How to Keep Car Windows From Fogging Up In the Rain?

Learn what to do to keep your car’s windows clear even when it’s raining outside

Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on How to Keep Car Windows From Fogging Up In the Rain

If you have a car, you definitely experienced this many times: whenever it is raining outside, your car’s windshield, as well as other windows get foggy. And sometimes this fogginess is so strong that you can’t see anything through them!

This is not just an annoying thing, it can be quite dangerous for you as a driver.

Imagine yourself driving with such a foggy windshield that you can’t see what is going on on the road. It makes the chances of getting into a car accident extremely high!

So today we will teach you what to do to keep your car’s windows perfectly clear even if it’s raining like hell outside.

You will also learn why the windows in your vehicle tend to fog at all, and how to prevent this issue in future.

How to Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging Up In the Rain?

Fogging windows in your car are especially dangerous when it is raining outside! There are two reasons why.

First of all, you can’t properly see anything because of that fog on the glass.

And second, you have to fight the rain droplets that also don’t make it easier for you to be aware of what is going on on the road!

How to Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging Up In the Rain
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Fortunately, you can still make use of a few tricks to help yourself and make it possible to see through the windshield on a rainy day.

  • use window cleaners to defog your windshield
  • warm your car up from inside

If we are talking about the windshield in particular, you can clear it from fogging and even prevent it from being like that with the help of the special products designed for keeping your car’s windows clear and clean.

They contain a special formula that keeps that fog from forming, and also, they will help you to clean your windshield from dirt and dust.

By the way, these products can easily be found in a local department store or at your local parts shop.

How to Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging Up In the Rain
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Another method of fighting a foggy windshield is to warm up your car from inside. To do this, you need to turn the heat on its maximum setting in your car. This will help you to warm the windows so they are above the dew point.

Also, since hot air is able to hold more moisture, it will reduce the fogginess. After you turn the heater o, turn on the AC as well. It will pull the moisture from the air as it passes over the cooling coils.

With these extremely simple tricks in disposal, you will be able to quickly deal with foggy car windows anytime you have this problem.

Besides, if you were wondering how to defog car windows, feel free to make use of the trick with warming since it will work perfectly not only for the windshield but if you use it for the rest of the windows as well!

How to Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging Up In the Rain
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How to Defog Windshield?

If a foggy windshield is your constant point of concern all year round, you might be wondering how to get rid of that annoying fog on the windshield once and for all! And we have a nice and well-working trick that will help you to stop your car’s windshield from fogging up.

To have it perfectly clear and transparent, you will have to undergo a few easy steps:

  1. Rub the inside of your car’s windshield down with any car window cleaner that contains ammonia
  2. Make use of your car’s defogger or defroster heat setting regularly
  3. Make sure that the air conditioner or heater in your car is always on the fresh air setting instead of the recirculating setting.Crack your windows open

When using these steps regularly, you will be able to keep all the windows in your vehicle clear and perfectly transparent for a proper road observation.

How to Defog Windshield
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How to Defog Windshield In Summer Humidity?

Fog may develop on your car’s windows not only in winter. Summer months also often cause this unwanted effect that drivers always fight with!

However, before you start getting rid of it, we recommend you learn more about the reasons that make the windows in your car fog during the summer months.

So in summer, fogging especially happens when the outside air has a lot of humidity in it.

So with low humidity on the inside of the car and a high level of humidity on the outside, it clearly means that you will have to reverse your anti-fogging technique that you usually use for the cold winter days.

How to Defog Windshield In Summer Humidity
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So what can be done in order to reduce the fog on car’s windows in summer?

  • try to turn on the windshield wipers (but it won’t work for the rest of the windows)
  • turn off the air conditioning
  • flip the heat on low
  • crack the windows open

Each of these methods will help to eliminate the fog.

However, since not all of them are comfortable for you (for instance, turning the air conditioner off in summer!), find the one or ones that will be the most suitable in your particular case.

How to Defog Car Windows Fast!How to Defog Car Windows Fast!

How to Stop Car Windows From Condensation And From Fogging Up Inside?

Condensation is another issue that is the same bothersome and annoying as fog.

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of condensation inside your car’s windows?

How to Stop Car Windows From Condensation And From Fogging Up Inside
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If you have, then you will be happy to know that it will not take you much time or effort! With just a few easy tricks, you will be able to get rid of that moisture on the windows quickly and effectively.

  • Start with looking for any signs of damp
  • Leave one or two windows slightly open on warm sunny days
  • Remember to close the windows of your car when it is wet outside
  • Use your air conditioner
  • Turn off the recirculation valve
  • Clean the screen using a good quality smear-free glass cleaner

This way, your windows will hardly ever get covered with a layer of annoying droplets.

How to Stop Car Windows From Condensation And From Fogging Up Inside
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Why Does My Windshield And Other Windows In the Car Fog Up?

This is probably the question that bothers the majority of drivers, as well as the issue of condensation development. So, as for the fog on your windshield, it is caused by water vapor condensing on the inner surface of the glass on a windscreen.

When the more humid air inside your car gets in contact with the cold glass of the windshield, it releases some of its moisture. As a result, condensation or fog remains on the glass.

Why Does My Windshield And Other Windows In the Car Fog Up
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How to Make a DIY Anti-Fog Spray?

Dealing with foggy windows takes time, besides, you need to make use of a special product often to be able to wipe away that foggy screen. But what shall you do if you have no such product in your disposal right now?

In this case, we suggest you an easy recipe of a DIY anti-fog spray. Using it, you can make such a spray on your own and always keep it in your car just in case.

  1. Take a medium-sized bowl and pour two ounces of white vinegar into it
  2. Add one quart hot water
  3. Take a clean, lint-free cloth, dip it into the solution, and wring it out lightly
  4. Wipe the inside of your car’s windows
  5. Now let them dry

Like this, you can always have a bottle of this mixture with you to wipe the windows in your car whenever they need this.

How to Make a DIY Anti-Fog Spray
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What If Fog Won’t Disappear?

No matter how hard you try, that fogginess won’t disappear from your car’s windows. Sounds familiar? If yes, then you surely had this issue before. And this can be quite an annoying thing to go through! But what is the reason?

When you can’t get rid of fog on the windshield of your car, you most likely have oil mixed with moisture causing that hard-to-remove smudge. Oil can come from plenty of sources!

What If Fog Won’t Disappear
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For instance, it may come from a cleaning product, and sometimes even your car air freshener can be the culprit! See, some of those fresheners, when evaporating, can get oil particles on your windshield and other windows as well.

What can be done in this situation is that you wipe the windows with a bit of rubbing alcohol or soda squirted on a clean and soft cloth. Just rub it across the oily area, and it must be gone right away.

What If Fog Won’t Disappear
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So today you have learned quite a lot of new information regarding foggy windows in your car. We told you why it happens on winter days and in summer, and we also shared a few tricks with you on how to get rid of that fogginess easily.

And since you now possess a recipe of an easy homemade anti-fog spray that is totally chemicals-free and effective, you can be sure that fogginess will hardly ever be an issue for your vehicle again.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ My kids tend to doodle on the foggy car windows. Can they leave marks on the windows when the fog is gone?

Technically, yes, they can because of the skin oils that are left on the windows.

⭐ Where can I buy an anti-fog car liquid?

It can be bought in any department store.

⭐ Do I need to close all the doors and windows in my car when warming it up in winter?

Yes, you shall keep it closed to avoid condensation.

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