The Difference Between Standard Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

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Our house is our haven; a place where we should feel comfortable and safe. It is where we can stay and have everything we need. This is why most homeowners would take the efforts to build their dream homes and buy everything they want to see in their homes.

But more than the material things that we can buy, put in our homes, and use, cleanliness will help make our homes our perfect haven of comfort and safety. Deep regular cleans will make the house sanitized, hygienic, and tidy.

There are different types of cleaning that we can do for our homes. With this article, we can see the difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning and choose the best one to apply in our homes. 

 Standard Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

Cleaning is essential in any home. No matter what size and type of home you have, cleaning is vital and inevitable. It should be done daily, otherwise, your home will be dirty and full of germs and bacteria. Cleaning can come in different types.

We have the standard cleaning and the deep cleaning. Performing deep regular cleans in the house can provide homeowners, not just good-looking homes but also a clean and germ-free haven. This is when the haven of comfort is felt. Let us take a deeper look at the different types of deep regular cleans that you can do in your home. 

Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning is the usual way of cleaning that homeowners do to maintain the house’s cleanliness at a certain level. It involves the basic housekeeping routines like polishing the tabletops and counters, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming the floor, dusting the couches, and wiping the electrical appliances. It also includes cleaning the window, bathrooms, and kitchen, all the way to the rooms and dressers. 

Standard Cleaning
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Standard cleaning is done regularly just to maintain the cleanliness of the home.

This will take away dust, dirt, molds, and all the mess that the house has incurred after some time. Taking away cobwebs, cleaning pet areas, and clearing out and organizing cabinets and shelves are part of the standard cleaning that can be done in homes.

This can be done by the homeowners themselves and the house occupants. This is done without the need for professionals as there are cleaning utensils and supplies that can be used which are easily bought in stores.

Standard cleaning involves the use of basic cleaning materials such as brooms, vacuums, wiping towels, feather dusters, dustpans, and many others.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, involves cleaning your living place more thoroughly and extensively. It means that you will tidy up your house from the largest space to the smallest corners.

It is highly recommended that when you perform deep cleaning, you start from the ceiling going down to the walls then to the floor. This way, all the dirt will be collected on the floor where the final cleaning will take place. For many, deep cleaning is also known as general cleaning or cleaning the entirety of the house. This will take up a lot of effort and time from you if you will be the one to do the deep cleaning in your home. 

The tasks involved in deep cleaning are dusting off the couch, organizing the dressers, scrubbing the toilet’s tiled walls and floorings, and vacuum cleaning to make sure that all dirt will be dealt with. In the kitchen, thorough cleaning of the dishwasher, sink, and countertops should be done. It also involves wiping all the windows, doors, picture frames, and mirrors and make sure they are free of dust and cobwebs. 

If you have pets at home, deep cleaning should be done regularly. Fur, nail trimmings, droppings, and fleas from your pets could just be sitting and hidden in the small cracks and corners of your home. A deep cleaning helps remove all these and also prevents your home from becoming a breeding area for fleas and mites. 

A deep cleaning may require the use of chemicals that can fully sanitize your home. This will bring you a cleaner, hygienic and safer home. If possible, you can hire cleaning professionals for this task as they are more knowledgeable about deep cleaning and sanitation of homes and establishments. 

Why should You Maintain the Cleanliness of your Home?

For you to feel comfortable in your living place, it must be clean, tidy, and sanitized all the time. A messy house will not contribute to your plans of having a comfortable and safe haven for you and your family. Dirt, germs, and buildup can even lead to illnesses and allergies. If you want to keep your home as safe and hygienic as possible, then maintaining the cleanliness of your home is vital. This will help you keep down the expenses and provide you that cozy feels of being at home.  


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Less mess is less stress. Make cleaning a habit because it will surely spare you from headaches and trouble brought about by a disorganized, filthy, and chaotic home. So what are you waiting for? You can take the effort to do standard cleaning daily and deep cleaning once in a while to have a home that is away from dirt, germs, and bacteria. 

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