How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

How much time does it take to get your car windows tinted? You can learn that from this article

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If you have a car, you surely know how annoying it could be to drive in a vehicle with untinted windows in summer, when there is a bright and sunny day outside! The same issue appears in winters when it’s too much snow and the sun is shining bright creating those flashy sparkles.

Too bright light makes it harder for a driver to focus on the road and also, prevents proper visibility. All these factors can be potentially risky when driving, so quite many car owners consider getting their car windows tinted.

But then, there is another point of concern that comes to their minds: how long does window tinting take to be done? Since most of us are pretty busy, we need our four-wheeled friends daily.

We drive to work and back home, and we travel during our vacation – no wonder our cars should always be at hand! And if we have to leave a car in a tinting company until the job is done, we want to know precisely for how many hours or days this might need to be done.

In this article, you will find the answer to this question, but not only to it. We will also explain what factors might influence the time your car will have to spend in a tinting car service, and how fast the tinting film will dry on the windows of your vehicle.

Moreover, we will explain how you can make sure that the company you choose is trustworthy and reliable. In addition, you will learn for what reason you might want to get your car windows tinted at all.

How Long Does Car Window Tinting Take?

When you take your car to the window tinting procedure, you want to know for sure how much time it will take. So what we want you to know is that the total time it will require to complete a car window tinting process depends on several things. And you should take them into consideration.

  • One of them is the type of car that needs tinting. Smaller cars get tinted faster than range rovers.
  • Also, the area space of the window will affect the time it takes to tint it.
  • Another thing is if you are to remove an old tint.
  • The complexity of the window shape also matters greatly.
  • Cars with more than four glasses or with complex-shaped glasses will take over two hours to tint.
  • Some window tint installers work faster than the others, so they might take less than two hours. But if they are slow, it will take more time.

Of course, any additional nuances must also be taken into consideration. For example, in case there is already existing tinting on your car windows, it has to be removed prior to the new one being applied. Also, the installer has to remove the old layer of glue before putting a new one on.

Naturally, this is also an important factor that should be considered since it can affect the time it will take to tint the window. In general, in such a case, that is an additional two hours or sometimes even more.

Moreover, the number of windows that your vehicle has affects the timing too. The more windows your car has, the more time it will take to get them properly tinted. That is why an SUV will take longer than a salon, for example.

However, here is a tricky fact for you folks: coupe cars with just two doors ironically take more than two hours to get all their windows tinted! How is that possible, you might be wondering? The reason is that spaces are not quite enough to do the tinting as there is no back seat space.

Well, at least now you know more or less clearly the timing of a car tinting procedure. Of course, these are just the approximate numbers and time frames, but at least, like that, you will be able to better understand how much time you will have to spend without a car if you decide to get its windows tinted.

Window Tinting | Installing a FRONT MATCH How LONG Does it Take?Window Tinting | Installing a FRONT MATCH How LONG Does it Take?

Factors That Influence The Time Needed For Window Tinting

Since in the section above we have already mentioned a few factors that might be crucial when calculating the car window tinting procedure time frame, here we want to pay closer attention to them.

Like this, you will understand better why each of those nuances is so important and should not be skipped by your attention!

Factors That Influence The Time Needed For Window Tinting
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Size Of The Window

One of the major factors that determines how long it takes to tint a car window is the size of the window. As you surely understand, bigger windows take more time to tint as they need more carefulness to finish. In addition, they also have a larger surface which means that more tinting film has to be applied thus taking more time to get the job done.

Of course, smaller windows will need much less time for tinting and the procedure will be completed faster.

Size Of The Window
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Number Of Windows To Tint

The more car windows you want to tint, the more time it will take to complete the procedure. For instance, many of us like to darken all the windows in the car. It means that the rear windshield, all side windows, and a little strap on the top of the front windscreen are going to be covered with the tinting film.

Depending on what option looks more attractive and suitable for you and your particular car, you will have to spend a distinct amount of time in a tinting salon.

Type And Complexity Of The Window

The total time the window tinting takes will also be affected by the type of your car window greatly. Windows can be made of different materials and be of distinct shapes which also affects the timing of the tinting procedure.

For example, window models that have a simple design will need less time on tinting than those that are just too complex.

Type And Complexity Of The Window
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Removing An Existing Tint

If your car already has tinted windows, that old tinting film that has been applied before must be removed. Only then the new one can be applied. So in this case, it will surely take more time to complete the procedure.

Like this, you can now see more or less clearly that car window tinting is not a fast to-do thing, and you will have to expect to leave your vehicle in a service center for a while until the job is done.

How Much Time Do Your Car Windows Need to Dry?

Once you decide to get your car windows tinted, you might think that you will take your car to the installer, leave it there for a while, and then take it back and start using it again. But everything is a bit more complicated here. Let’s try to take a closer look and find out why.

First of all, you should keep a few things in mind after your car window tint has been installed. After the installation process, the tinting film undergoes a drying period also known as curing time.

This curing time is basically the duration it will take for the film and the glues to dry. After that, you will have to wait for a bit more time for the window tint to dry. So yes, you will have to wait anyway. This period is a very important stage of the car window tinting procedure since it is when the glues that hold the hue will dry off. This is why we don’t recommend you rush it or try to speed up the process somehow!

Since temperature and humidity play a great role in the tint film drying time, the total period for tinting depends on the weather pretty much. For example, when there is enough sunshine outdoors, the adequate period to dry your window will be around three to four days.

In comparison, cloudy days will have longer drying times than sunny days.

As for the humidity level, for example, the window tint curing time in winter typically goes far beyond four days because of the high level of dampness in the atmosphere.

This is why we suggest you always discuss the period of drying with your installer. They will tell you how to know if the window tint is dry or needs more time for the process to be completed properly.

If there is a cause for an extension, the installer will also let you know. You can also discuss if there is any way to speed up window tint drying so that you could enjoy your darkened windows faster.

What you should know before you get your windows tintedWhat you should know before you get your windows tinted

Things to Consider Before You Get Your Car Windows Tinted

There are a lot of things you should check out and pay attention to before you start a car window tinting journey. Some of you might want to do everything by yourself. But if you are going to contract a professional installer for a job to be done, you should consider the following nuances.

Things to Consider Before You Get Your Car Windows Tinted
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How Long The Company Has Been In The Tinting Business?

Make sure that you find out how long the shop whose service you are going to use has been tinting the car window before contracting them for your job.

Staying long does not determine expertise; however, if that shoo has tinted for some time, then they must be doing something beautiful.

What Is The Quality Of Their Film?

Before your car windows are tinted, make sure that you have a tint of high-quality even if it means paying more. There is no need to explain for sure that, when using cheap or low quality tint film, the car window tinting lasts on a window much shorter than the high-grade type of tint. Therefore, it is advisable to use high-quality tint.

What Is The Quality Of Their Film
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Any Installation Warranties?

If you have witnessed his long bubbles stay on window tint, you would ask for installation warranties. Ensure the installers offer guarantees in case of bubbles or peelings.

What Is Window Tinting Needed For?

And finally, the question that we should have started with. Why would you want to get your car windows tinted at all? Is it such a necessary procedure? So many people drive with their car windows not being tinted, and everyone seems to be alright.

Well, of course, tinting your car windows is not a mandatory procedure. However, we would recommend you think about this option, and this is why:

  1. Tinted windows give your car a more stylish look.
  2. Tint improves visibility by reducing glare.
  3. Tinted windows make the inner atmosphere inside of the car more personalized.
  4. Tinted film on windows prevents the interior of the car from fading due to sunlight exposure.
  5. Tinted car windows help to keep the temperature inside of your automobile salon more stable.

So if you are still hesitating about whether or not you should get your car windows tinted, we guess that these benefits will help you to make the right decision.

What Is Window Tinting Needed For
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What Is the Best Season For Tinting Your Car Windows?

You already know that for the car windows tinting procedure, proper humidity and temperature matter greatly. This is why picking the suitable time of the year to undergo this procedure is a good idea.

What Is the Best Season For Tinting Your Car Windows
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Spring and Fall Are Ideal Times

Spring or fall are the best seasons to tint your car’s windows. The mild temperature and typically low humidity level during those seasons help to make sure that the tint film will be able to properly adhere to the windows.

In spring, however, humidity and rain can be a kind of a problem, especially in southern parts of the country. Also, sometimes hot temperatures can last even until the beginning of the fall if the summer season is extended. In general, though, these are the best times of year to choose for window tinting.

Spring and Fall Are Ideal Times
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Summer and Winter Need Special Considerations

Why are these seasons not the best ones for getting your car windows tinted? See, in summer, hot air can make the tint film cure faster, which is basically good. But at the same time, high humidity levels make tinting difficult to install.

In winter, you may not be able to have your window tinting installed because the cold weather increases the curing time significantly. In northern parts of the country, shops that do not have an interior facility may not even be able to install window tint.

Also, if you have your window tint installed during winter, you may need to wait to use the windows a bit longer than recommended to ensure full curing. Cold weather window film still needs adequate time to cure to guarantee it adheres well.

Summer and Winter Need Special Considerations
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Well, now you folks know a bit more about the car windows tinting procedure. You learned how much time it takes to have it done, and what factors might influence the time frame needed for your car to be tinted.

Also, we told you what time of the year is the best time for the tinting procedure and why. With all that in mind, and also with being aware of why tinting is a good investment, you might now want to consider getting your car tinted as soon as it is possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How long does window tinting a windshield take?

Usually tinting a windshield takes from 30 to 45 minutes. But if old film has to be removed, it will take more time.

⭐How long does it take to apply window tinting to a sedan?

A full-sized sedan will need around two hours (but not less than one hour for sure) to get all its windows tinted.

⭐How much does a car window tinting cost?

To tint your whole car, you will usually have to pay from 100 to 400 dollars depending on how many windows you want to shade and how big your car is.

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