Does Popcorn Expire? The Advanced Guide to Incredible Popcorn

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Does Popcorn Expire

Popcorn is a top sweet both for kids and adults! We enjoy it at home, with our friends at the party, or at the cinema.

Of course, everyone would like to learn more about this foodstuff! Does popcorn expire? Is it safe to consume expired popcorn?

Today everyone will explore this product “from head to toe”!

Is It Healthy To Consume Popcorn?

Does Popcorn Expire

Popcorn is among the most widespread ready to eat sweets (or snacks if it’s salty) and of course, people start wondering whether consuming it is safe.

What do you usually drink with popcorn?
I eat popcorn with cola
I eat pop corn with juice
I eat popcorn without anything

Today, when everyone is obsessed with the healthy lifestyle and organic foodstuff, snacks like popped corn kernels may become a true point of concern!

To calm down the popcorn fans, let’s figure out how this snack can be useful to us.

  • Pure popcorn without any flavorings, additives, or sugar/salt is a healthy snack since it contains a lot of vitamins
  • Being a whole grain foodstuff, it is a source of various nutrients, too
  • Popped kernels contain natural fiber, protein, and minerals
  • They are cholesterol-free
  • Also, the snack is low in fat and sugar
  • It’s a source of vitamins A, B6, E, and K
  • Since popcorn is considered to be a dietary snack, it may contribute to the weight loss

Nevertheless, note that it refers to the unsweetened, saltless, and additive and butter-free snack!

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Popcorn Storage From A To Z

Photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash

Naturally, such a useful product needs to be kept edible to its longest! And here many of us become confused with the duration of its storage period.

How often do you eat popcorn?
Only in the cinema
I don't eat pop corn at all

There are so many types of this snack, how is it possible to figure this out?!

To make it easier to understand the shelf life of popcorn, check out this comparative table!

Type of snackPantry
Commercially popped (unsealed)This sort of snack will remain edible for 2-4 weeks past its “best by” date.
Commercially popped (opened)An opened packet of popped kernels will stay consumable for nearly fourteen days after purchasing it.
Dry kernelsHow long does unpopped popcorn last? Well, normally they stay eatable for approximately two years (yeah, quite a long-liver!) but anyway feel free to keep them for half a year after the expiry date passed by.
Microwave-processed popcorn packetsAn unopened packet of these ones must remain fresh for ninety days after its expiry date if stored properly.


To achieve such results, pay attention to the proper storage of the snack! Besides, the storage rules are the same for any type of foodstuff.

  • Place the unopened packet in a dry and cool place. A pantry or a kitchen cupboard will be fine only, as for the cupboard, avoid putting the snack close to the stove or the fridge.
  • Opened packet requires a bit more fuss since the popped or dry kernels when unsealed, must be removed to the airtight packet.
  • Reheating the popped kernels is prohibited since they will get dry and lose their taste.

Like this, everyone will manage to extend the popcorn lifespan to its most and enjoy this delicious shack longer.

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How to Keep Popcorn Fresh

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Naturally, when it comes to storage, people get worried about what actions to take to keep the product fresh longer.

Popcorn isn’t an exception. 

Does popcorn expire? That’s probably the most frequent question of all that has ever been asked! 

Of course, like any foodstuff, this snack is not eternally-lasting. Popcorn expiration hangs upon several issues such as

  • heat
  • steam/moisture
  • air exposure

When the kernels or popped snack is exposed to any of these factors, they make it lose the taste and what we get in the end is stale popcorn.


To avoid such aftermath, try to do the following:

  • To ensure that the unpopped kernels will be fine, place them in a tightly closed jar and remove the tank to the cool place.
  • How to keep popped popcorn fresh? The best option is to toss them into an airtight tank, plastic or glass – no matter, and put away from any source of heat or moisture.

Some say refrigerating might help but there’s a high risk of moisturizing the kernels so you’d better don’t risk.

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Can You Freeze Popcorn?

the shelf life of popcorn
Photo by Jan Kaluza on Unsplash

No surprise that popcorn lovers wonder how to preserve popcorn to enjoy it longer.

We will probably surprise you but freeze it!

And for dispelling the doubts, just check this out!

  • Can you freeze popped popcorn?

Definitely! Since it won’t freeze, the snack will remain edible much longer, only remember to toss it into the airtight frost-resistant packet.

  • Can you freeze popcorn kernels?

If one decides to freeze popcorn kernels, it’s absolutely fine! The exposure of frost will keep their natural moisture inside which will allow the kernels to remain easily popped anytime.

This is especially handy for preserving the snack for the upcoming party!

Can Popcorn Go Bad?

popcorn packets
Photo by Alex manlyx on Unsplash

Any foodstuff has an issue of spoilage and popcorn has it, too.

Does popcorn go bad when it’s popped?

Unfortunately, it does. When stored improperly, the popped kernels lose their moisture and become dry and far less crispy. The taste also alters: some even say that old popcorn tastes like paper.

Do popcorn kernels go bad? Yes, unpopped snack also tends to spoil. Unlike its counterpart, it becomes impossible (or very hard) to pop which can be noticed immediately after the packet is placed to microwave.

How To Define That Popcorn Is Spoiled

How to Keep Popcorn Fresh
Photo by Mc Jefferson Agloro on Unsplash

Another question is whether the snack may turn really badly spoiled.

Expired popcorn kernels do taste bad with time, however, they will hardly cause any harm.

But if you notice moldy popcorn in a packet, discard it instantly!

So if there’s any expired popcorn left on the shelf, feel free to consume it but check for any visual signs of mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Can you eat expired popcorn?

Eating expired popcorn is safe unless there are no signs of mold on the kernels, popped or dry.

⭐Can popcorn make you sick when consumed stale?

No, it’s not true. However, one will hardly decide to consume such a product since the stale snack doesn’t taste good.

⭐Is eating unpopped popcorn safe?

Eating unpopped popcorn kernels is absolutely harmless to our health. Only don’t let small kids swallow these since the kernels are a great choking hazard. 

⭐Why does air-popped popcorn taste stale?

The only obvious reason is that the air popper doesn’t get hot enough to pop the kernels to the full.

⭐How long can popcorn sit out?

Hanging upon the type of snack, uncooked popcorn is OK to leave for more than a year if unsealed, and ready-to-eat popped popcorn will stay fresh for ninety days or so.

stale popcorn
Photo by Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

To make you even more knowledgeable about popcorn, we’ve prepared several questions that are frequently asked by consumers. Hopefully, they’ll be helpful!

Now you’re knowledgeable about how to keep popcorn fresh in any case and we hope these tips will be handy for you in the future.

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