At What Temperature Does Beer Freeze?

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Beer And More!

What Temperature Does Beer Freeze

Taking a glass of cold beer is something every man is dreaming about on a hot summer day. 

And of course, keeping a can or two saved for further consumption requires the drink to remain fresh and tasty.

That is why so many people wonder whether it is possible to freeze beer at home.

Well, in this article we will reveal all the secrets regarding the beer freezing point and a lot of other useful information about this drink.

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Freezing Point For Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages

To begin with, let’s figure out whether alcohol is able to turn solid under the impact of frost at all.

You probably know (or, maybe, you don’t) that pure alcohol is quite difficult to freeze at home, especially if we are talking about such kinds of it as ethanol and methyl alcohol.

Their freezing points are -114 and -97 degrees Celsius so, as you understand, a standard home freezer will not manage such temperature.

However, it is far less complicated when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

Since these drinks contain more water than alcohol, their freezing point is higher than the one of pure alcohol. Of course, alcoholic drinks have a different amount of alcohol in them but still, normally their point of freezing is between the freezing point of water which is zero degrees Celsius and that of pure ethanol which is -114 C.

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freeze beer
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Does beer freeze?

Of course, it does just like any other kind of alcoholic drink!  

The average temperature that can make beer freeze is normally something like minus two degrees Celsius.    

Since the home freezing camera has -18 degrees Celsius inside, this is even higher than the temperature at which beer freezes.

Why Does Different Alcohol React to Freezing Differently?

So why do alcoholic drinks freeze at a different temperature? And why pure alcohol has such a low freezing point? Let’s find it out.

  • The freezing point of each particular type of alcohol basically depends on what else it contains and what it is mixed with. The drinks that have much water, for example, freeze faster and better than those that don’t contain it or contains a little.
  • Also, the spirit’s proof (also known as alcohol concentration rated in percent) is a reason why different alcoholic beverages freeze at different temperature rates. 

The more percents the drink has the more frost-proof it is, just take a look at vodka which will come out harmless after the night spent in a freezing camera!

  • The tank also matters surprisingly. The easier and better its material transfers frost the faster the content will turn solid.

It basically means that stronger drinks are harder to freeze since lighter ones are exposed to frost much easier.

For instance, the same vodka has 40 percent of alcohol and can be frozen solid at -27 C. Wine is about 12 percent and is easily frozen in a home freezer whereas light drinks like beer, for example, have only 4-6 percent (however, there are stronger and lighter variants with 0.5% or 20% alcohol).   

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How Much Alcohol Does Beer Contain?

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We all know that there are many sorts of beer existing today. Some are stronger whereas others are lighter.

Normally, the average amount of alcohol in this drink is something between the four and six percent. However, there are certain sorts of beer that are much lighter containing only half a percent of alcohol (so-called low-alcoholic drinks) and others that can have up to twenty percent of alcohol.

There is even a sort of beer produced in Scotland that is proved to be the strongest beer in the world. Its alcohol percentage is sixty-seven and a half percent!

And of course, each type of beer will freeze  its own temperature rate.

Freezing Temperature of Bear

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As you could already guess, lighter sorts of beer will be able to freeze easier since they contain less alcohol.

How cold can beer get before it freezes? Well, it will not become solid in a blink of an eye, of course. The process of freezing will take place gradually. But the second the drink reaches its freezing point, it starts hardening. Respectively, different sorts of beer will do it at different degrees depending on the alcohol content.

Those that contain four percent of alcohol will turn solid at -2 C whereas stronger sorts will freeze at -7 degrees Celsius.

And if one day you decide to taste the strongest beer in the world which is 67.5 percent strong, note that it will most likely freeze completely at -40 degrees Celsius or something like that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Freezing Temperature of Bear
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Well, now that we have clarified the “beer issue” more or less, it is time to check some extra questions people often ask regarding this topic. Such information may help to learn certain specific features of beer freezing that can become useful one day.

Does beer freeze in bottles?

What can we say? Be careful with the unopened beer bottles! While being exposed to frost, they can easily burst out and break leaving a mess in the freezing camera and leaving no drink to consume. It happens because the frost makes the drink expand, the pressure inside the bottle raises and -boom! – you’ve got a problem.

How cold can beer get before it freezes
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Does beer freeze in the freezer?

Since this kind of drink doesn’t contain much alcohol except very few really strong sorts, it can be simply frozen at home in the ordinary freezing camera. 

What temperature does beer explode?

An unopened bottle of beer will most likely explode when the temperature of the drink will approach to its freezing point.

Use these beer freezing tips and you’ll have no trouble with this issue! This info will allow you to release yourself from any worries about whether to freeze or not to freeze, as well as make it finally clear how to deal with this alcoholic drink and how to store it so that it will be able to enjoy it later without any “adventures”.

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