How to Open a Thermos That Is Stuck?

Open it safely and fast! We will teach you how

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Thermo bottle is a great thing whenever we go on a hiking trip or simply set off for a long winter walk around the city. However, those of you who use such bottles regularly might notice that these flasks have a bad habit: their lids tend to get stuck.

What shall you do if the lid of your thermo flask got stuck, but the bottle itself is still working? Don’t worry, you will not have to buy a new one! There are many ways you can cope with such a problem (that is not a problem at all).

How to Open a Flask If Its Lid Is Stuck?

Your hydro flask lid can get stuck for many reasons that we will discuss a bit later. However, when you need to open it, most of us get, well, stuck because we usually try some simple methods like unscrewing it.

Nevertheless, there are multiple ways of opening that stuck bottle lid without causing any harm to the tank. You can go for any of them, from giving your thermos a cold bath to harsher methods like drilling a hole in the lid.
So how to open a thermos that is stuck by yourself?

How to Open a Flask If Its Lid Is Stuck
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Check out several handy and rather simple approaches we prepared for you:

  1. If you have troubles and can’t open the lid, push it down and then turn
  2. Using a stick or a bar as a lever can also help
  3. Another way is to drill a hole right in a lid
  4. Run the stuck lid under hot water (works great for both hydro flasks and jam jars)
  5. Applying some dish soap around the lid will make it slippery and way simpler to open
  6. Try to tighten the lid a bit more first, and then untighten it
  7. Giving your stuck lid ice bath can help to ease the greses and thus unscrew the lid faster
  8. If there is still some liquid inside the flask, try to turn the tank upside down and tap it. It can help to loose the lid that is stuck
  9. The simplest method is to wrap a towel around the stubborn lid and try to unscrew it. However, that may not work well all the time
  10. Using a hammer is also a solution. However, be careful and hit it where the handle meets the lid in the direction you need to open the flask

Why Does Hydro Flask Cap Get Stuck?

And, How to open a flask if you can’t open the lid: push it down and turn. Or apply soap around the lid, try to tighten and untighten the lid. Wrap a towel around the lid and unscrew it. Or drill a hole in a lid. These are basic tips on how to open a flask.

Since we figured out what methods you can make use of to try to open the flask with the stuck lid, there is another question that needs an answer.

Why does it happen at all? Why can’t we sometimes simply open a thermo bottle of water?

Well, the reason is a stuck bottle cap. But what makes it get stuck? See, such tanks are made so that the liquid can’t get out or leak meaning they are completely air tight and watertight. It helps them to keep the content inside of a bottle safe.

How to open thermos lid ?How to open thermos lid ?

However, it also means that if there is any build-up or pressure inside such a flask, it will not be able to escape! Instead, this pressure will be pushing on the lid causing a lot of friction on its threads, which will result in it getting stuck and hard to unscrew.

For this reason, it is not recommended to keep carbonated drinks (for instance, beer or soda water), as well as milk and other fatty beverages in such bottles. It will allow you to avoid developing greasy build-up and extra pressure.

Smoothies also belong to threat factors, by the way. If we keep them enclosed in a Thermo bottle too long, they will begin to ferment. Since fermentation releases lots of gases, well, you know what that means to your bottle’s cap!

Now you are aware of what makes your Thermo flask lid get stuck, and what you shall do to solve this issue. Remember to keep only the allowed liquids in your thermos, and you will never have a problem opening such a flask again!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Which method of opening a stuck lid of a Thermo flask actually works?

The best way is to screw it a bit tighter first, and then unscrew. For some reason it works.

⭐If I pour boiling water into my hydro flask, will that lead to its lid getting stuck?

No, the lids of hydro bottles only get stuck if we keep carbonated drinks or fatty beverages inside. Smoothies, if kept too long, can also lead to problems with opening the bottle since they will create lots of gases.

⭐Why do hydro flask lids get stuck?

It can happen because of the excessive pressure inside the tank. Also, greasy build-up can be the reason.

⭐Is plastic or metal hydro flask better?

Metal bottles are safer and more long-lasting, so in general, they are considered to be better than their plastic counterparts.

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