busy After the First Date. What Could That Mean (2)
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So move on rather than hitting on her again and again.

Most importantly, when you ask for anything, and the girl says she is busy without leaving any alternatives, then you understand that she is not interested in you. So, move on instead of asking her again and again.

So, now you have a few variants of why a girl might say she is busy, and how to behave in this situation.

As you can see, such an answer from her does not always mean that she is not interested or that she is trying to get rid of you. Sometimes, your crush can really be busy at work!

Keep that in mind and do not push her to go out with you! Give her time and ask her later again (of course, if you two haven’t agreed on a date of your meeting yet).

She Says She Is Busy After the First Date. What Could That Mean
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A Few More Nuances to Keep In Mind

As we have already mentioned, dating is a tricky and somewhat complicated thing! It’s like a game with twisted rules that you can never know where it might turn.

No wonder that quite many people, both men and women, find it rather mind-twisting to figure out what they shall and what they shall not say to their crush when just starting the relationship.

And since it is so easy to make a silly mistake that may ruin even the most prospective relationship, we suggest you check out a few useful recommendations we have prepared for you, guys!

Like this, you will know for sure what behavior of yours can scare a girl off or simply make her turn you down and lose every last bit of interest in you as a prospective partner. So read attentively!

A Few More Nuances to Keep In Mind
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Never Ask Her Out Right Then!

This is a common mistake you guys make! You ask the girl out for her next schedule just when she turns down the plan saying she’s busy. So if she says to you “Sorry, I can’t make it that day”, your reply should never be ” How about the next day?” That’s the worst thing that you can ever do!

As soon as you suggest another date, you end up showing how desperate you are for her attention and that kills her interest towards you immediately.

What you can do is, just wait a few more days and ask her out again, but at ease. If she turns you out again, then it’s probably time to move on and stop contacting her anymore.

Never Ask Her Out Right Then!
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Avoid Nagging Her!

Remember one simple thing: if you want a girl to become interested in you, you should never ever keep on nagging her or request her to go out, or to get on a call, or to reply to you! Really? Are you serious?!

You are a grown-up man, so do not portray yourself as a cry baby!

Assuming that she has some interest in you in the first place, doing this would make you seem like an emotional fool to her, and that would absolutely ruin her interest in you.

Avoid Nagging Her!
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Watch Out For Her Interest In You

The most important thing in your relationship with a woman is her interest in you in the first place and not your interest in her. So, before you end up learning every possible way regarding how to respond when a girl says she is busy, know whether she has any interest in you or not.

There is hardly anything that you can do to instigate her interest in you. So, if you come to know that she doesn’t have any interest in you, there is no point in trying to win over it.

We understand that it all may sound to you like rocket science, but believe it or not, guys, when you follow these simple rules (and they are indeed simple!), you will see how much easier it becomes to build a relationship with a girl.

Simply because you understand what makes her behave this or that way, and you know how to react in each particular case, and moreover, you know how to react correctly!

Watch Out For Her Interest In You
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What Does It Mean When She Says She’s Busy?

If you have ever received that text message from a girl saying something like “I can’t accept your invitation right now. See, I’m very busy at the moment”, you surely asked yourself what the reason could be. So before you send a response, we would recommend you try to figure out why she replied like that.

You might be surprised, boys, but girls do not always send you such messages just to make you disappear from their radars! Sometimes, this phrase means exactly what it means.

However, there might also be a few other alternative options, so you’d better check out all the possible variants.

What Does It Mean When She Says She’s Busy
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She May Be Busy For Real!

No jokes! She may really be super busy at work! Girls can often be secretive as well, and may decide not to tell all the details as to why they are busy.

This can depend on her job, her family life and well any other reason, which may not be important to you. This does not mean that she is ignoring you but simply implies that when she finds free time, she will surely be available to you.

In addition, nowadays quite many girls are job and career-oriented, so naturally, such a girl would find it rather difficult to find some spare time to go out!

Or, if she is a college student, she might be busy with her studying.

And of course, if you know that the girl has just come out of a hard relationship, you should understand that diving into a new affair might just be too difficult for her!

She May Be Busy For Real!
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She Has Someone Else

If this is the case and she really has another man whom she likes more than you, then saying she is busy is simply the indirect way for her to let you know that she has someone else over you.

Perhaps, it happened because you waited for too long and missed your chance so she decided to try it with another guy!

She Has Someone Else
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She Doesn’t Like You

Sad, but this is true. A girl may say she is busy if for some reason she can’t tell you directly that she doesn’t like you. Perhaps she just doesn’t want to disappoint you or hurt your feelings.

This can happen after a couple of dates that you two have been on. It means that she’s not interested in seeing you anymore. Instead of directly telling you this, she chose to give you an excuse by saying she is busy. Next time she may use a different excuse, like work or whatever else comes to her mind.

Girls feel uncomfortable with straight up rejecting a guy, so that’s why they prefer doing it this way instead. Basically she wants to end it with you without having a fight or an argument about it.

She Doesn’t Like You
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So, now you know everything about why girls may tell you they are busy when being asked to go out with you. And as you can see, it’s not always about their denial or absence of interest in you!

So even if she replied with “I’m busy”, it’s not a reason to give up! Try again later and do your best to win her. But of course, if you see she’s not into you, it’s better to just let her go!

Frequently Asked Questions

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She might not be interested, or you behave too persistently for her.

⭐ How soon shall I ask a girl to go out after we first met?

Try to do it after a week or two.

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