How to Clean Shungite

Everything you need to know about cleaning this stone

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Stones, minerals, and crystals have always been widely used not only for decorative purposes but also for various healing aims. For centuries, people have been wearing gemstones in pendants, earrings, and bracelets for decorating themselves. But also, the same stones were used for so-called magical purposes, such as healing, energy cleansing or balancing, protection, etc.

Shungite is a well-known stone that is famous for its healing abilities thus all lito therapists advise cleaning it regularly in order to maintain your stone in proper condition.

Otherwise, if not cleaned properly, shungite can even cause harm to its owner!

This is why today we will discuss how to clean shungite correctly, and why it must be done at all.

How to Cleanse Your Shungite?

Generally speaking, cleansing your shungite piece is not rocket science.

No matter what sort of stone you have, elite, regular, or any other, the cleansing method will remain the same:

  1. take your stone or an item that is made of it
  2. wash it under the running water with some delicate soap. The water must be warm!
  3. wipe the shungite piece with a clean and soft cloth to delete any spots or remaining dirt

Avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents, choose mild detergents on your stone since they can damage its surface.

Also, it is not recommended to rub shungite with harsh sponges or metal brushes since they can leave ugly marks on the surface of the stone.

In case you need to cleanse shungite that is inserted into a frame of any metal (for instance, if it is a pendant, earrings, or a bracelet), we would recommend using the common cleansing method that is used for this very type of metal, but only in case it will not damage the stone.

But normally, lukewarm water with a few drops of gentle washing liquid is enough to purify any item.

How to Cleanse Your Shungite

Also, depending on the type of shungite, its cleaning methods may vary slightly:

Cleaning method

How often to clean

Elite shungite Rinse under running warm water and leave to dry for one hour in the open air. Once or twice a month.
Rubble stone Immerse into a weak solution of baking soda, table salt, and acetic acid for two or three hours. Thoroughly rinse under running water afterward. Once or twice a month.
Shungite pyramid Rinse under running warm water and place in the sun for one hour. Once per month at least.

How long to clean it with water?

Well, in general, the whole procedure will not take you more than fifteen minutes unless the stone is very dirty, or you also need to cleanse the frame of the jewelry piece. Some owners of this stone also advise to leave it in the sun or moonlight after the wash so that the shungite piece could absorb natural positive energies. But even if you don’t believe in energy, etc, leaving the stone in the open air is a great way to dry it!

Do such cleaning once a month or more often, depending on your needs, to keep your shungite clean and shiny. You will see that the stone will have a way better look and will get dirty slower than if you leave it unwashed for a longer period of time!

How to Make SHUNGITE Water – Most Potent + Pure Elixir!How to Make SHUNGITE Water – Most Potent + Pure Elixir!

How to Clean Shungite For Water Purification?

One of the uses of shungite is water purification. And this is when most people stumble upon the same question: what to clean the stone with if I want to use it for cleansing water?

The issue can be easily understood: everyone would rather avoid using chemicals on the stone that will later be immersed in water you are going to drink afterward!

This is why the best way to cleanse the stones before using them for water purification is to simply wash them under the running water and leave to dry in the open air. If you think the stones need a more deep and proper cleaning, go for some baking soda, it will help to delete all the external grease and dust from the surface of the mineral carefully without damaging it.

how to clean shungite for water purification

How to Clean Shungite Rough Stone?

If you have ever wondered how to clean dirt from rough shungite, we have some good news for you! The cleansing procedure is extremely simple and will take you no more than fifteen minutes.

What you will have to do is simply prepare a  mild solution of baking soda, kitchen salt, and some acetic acid. Then treat your stone with it by immersing it into the cleansing solution for two or maximum of three hours. Afterward, remember to rinse the shungite piece thoroughly under the running water so that no residue is left on its surface, and leave it to dry in the open air.

In case you need to know how to clean raw shungite from bad energy, you can make use of the same physical cleaning method as described above, only additionally cleanse the stone with the smoke of scented sticks, for instance, sandal or ladan, and leave it in the sunlight for the whole day to fill the mineral with positive energy.

How to Clean Elite Shungite

Elite shungite has that noticeable shiny surface that it is so praised and appreciated for. Naturally, the owners of elite stone want to know how to keep it clean without damaging its gorgeous surface!

And indeed, elite shungite does need more delicate cleansing than its raw “cousin”, for example.

Fortunately, for keeping it clean, you will not need any special products or manipulations:

  1. simply rinse the stone under the running warm water until all the external dirt and dust is deleted
  2. then place it in the sun for the whole day to dry

This is the best and most delicate cleansing method for elite shungite that will both keep it clean and shiny, and prevent its surface from any damage.

elite shungite stone in hand
credits: jgems

How to Clean And Prep Shungite Water

Shungite has long been known for not only its decorative use but also for the healing abilities of this mineral. And one of the most frequent uses is making shungite water.

For those who don’t know, shungite does have lots of health-beneficial properties:

  • this stone is a natural water filter
  • it mineralizes water and makes it clean
  • shungite gives water healing abilities. Such liquid can cope with multiple diseases and it has a positive therapeutic effect, too
  • shungite, when placed in water, enables it to heal skin and digestive problems, chronic respiratory issues, headaches, aches in joints and muscles

Naturally, everyone wants to know how to prepare such water at home! And luckily for us, the process is very simple.
First of all, we need to pick up the stone correctly.

See, the best shungite for making healing water is the one that contains the highest amount of carbon.

Since the percentage of carbon in elite stone is about 92 to 98 percent, elite shungite is the best type of mineral for making shungite water.

Once the stone is selected, wash it thoroughly to delete any dust or dirt.

Then infuse 50-70 grams of elite shungite (150-200 grams if you are using a regular mineral) per one liter of water for six to twelve hours.

That’s it! Now you can safely drink this water.
The stone begins to filter water within the first few hours, but the more we keep it in the liquid the better the filtering effect will be.

Only remember to cleanse and change the stones regularly to keep the effect on the same level!

So whether you have shungite decorative pieces like pyramids or figurines, or you own jewelry pieces with this stone, cleaning them is mandatory if you want to keep the mineral good-looking. Besides, they say shungite is able to take bad energy from us, so regular cleansing will help to free the stone from those negative vibrations instead of giving them back to us when the mineral is overfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What healing abilities does shungite have?

Shungite is known as aura balancing stone. They say it also balances chakras and is able to absorb negative energy from outside protecting its owner. The stone possesses great filtering abilities and is known for being good for mind and body detoxification.

⭐What are the uses of shungite?

Originally, the stone was used for making pigment known as “shungite natural black”. But these days, it is widely used in jewelry making and for decorative purposes, e.g. for making interior decor, such as figurines, etc.

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