Does Tonic Water Go Bad? All You Ever Wanted to Know About This Drink

Tonic Water Lifespan And Unknown Specifics

Tonic Water

Tonic water is a widespread ingredient in many cocktails today. This fizzy liquid can be consumed both as it is and as a part of other drinks. Its lifespan is quite extended but how long can we keep it safely?

Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Does Tonic Water Go Bad

What Sort Of Drink It Is

Originally, tonic water was created for medical purposes. The first drinks consisted of water and quinine only, and its main use was to prevent malaria!

Back then, the beverage was so bitter that people started to add sugar and soda to it to make the liquid softer, and that’s how the tonic was invented.

Today, we have plenty of varieties of this soft beverage with different tastes. Modern tonic is mostly sweet with a significant pleasant bitterness.

Its major area of use is cocktails-making as a mixer.

What Sort Of Drink It Is
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How To Store Tonic Water

Tonic is an irreplaceable part of many cocktails and no wonder that quite many people have a bottle or two of this beverage at home just in case.

Since it is a sort of carbonated liquid, this quinine beverage can be rather durable when the tank is unscrewed.

But how is it going with the unscrewed product? 

The main issue that people meet when storing this product is how to make it remain the same fizzy and bubbly as it was from the beginning.

Well, we can suggest several handy and checked steps that can help you out with that!

  1. Always let the flask stay refrigerated if the plan is to stock if long
  2. In case the product will be used instantly, refrigeration is not required and stocking the drink in a pantry is enough
  3. Remove the flask from the hot objects
  4. Choose the dry and shady spot where you could stock the tank with the beverage
  5. Remember to tightly re-seal the flask each time after it is used

Such simple tips will allow preserving the drink and its potency longer even though refrigeration, for instance, doesn’t prolong its lifespan.

How To Store Tonic Water
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How Long Does Tonic Water Last?

The most worrying issue regarding this soft beverage is the duration of its lifespan.

It is well known that this sort of liquid refreshment is quite durable but still, a best-by date can be found on every flask.

Many people get confused with that but in fact, it only shows until when the beverage will remain at its best quality.

Basically, such a drink can easily stay consumable for months and even longer, of course, if we store it correctly and according to the basic storage rules. Naturally, such long durability is possible only for the unscrewed flask!

The second it is unsealed, the time you can keep the beverage fizzy decreases significantly. If not refrigerated, the liquid refreshment will keep its frizziness for 24-48 hours. If we toss it to the fridge, we will extend this time to several more days. But anyway, sooner or later the opened tonic will lose its carbonation.

To see and compare different terms of storage, check this chart.

Unopened Keep it for 12 months more past the expiry dateStore for one year more after the expiry date
OpenedOne/two days Three to five days

Of course, when the drink loses its bubbles, it doesn’t mean it is spoiled but let’s agree, drinking the flat tonic is not quite the same as consuming it frizzy.

How Long Does Tonic Water Last
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How To Tell If Tonic Water Is Bad

The most common question people ask is whether tonic can go bad somehow.

Well, in fact, this drink is not the one that can spoil suddenly. Unless contaminating particles get inside the flask, the liquid refreshment will be harmless to consume. That is why it is so essential to always stock the tank tightly screwed!

Still, knowing the major symptoms of spoilage is a good thing. What are they?

  1. The off smell
  2. Any changes in color (e.g. color changes or yellowish tint)
  3. Watery texture

And for sure, when finding a flask of liquid refreshment that had been staying in the cabinet for God knows how many months, throw it away instantly.

You will hardly get food poisoning from consuming the old drink but it’s better to exclude any risks.

What to Do If Tonic Turned Flat

What if you noticed that your tonic is not bubbly any more? Well, if it is still ok and not spoiled, it could be possible to make use of it!

  1. Try to make use of it for cleaning different surfaces and windows since this liquid refreshment is a great natural cleaner
  2. If it’s still consumable, intake it for curing muscle cramps (even though the drink lost its fizziness)
  3. Some say that it’s good for watering plants to revive them
  4. Such a liquid refreshment can serve as a stain remover

Naturally, if the product is off, it is better to throw it away.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is it OK to drink tonic water every day?

Since the original drink contains quinine, those who are sensitive to this element may have certain health issues e.g. blood disorders. But if you’re absolutely quinine-friendly, it’s ok to intake even three glasses a day.

⭐ Is too much tonic water bad for you?

Tonic has no health benefits except for certain sobering effect, so it can’t be harmful. However, since it contains sugar, its regular consumption may lead to excess calory intake.

⭐ Can tonic water make you sick?

Unless you’re too quinine-sensitive, this liquid refreshment can’t cause you any harm.

⭐ How do you keep tonic water fizzy?

The best option is to stock the tank tightly closed and unrefrigerated since cold makes the gas leave the bottle.

Some say that tonic drink is good for sobering after a hard party night, others make use of it when preparing cocktails, and some people find more exotic use for this drink! 

No matter how you will be using it, remember that tonic will keep its fizziness and bubbles only if we follow the storage rules and provide the drink with the proper conditions.

And of course, remember to check the drink now and then to notice any changes in its quality and potency. Like that, it will be simpler to predict the moment when the drink will become flat.

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